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To the Farm With Sis

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It started out innocently enough (part one)


My Sis, Jen, and I were about a year apart in age, with her being about fourteen and me just thirteen when this happened.

Every summer my family went to visit my cousins, Mike and Caroline, and my Uncle John and Aunt Marge in the country. The drive was about six hours and our dad always liked to make the trip as fast as possible-only one bathroom break about halfway there. So when we finally arrived, everyone had to make a beeline for the bathroom. Mom got it first, of course. Since our uncle's place was old, it only had one bathroom. I didn't want to wait, so I headed out back to take a pee behind the barn.

Usually our cousins would be there to meet us, but not that day. They had gone somewhere with our aunt, so I headed out alone to relieve the pressure in my bladder. Had my cousins been there, we would have had our usual raucous greetings. Not today.

I had to go pee so bad I had gotten a hardon. I guess the stimulation of needing to go, the motion of being in the car for so long, and being a horny thirteen-year-old who had only recently started jerking off was why my young cock was so hard.

I rounded the corner of the barn and whipped it out. Of course, being hard, I couldn't go immediately. I decided a quick jerk couldn't hurt. My cousin and I had done it together before in just about the same place behind the barn one night the last time we had been together at his farm.

I spit into my palm and started to stroke the head of my cock. I was circumcised, unlike my cousin, so the lube of some spit really made things feel good, especially on the underside of the head where it's really sensitive. My right hand stroked the length of my adolescent cock, and with my left hand I played with my balls and felt that great deep tingle that meant I would soon have an orgasm.

I stared intently at my cock, sliding in and out of my hand, the head slick with spit. A rush of pleasure surged through my groin and I clenched my eyes closed as I spurted my young cum against the wall of the barn. Two hard streams squirted out, and I threw my head back and sighed in relief of the tension in my balls.

As I looked up, I opened my eyes and looked straight into the eyes of my sister Jen, who had watched everything. She had a little smile on her face, and her head disappeared back into the loft.

My moment of orgasmic bliss was over in a flash. My heart was beating and my hands got sweaty and I felt hot all over my head and neck and ears. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to fall down. Shit! My sister had not only seen me jerking off, she had even see me cumming! Oh, crap! I was cooked.

I figured out later Jen had seen me head off behind the barn. I don't know if she knew what I was going to do, but I am sure she figured I didn't want to wait for my turn at the toilet in the house. Since she was always pulling jokes on me, I guess she figured going up into the loft to watch me take a pee from above seemed like a good idea.

As I stood there with my head reeling, my now-shrinking dick still in my hand, I finished the job I originally went back there for-I pissed against the back wall of the barn, aiming right at the drips of the cum I had just deposited there a few moments ago. I tried to collect my thoughts and figure out what I was going to do next. I decided to say nothing, to just 'be cool' and see what happened.

To be continued.



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