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Time With Doreen

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Last August I had one of the most enjoyable experiences that I've had in a long time. I attended a family reunion since our family hadn't got together in many years. At the reunion I started talking with my cousin Doreen and we really hit it off right from the word go. I should probably tell you that I'm fifty six and Doreen is fifty four. We discovered that we had much in common including the fact that we had both lost our husbands fairly recently. We were all in the same hotel and that evening back at the hotel Doreen invited me to her room for a final drink ending a long day.

Little by little as we talked I realized that Doreen was making very subtle advances towards me of a sexual nature. They were just little verbal hints and comments but I could see where she was heading. What really concerned me was the fact that I was becoming stimulated by what was happening and I had never even considered doing anything sexual with a woman before. Actually the idea of two women together kind of turned me off but now here I was getting turned on and not only that but I was being stimulated by my own cousin.

I knew that I should either go back to my room now or allow this to continue to who knows where. Finally, I asked Doreen if she were trying to seduce me and she admitted that she was. She then walked over to where I was sitting and bent down and kissed me fully on the mouth. I felt her tongue on my lips and I just opened my mouth and let it in. Sensations ran through my body like little bolts of electricity right down to my puss. I actually thought I might pee myself but thank God, I didn't. I kissed her back and that was the start of things to come.

I told Doreen I had never been with a woman before and she said that she would guide me. She then suggested we remove our clothes. I think I have a fairly nice body for my age but Doreen's was nicer. I was most attracted to her fairly small tits with oversized areolas and nipples. She also didn't have any puss hair at all.

We got on top of the bed with me on my back and Doreen on her side. She started playing with my nipples and kissing my tits. My physical excitement was building ever so quickly. My nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. While playing with my nipples she reached down and put her finger into my puss. I started to move my hips up and down and I told her to put her finger up my hole. Doreen now stopped playing with me and put two or three fingers up my hole and with her other hand she started to rub my little bump. At this point all I wanted to do was to have an orgasm. The physical sensations were at a peak and I knew that any second I would cum. She now took her fingers out of my puss hole and instead of rubbing my bump she started to slap it over and over. In probably less than a minute I came. Doreen took my hand and put it between my legs. I was soaking wet. She told me to get the wetness all over my two fingers which I did. She then took my hand, put it to my mouth and told me to suck my fingers. I did that but then I gagged and had to stop.

After I calmed down I then did the same things to Doreen that she did to me. It was so erotic to finally watch her as she had an orgasm. She eagerly put her fluid into her mouth which I couldn't do. We stayed together in her room the rest of the night. The next morning we had sex again and then I very carefully made my way back to my room.

This had to be the best sexual experience I've ever had. I never had an orgasm as intense as the one I experienced with Doreen. Now I am home and constantly horny. I very much want to have another experience with a woman but I'm not quite sure how to find one. I don't want a lesbian, I want to make love to a woman who just happens to enjoy women as much, if not more, than men. Oh yes, when I got home I promptly shaved nearly all of my puss hair and left just a tiny little patch above my puss. I should have done this thirty years ago. I just love my new 'look' and I love to run my fingertips over the skin and feel its smoothness instead of coarse, kinky hair.



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