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Tissue Stroking Heaven

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I've been using this technique for a while now and it gives the most explosive orgasm I know (it's also clean and very soft on the big guy, if your penis is feeling sore from too much rubbing). Only down side is it uses a lot of tissues, which means you may have to be careful where you dispose of it if you share a house with others (and may lead to others wondering why you buy quite so much!!)

Keep with me whilst I explain the technique-it sounds complicated (probably because I'm having difficulty putting it into words) but I promise it isn't in practice-and when you actually try it I'm sure it'll leave you shaking with pleasure.

Firstly I crouch down on the floor with my legs as wide apart as I can without feeling uncomfortable. I then take a large size tissue and open it out. If you want to try this, don't use a cheap brand of tissue-it needs to be very smooth and also strong. I then grip the top end of the tissue with my thumb and first two fingers of my left hand and hold it against the top of my penis, so that it curves around the tip of my penis. The rest of the tissue then drapes down the length of my penis. I then position my right arm (coming from behind through the gap between my right leg and the floor) directly underneath my scrotum and take hold of the bottom end of the tissue. At the bottom, I hold the tissue at both the right and left corners (about half an inch from the edge in each case) and then bring the corners together and hold them together right at the edge (as if the tissue were folded in half). The result of this is the tissue makes a gentle cup around the balls at this point.

Basically that is the preparation and the masturbation can begin. I then gradually stroke the tissues up and down my penis until I come. The silky smooth feel of it gently caressing my penis and balls is incredible and produces a mind-blowing orgasm. If I have a long session, I'll probably use four or five tissues over the whole time-the tissues start to tear up after a while of stroking (and the fresher it is, the better the sensation, so I replace it regularly). I also find the sensation feels better using just one tissue at a time-produces a lighter sensation.

I really would recommend you try it. It's best to take your time with this one. If you're after quick relief, use your hand as usual, but if you have time for a slow, sensual stroke I recommend using tissue. As well as using this technique crouching down, it also works well if you lie on the bed, with your legs held tightly against your chest.



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