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Together After School

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together after school
I think your site is great and have been an advid visitor for a long time.
I've been masturbating since I was 13 and do it everyday after school. (I am 17 now) There is a girl at school named Jesse and she is very attractive and turns me on everytime I am around her. Well i eat lunch with her everyday and one day I asked her to come over after school. Since I had the house to myself I Thought I would try something. I asked her if she had ever seen a porno and she said that she hadn't but was interested in seeing one.
I immediatly went to my collection and pulled out the nicest video for her eyes. We started watching and after about 5 minutes I put my hand down my pants to pay attention to my half erect penis. Jesse was on the couch moving her legs open and closed. I could tell she was getting horny. Then she looked over at me and asked what I was doing with my hand down my pants. I told her that I was very horny and had to do it. She then asked me if I masturbated, and since I am very open about that kinda thing I told her yes, I do it everyday.
I started to feel a little awkward after telling her that when she said, so do I. I instantly got hard, just the sound of a girl telling me that she masturbates on a daily basis got me going. I felt a little adventerous and asked her if she would mind if I masturbated with her there. She said that she didn't mind so I pulled off my pants and began to stroke. I was stroking along getting more and more into the movie when Jesse asked me if it was okay if she masturbated.
Without a second thought I told her that I would like that. So she stood up, pulled off her pants, then her noticibly wet underwear, and sat back down and began rubbing her clit. I noticed while we were masturbating that she would look at me and not the T.V.. I asked her what she was looking at and she said that she had never seen a guy masturbate before. So I turned off the T.V. and asked her if she wanted to watch me while I watched her. She said it would be cool, so I got on the couch with her, we faced each other, and began to stroke and rub.
I was lucky I Held out as long as I did because the site of Jesse plunging her 2 fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her left hand was almost too much. I knew I was going to cum so I told her and she asked me to shoot it on her. Well, I have never shot a bigger load. My first splurt went onto her breast and the next 5 went all over her stomach. She took her hand from her clit and smeared my cum all over her.
At this time Jesse was breathing very heavily and said that she wanted to cum bad. She said that she wanted me to make her cum though! So I went down in between her legs and began lapping at her clit, that was throbbing. WHile i was licking her clit I slid 2 of my fingers into her cunt and pushed them in and out. I went faster and faster with my fingers and my toung all the while she was moaning. Jesse moaned louder and louder and her hips began to buck. I looked up at her face and saw her mouth wide open and her eyes shut tight.
Then she screamed..I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING and I moved my fingers faster. THis sent her into convulsions. She moaned and bucked her hips and her sweet juices dripped down my face. HEr orgasm lasted for at least 2 minutes then her breathing went back to normal and we layed on the couch in delight.I masturbate to this memory all the time and really hope it happens again, which I think it will because me and Jesse have been talking about it.
I hope you liked my story. IF any females want to send any of there stories my way send them to



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