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Today's Masturbation

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Hello, Solo Touch Readers-I am new to writing for Solo Touch. I do hope that this will be accepted. I'm an older gentleman who has been a secret cross dresser for a great many years. I also enjoy promoting the beauty of sexuality-including the wonder of self-pleasuring. I promote this in a number of ways ranging from face-to-face meetings, telephone relationships, and via the internet.

One woman I am currently being sexual with at the present time (having receiver her permission) is named Toni (name changed). Toni is a large woman although somewhat short. She is married and has a wonderful sex life with her husband. She, too, enjoys masturbation. Today, I allow you to read my last e-mail to her; and I invite each of you (male and female alike) to pleasure yourselves as you read it. I certainly am doing so as I proof-read the written text.


Dearest Toni,

Thank you for answering my questions. Please allow me to respond. But first, let me make a confession. Whenever I see an e-mail in my inbox from 'Toni Lxxxx', I start masturbating (if it is at all possible due to my location at the time). I, too, like chatting with you. You are a wonderfully sexual woman; and I applaud you for that. I am way too old to even fantasize about fucking you; so you need not worry about being 'violated'. I do not have any dream of that. Instead, please allow me to help you in some small way as you fuck your husband on a daily basis. That I can do and am good at. I can also help you masturbate by providing sexual material to stimulate your pussy to a nice wet state.

I am masturbating right now-between moments of writing this message to you. I wish you could see me at this moment! I am going to work at noon today because I have an evening engagement that is related to work. So, I am home, alone, in my lovely apartment. I am still wearing a light weight, light yellow, somewhat see-through, frilly negligee. It has short, puffy short sleeves and four ties down the front-and these are all open to allow me access to my hard on. I wore it to bed last night and woke up about three in the morning because I needed to pee. After returning to bed, I lay there thinking sexual thoughts and feeling the sexy fabric against my naked body. My penis began to swell into a cock. My right hand wrapped around the swollen shaft and I enjoyed a nice, slow, lengthy jack off. The cum erupted onto my stomach and landed in hot, wet little globs. These quickly cooled but remained wet until my painted-fingernail-tipped fingers massaged the wet cum into my skin through the fabric of my negligee. Now, the next morning, that same 'wet' cum has dried and my negligee is a bit stiff in that spot. That does not cause a problem this morning because my negligee is wide open for me to masturbate for you.

Let me try to describe the joy of this male's masturbating for a woman (you). I lean back in my chair (between typing a few sentences) and watch my hand work up and down the stiff shaft. My hard on is not terribly long nor too think. It is just a nice handful. It is a bit reddish in color due to the blood coursing through it. I am amused that my cock curves a little bit to the right; and I claim that it got trained that way from so many decades of jacking off. On the down stroke, the skin stretches down over the head forming a nice round 'bulb'. I just noticed that there is a shiny drop of pre-cum oozing out of my pee slit and making the nearby light reflect off the shiny surface. On the up stroke, the skin gathers in bunches up toward the head. I just timed my strokes; I jack off at about 2 to 3 strokes per second. I never realized that before. It feels so good, Toni, to be sitting here stroking my cock. Up and down-the grip on my cock not too tight nor too loose. I can sense an approaching release. My breathing is quicker. Please excuse me, I am going to pause now in this writing and actually allow myself to cum. I invite you to permit yourself that same pleasure as you read this. Will you masturbate with me?

That is accomplished! So wonderful! The feeling of my cum being propelled through the length of my cock is most agreeable. I love seeing it emerge as drops of pearly-colored almost-silvery cum. Many times it spurts as though propelled by some muscular contractions. Today, the copious amount of cum did not 'shoot'. It more-or-less oozed out forming a puddle right on the tip of my cock. Then, subsequent strokes caused the cum to lubricate my erection forming a thick lather. Even the sound of my jacking off is different when that happens. It also feels different, too, with that wet slickness between my hand and the heated cock.

I even had to wash my hand before resuming typing this message to you or else my computer keyboard would get sticky. Dear Toni, I hope you are sexually pleasing yourself right now. I can picture you in my mind as you finger fuck your pussy. (May I ever use the word 'cunt'? Some women I am sexual with object to 'cunt' whereas 'pussy' is fine with them.) If I may, I'd like to ask you if you shave your pussy? Is it completely bald? Just trimmed? Some women tell me they have a 'landing strip' left. Or do you prefer to not shave your cunt hairs?

I'm going to go take a bubble bath, masturbate again while in the tub, then transition into my male role, and go to work as a successful [city deleted]-area business man.

Please tell me if these kinds of e-mails are acceptable to you. I would stop if you asked me to!


(my feminine name)



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