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To the Edge, over and over and Over

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I started masturbating very early in life (seven or eight) so in my early teens I started experimenting to make my orgasms as intense as possible. I think I'm addicted to orgasms, but it's not a bad thing. I really love it. But this is how I learned to make my orgasms as intense as possible.

My parents were out and my brother was staying at a friends house, so I had the house all to myself for a few hours. My parents ALWAYS stay out late. I lit a couple of nice candles and some incense and got out some lube and my moms vibrator. I got in front of my mirror and did a slow strip-tease, fondling a little as I went. This really gets me in the mood. I've got the mirror where I can see myself on the bed also. I move to the bed and stretch out comfortably and bend my knees. I slowly rub my little nipples (small, but soooo sensitive). I use my other hand to rub my thighs lightly and over my bush a little. This starts to feel real good.

Then I pour some lubricant on my lips and clit. I grab the vibrator and insert it in my vagina, I don't turn it on yet. Just ever so slowly I start to fuck myself. The tension builds and when I feel like letting go, I pull it out. The feeling will ebb away. Then I rub my clit easily, its very sensitive by now. It doesn't take long till I feel a good orgasm coming on. I bring it right to the verge and jerk my hand away. I can heave and squeeze and strain, but no orgasm. Then after it subsided a little I re-inserted the vibrator (still off). My vagina hungrily accepted it. It didn't take long and the feeling was back. My body strained for release, I needed to cum. I got right to the verge of cumming and jerked it out.

I looked over at the mirror, I looked like a depraved slut writhing on the bed. At this point I NEEDED TO CUM. I rubbed my clit hard and fast and within ten seconds I brought it back to the edge. 1/10th of a second longer and I couldn't have stopped. But I jerked away. I was in AGONY. It hurt sooo good. My whole body was straining for release. When it eased off, I turned the vibrator on, inserted it and started rubbing my clit also. But VERY slow and easy. It was PURE ECSTASY!!! Every muscle I had was pulsing and immediately I felt my orgasm building. It felt like my whole body was one huge growing orgasm. The closer I got, the slower I did it. SWEET AGONY!!! Soooo good.

When the convulsions were just fixing to begin. I pulled both hands away. I felt like an animal. I looked in the mirror and watched my body arching and squeezing. I was grunting and moaning and said NO, NO put it back in. FUCK ME. I looked and sounded sooo NASTY. I wiggled moaned and grunted and begged and squeezed. MY body had to orgasm. At this point I didn't care who walked in or if anyone heard me. All my whole being cared about was the intense release of an orgasm, NOW. It started to go away a little, but rubbing my thighs together wouldn't let it go away. I couldn't hold back any longer. I shoved the vibrator in as deep as I could and started rubbing my clit. I heard gasping and violent grunting, and it was coming from ME. I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop no matter what. Every muscle I had was clenched as hard as possible and sweat was pouring off me. I started cumming so hard I screamed. I rubbed and pumped and screamed for about three minutes. Then every muscle in my body went limp. I was totally spent. I couldn't even pull the vibrator out. It just slowly slid out from the tightness of my cunt and plopped out onto the bed. I just lay there for about half an hour before even attempting to move. Then I cleaned up and went staight to bed. WHEW!!

I love being home alone.

I'm now 19, but this is still one of my favorite ways to masturbate, besides doing it in public places. But that will be for a later time.

Love you, Susan



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