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Toe Seam Fetish

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When I was a teenager I spent one summer in a foster home. My foster mother's name was Kathy. She was a short, curvy, fun loving woman with dark hair and eyes. I was in awe of her and the sight of her big pretty thighs when she wore short shorts and high heels gave me unbearable erections.
She spoiled her biological son Chris, who was a couple of years younger than me, but she was very strict with me. If I got into any conflict with Chris at all it was always my fault. My messiest wet dreams were of Kathy scolding and berating me.
One time while in the bathroom, I found a pair of her nylons in the clothes hamper! I sniffed the seam at the nude toe, and the scent of her gave me an immediate unbearable erection. My heart was thudding and my mouth went dry as I took off all my clothes and sat on the floor to sniff the toe seams of her nylons and rub my excited penis with my free hand.
I curled into the fetal position, laying on the rug in front of the toilet, sniffing the toe seams of her nylons and masturbating frantically - my wrinkled bag slapping against my thighs and bottom.
Then the door opened and there stood Chris wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I had thought that it was locked! He laughed hilariously at me, pointed at me and made fun of me. He threatened to tell his mother that he had caught me 'beating off' with her nylons.
I begged him not to tell and said that I would do anything! Chris smiled down at me when I said 'anything' and it was a kind of mean, sadistic smile. We were upstairs and Kathy was out by the garden watering plants with the hose, we could hear the water running so we knew she wouldn't be returning to the house right away.
Chris made me follow him back down the hall to my small room. He had taken the nylons from me so he carried them. I followed him still naked, my penis wagging and bobbing in front of me. I could feel that my cheeks were flushed fire engine red.
He made me lie down on my wrinkled bed. He was smiling as he knelt beside me, sitting back on his bare heels. He worked his left hand down into the toe of one leg of the nylons and slid his right hand down into the toe of the other leg.
Then he took my penis in his nylon covered fist and began masturbating me while I squirmed and writhed on the wrinkled bedspread. I was helpless and overcome with both shame and pleasure. I starting panting and moaning a little at the feel of his mother's nylons scuffing and sliding against my rigid penis. The friction was exquisite!Chris laughed and put his other nylon covered hand over my mouth and nose and I noticed that the toe seam was perfectly straight across his fingertips.
I laid there, drenched in sweat while Chris snickered and giggled and sexed me up with his mother's nylons. He ordered me to sniff them as he masturbated me. He laughed and said that he had always noticed me staring at his mother's legs. When I got close to coming he said, 'Just think of my Mom's pretty legs while I beat your meat!'
My wrinkled bag was slapping against my bottom in time to his strokes. I was blushing, sweating, and squirming as my penis twitched in his nylon covered fist and then I erupted in wave after wave of pleasure. He kept his nylon covered hand pressed tightly over my mouth to stifle my moans and whimpers.
Chris was all astonished at the gooey mess that spurted and pumped out of me! My cock reared and twitched over and over again in his nyloned fist, squirting out gobs and gobs of sperm!
After he was done laughing and making fun of me he hid the sticky nylons and said that he would do it to me again soon. He seemed to love having power like that over me. I cleaned up while he sat watching. I was half dying with shame and embarrassment, my penis now soft, limp and drooling.
On three or four future occasions he followed the same procedure, and I would ejaculate copiously, my thoughts riveted on Kathy's smooth pretty legs.



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