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To Joe

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This is a response to Taking Panties posted January 2011


Joe, I loved your story about the great heist of 'Laura's' underwear. Because you were once close to 'Laura', I assume your suspicions about her reactions are correct, and more's the pity, dear fellow!

A few years ago, Dee, a former lover of mine, returned to town for outpatient treatment of a job-related injury. We'd parted on very good terms six or seven years before when his job forced him to resettle outside the country and, since I was still single and uncommitted, I invited him to stay with me.

We soon picked up where we'd left off and life was good. Then, one evening I returned from work and, after greeting me at the door with the customary hugs and kisses, Dee proceeded to do a choreographed strip show, and I was blown away to find him dressed in black thigh highs, bikini panties and an under-wire bra!

And, damn did he look great! Those beautiful legs encased in shiny black, his gorgeous little butt barely covered and exquisitely highlighted, and I swear that stretchy bra fit him better than it fit me!

We had a quite frank and fascinating discussion about Dee's here-to-fore undisclosed penchant for women's 'slickery' undergarments: it was a totally unique turn-on for him. He was excited by the sensations of the fabric against his skin. particularly when he moved, and like you, he spoke of a very special erotic kinship he felt with me by donning my underwear.

This initiated several new sexual experiences for me. I've been pretty sexually active since my divorce decades ago but I'd never encountered a situation like this.

Sex had always been pretty straight forward hetero-man/woman stuff. I'd always felt that underwear was underwear, a turn-on for men, perhaps, but not for me. That was, until I felt the thrill of our stockinged legs sliding together and over one another or felt his nylons brushing my bare torso as he straddled me or until I tweaked Dee's nipples through a gossamer bra or watched him stroking himself through filmy black panties or until our bodies were electrified slipping and sliding over each other as we danced cheek-to-cheek by candlelight in our garter belts, nylons, half-slips and bras.

Mmmmm, one might say I gained a different perspective.

And, oh, the enjoyment of mutual masturbation, the cuddling and the kissing and the dressing, the undressing, the touching, I loved watching Dee's excitement grow as he ran his hands over his body in all that slippery fabric. I've never seen a man writhing or playing with his nipples like that! It was so easy to imagine Dee as a woman and it excited me to think that I was getting turned on watching another female, or watching my lover all dressed up like a female, making love to himself like a woman, am I making sense?


Joe, don't be concerned with how the panties, thongs and bras are stowed! Rather, find an understanding woman who appreciates your tastes, one who will lingerie shop with you and send you sexy feminine intimates for your birthday!

I think you'd enjoy that as much as Dee does!



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