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To Myself, to You

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Message for men. Hot that the women are reading. I want to talk to you guys about drinking our semen. Our own semen. You know you think about it. You know you want it. You know about the fantasies of cumming into her and licking the semen out. Or when you jack off alone and want to eat, or do it.
I am talking about bringing myself to orgasm, cumming into my hand or directly into my mouth.
I've done this a lot of different ways. I've been video taped, including images of my face wet with my cum and the expression really intense & private.
I think the idea of drinking my cum is hot to think about. It makes me want to do it. I always envision myself in front of my bedroom mirror, knees apart and my face and body exposed to my eyes, the space really warm.
Ass fucked. That is important. My ass fucked. Penetration is so good, and I love to have someone see my face when I am penetrated. Other people have mentioned this kind of thing, and I think it's extremely beautiful and necessary.
It's hotter and more dragged out when I have company. I want to do it face to face with a man. We can even talk about wanting to drink our own semen while we masturbate toward it. I have a friend in mind that I want to ask to do this with me.
Or think of it, three men together masturbating and they ejaculate into their hands, responding like thunder to one another's climax, and seeing one another's faces. That would be so beautiful.
Then maybe one by one so the others could watch -- we drink, or do it together and experience that emotional release-receive in the same space.
I want to address the reader yesterday who talked about 'libido drop' how he wants the semen before climax but not after - this seems to be very commonplace and I've been really curious. Licking my own semen off of a woman's body is definitely hot and makes it real nice, and easy, I am partial to her belly but I'm curious to try ejaculating directly onto her asshole and licking that off.
A woman I just met and masturbated in front of the first day... she told me when to climax and I spermed all over my belly, and after a little while, she took her fingers and gave me the semen bit by bit till I had taken all of it. That was so beautiful and if you're reading I want to thank you, you know who you are, it felt so good for you to give me to myself, especially after you saw my face in mid-orgasm.
I find the company and the really nice arousal offered by my soul-sister's body is just so good... but her heart and mind and eyes are what really get me, her presence, her love and curiosity. A lot of women have seen me masturbate to orgasm and drink my semen. I can't tell you how many.
It's nice to be pushed, or encouraged, or given my semen to to drink, too. I like to be told to do it. I like to be humiliated a little in the process, or when I can't go through with it.
But I'm telling you I need to try this with a man soon.
Obviously that will lead to having my throat fucked.
I'm going to masturbate now and try to drink it. I'll tell you what happens, but I want to add this. I want to hear from women about doing this. I want to hear from a woman who is a full ejaculator and hear how you describe drinking a good gulp of your ejaculate. If you would be so kind and beautiful.



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