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'Tip Tuggin'

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If you get into 'Edging', where you get to the brink of cumming, 'stop n go' for hours, or have tried 'BEYOND EDGING', where you use the 'less is more' principle, as I described in my April 28 post, I have a refinement on that masturbation techq that I need to share. I call it 'Tip Tuggin'.

The cocktip, as you guys know, is the most sensitive part of your jackpackage. There are lots of jack techqs that can be used to cause maxxx arousal of the cocktip, like rubbing it as you jack, or running it along your hairy belly or thigh.

I like to make the 'OK' sign with my jackhand and circle the ridge of my cocktip and just tug and tug on my cock, only stroking it once in about twenty or so tugs, and even then, not 'full fisting' the shank, but still just with the thumb and index finger. While one hand is doing that, my other is pressing and diddling on the area below my balls. That area is called the perineum, but I like to call it my 'cockmuscle' ( sounds nastier lol).

This techq might not work as well for some as others because the rim of the cocktip has to stand out from the shank a little, and some guys have way more cock than tip. My cranker is a 'normal' six inches, but the cocktip on my soldier stands out about 3/16 if an inch from my buddy down there,and the entire cockhead is about 3/4 the size of a golfball. If I coulda ordered a cock to my 'perfect' specs, I'da ordered just what I got...thanks !!

You can use this 'Tip Tuggin' ' techq to start, or any time during a masturbation session. It is a nice 'add on' to the 'BEYOND EDGING' technique, because the 'less is more' principle is still at work here; the LESS fullstrokin' you do, the MORE intensely the shaft is aroused,and the BETTER the full hardstrokes will feel. I like to stay away from hardstrokes until the last 25% of a masturbation session, building up slowly, and getting more and more intensity as it progresses.

I like to get a continuous drool of slimy precum pearling out my cumhole and sliding down my shaft. Watching it ooze out my cumhole and s-l-o-w-l-y slither down my shaft is JACK-HOT !! I have had 'perfect storm' jacksessions where I got as many as six or seven 'rounds' of pre slide all the way down my hot jackshank, a sign that my balls are overloaded and ready to give more spunky cum than normal. The more 'rounds' I can go, the more pressure builds up behind my cocktip, and the more eagerly I want to see how much juice I can jerk from my heavy nutsack, and out my gaping cumslit.

So, guys, 'Tip Tuggin' ' can be a great way to play the jack instrument; I say you can always find something new and pleasurable to try. You know what feels good for you, so find those 'zones' and play around a little. When I was a kid, I could get off in twenty strokes or less, and then go again, still hard, maybe 15 minutes later. As a guy gets older, he learns to enjoy the 'ride' more and more...the 'payoffs' aren't as big as they once were, but sometimes you get more than you thought you had in ya !!

I love this web page..lots of nice folks here...adjusted to being familiar with the fun ways to make their 'naughty bits' give them self-pleasure, and not ashamed to talk about it !! To be perfectly frank, I've had fantasies about just this scenario many times in my past, hoping that one day I could learn how others 'did' themselves, and have an anonymous way to share.In fact, for years before the Internet was invented, I spent many hours 'Edging' and writing 'jackstories' and just any pervy thought that me and my 'buddy' down there could 'pump out'. I am now a retired, dedicated SOLOSEXUAL, and am looking forward to sharing more and more of what 'we' have. Masturbating with words ( and some nice porn, solo girl fingering to a solo guy jackin's my fav)is pretty much the best for me...besides sharin with y'all. Never thought I could have all my fantasies come true, but I'm enjoyin the ride.

Here's to 'The Ride'





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