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To Be a Professional Masturbator

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I've cum so many times from the stories on this site and I hope my story makes you cum, Hard.


Like most of us, I have masturbated most of my life. Now, I go to this site everyday, nude and stroke my rock hard cock, as I am doing now. I love all the hours I spend at this site and all the cum I shoot. It feels sooooo good. To the matter at hand, it wasn't until my thirties till I came into my own, as they say. Until then, I just masturbated for a release. Now I masturbate as much as I can, as often as I can and for as long as I can. I started masturbating everyday, then twice a day. I lived for weekends where I could spend all day stoking my cock.

On weekends I tried to cum at least ten times. I started getting into keeping my dick hard and learned about edging. On weekends, I would get up and walk naked into my office, turn on my computer to surf porn sites and lube up. I really got into reading stories. I turn on my VCR and watched porn while I was reading stories. I usually wanted to get the first session out of the way because it was hard to really get into a long session without the first cum out of the way. So I would stroke hard and fast. I would shoot hard with my largest load of the day. Sometimes I would stay hard and then I could really get into stroking my cock. My second, third and fourth cums were always the best. I could really get into my cock for hours, for my middle sessions I would try and make them last for two hours, controlling my stroking for maximum pleasure and I wanted it to last as long as possible before I could take it no more and would have to shoot. My cock really got into these middle sessions. I love tasting my own pre-cum, it is so wonderfully salty.

As soon as I came, I would keep reading stories and watching videos. Soon my cock would be ready for more. After the fifth cum, it was increasingly harder to cum. Sometimes, I would call the phone lines and talk to a girl; at least I hoped it was girl, to help me shoot again. I always set goals to cum as much as possible and found it helped me to shoot off more than I thought I could. The more I did this, the better I got at it. I figured the more I cum, the better. My cock certainly loved it and if my cock is happy, I'm happy. One of the things that help me cum more and harder was thinking about eating my cum, many times as soon as you shoot, so goes your desire to eat your cum. However, it was so wicked to think about doing it, it made me cum more. Another thing that helped are the places I found in my town you could go and jerk off while watching models. This ramped up my masturbating to new levels. I made the mistake of going there the first time with my cock fully loaded. What a mistake, I came within about two minutes. I learned to go there at the end of the day. Just thinking about a woman watching me stroke my cock would give me about two more sessions and then one more when I got home, this session was always great. By the end of the day, I would be shooting blanks. It was always a good day when I had shot all the cum I had in me, out.

This went on for about ten years, I can't go at it like I could, but I still try to masturbate as much as I can, still everyday and on good days, three or four. I have found the more I masturbate the more I can masturbate. I hope all the readers either have there pussies wet or dicks hard, like mine is now, and I hope you have an explosive orgasm. I am so hard now thinking about all the hard dicks getting stroked right now, with pre cum leaking out, and all the pussies drooling with their clits getting strummed...............

.................I had to stop typing for a while as I stroked out a huge load of cum. I hope you came, too....Now, let's do it again and again.

Happy 'batin.



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