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To the Previous Post about the P... Yeah

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I suppose this is an overall 'tip' for just about anyone. Anyone could gain a bit from this. Please, everybody, think out of the box from the things you don't even realize you were taught, non?

Helen, personally, I think it was well-placed, and you seem to have a lot of false assumptions about males that I most certainly found offensive.

'We can edge repeatedly, and for hours on end; we don't even 'need' to cum as you men seem to do. We are capable of luxuriating just in the feeling of being horny without needing to have an orgasm at all.'

Give me a break; you act as if (magically, every woman and yet) no man enjoys nor can do that. Anyone who is in the least bit sexually mature should full well be able to come as close to the edge as they wish to and as many times as they wish to, or have as many orgasms or none at all whilst feeling satisfied, or simply enjoy an erotic moment with oneself and only oneself. This is in no way specific to females; if anything, this is specific to the sexual roles of gender, which is a cultural thing. In your culture, women are unfortunately given (with little else, which is why it's unfortunate) sexual power because the men in your culture like it that way. So when you make this kind of assertion, it makes me feel like you're a bit of a tool.

Now, to my point.

If a woman were to post the equivalent, 'How to please a woman' in the Male Techniques section, I'd think it just as great and dandy-well-placed pieces of tidbits that can get people thinking about things to do with their partner.

And while I can see where you may take offense in feeling as if he's making blowup dolls out of women, keep in mind that this is a MASTURBATION WEBSITE and blowup dolls are going to be made out of every gender and every race and every outfit you can throw a stick at. Also, people who regularly visit websites like this tend to be a bit more post-modern.

Bottom line: I myself feel like I'm carrying the burden of the 'doing' when it comes to sex with my partner, and I very well am. She's much more inexperienced than I am, and even more so on a 'solo' level. Now, if SHE were to write, or someone like her-who can't even satisfy herself unless someone like me is helping her-the equivalent of what he wrote, I would have looked at it with the same profound interest I looked at his post and not have found it in the least bit offensive nor misplaced, nor would I have claimed she's 'only looking out for her own fulfillment'.

In fact, from what I saw, it seems that both him and his wife know how to make each other squirm and scream, and he enjoys pleasing his wife just as much as he enjoys being pleased by her... All he was doing was sharing some of the things that his wife does. If my girlfriend did the same or if I were to do the same about her (as she, though inexperienced, knows me personally) we'd take it with a grin and a nod.

Hell, quite frankly, I'd LOVE for her to do the equivalent. You had a point when you said men (and I add in THIS culture) basically suck at sex.

- A man from a bit of a different cultural background than you, forced into your culture, and thus granted the eye of a third-party-perspective



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