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Time in Hospital With Helpful Nurse!

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Reading through your site I've noticed that there are one or two accounts of people being 'helped' by nurses whilst in hospital, so I thought that I would submit my own experience.
When I was about 14 and still in secondary school, I used to play rugby for my school and my local county. This meant I played a lot of rugby! Up until just after my 14th birthday, I had never had a rugby related injury - but that was about to change! A week after my 14th birthday I was involved in a pretty horrific rugby injury that would go on to end my playing days. Whilst playing, I was illegally tackled which resulted in 45 fractures of my left ankle. Over the next few weeks in hospital, I had to have three operations to fit external fixings to my leg to strengthen my ankle. It was whilst under one of these operations that I had an allergic reaction to a drug and almost died. The next thing I remember after the operation was waking up on a ward and being talked to by my mum. Recovery over the next few weeks was slow and awkward with a few minor mishaps but my stay in hospital did have one or two advantages!
Firstly, the nurse that was assigned to look after me was called Gemma and she was hot! She was still quite young, probably late 20's and had a body to die for! She was tall with long blonde hair that was always worn tied up and magnificent blue eyes. She had large breasts that sometimes made her uniform gape and always worn nylon stockings!! As I have said my recovery was slow but Gemma helped a lot by reassuring me and just talking to me like a friend. One thing that my recovery had not yet allowed was for me to be able to use the toilet properly and so after a few days, Gemma enterd my cubicle and explained to me that I would have to have a catheter fitted. Even though she had explained it fully, the procedure still made me nervous. However, when the time came, the doctor assigned to me took his time and with gemma's reassurance the whole time, the catheter was fitted. The first night with the catheter fitted went by without a problem - until I awoke to find that the catheter had worked its way loose in the night and my bed was soaked with pee! I was mortified. Even with gemmas and all the staffs reassurance that it was fine i still felt like a baby. Even worse than that, my mum had had to go away on some really important business and as my dad left when I was younger, I had no family around to help out and bring me spare clothes. For this reason, I had no clean boxer shorts to wear under my gown after the catheter accident. Thats when Gemma helped out again and the story about how she REALLY helped me gets started!
Gemma walked into the cubicle and fopund me sitting on the chair by the bed. The bed had already been changed but the room was still stale with the smell of pee. Gemma came over to me and knelt down. She pressed a small paper package into my hand and said that it wasnt ideal but it was the best she could do for now and stood up. When she turned to walk away, I opened the package to find a pair of pants made out of paper! Gemma by this time had already left, and left with no other underwear I began trying to put on the paper pants. This was not easy - they were not meant for someone with my waist size and to make matters worse, I had a straining hard - on. I hadnt masturbated myself or otherwise ejaulated for nearly 2 months and the strain had began to show. Just as I was trying to get into the pants for one last time, the door opened and gemma strolled in. Embarassed that she would see my hard cock, i tried to cover up, but lost my balance because of the external fixators around my leg and fell onto the bed. Gemma came running over to help, but the embarrasment was too much and I started to cry. She put her arm around me and asked what was wrong and I replied that I couldnt get the paper pants on. When she looked down, she noticed my hard - on for the first time and smiled. She then asked me the question I would never forget - 'How long has it been since that fella got any attention??' Through my tears I asked her what she meant and she replied that she knew every young lad masturbates and when was the last time I did. Shocked at what she was asking, I told her the truth that it had been about two months. She seemed surprised and said that she thought I should help myself out. I protested that I couldnt and when she I asked why I made up the feeble excuse of not having any tissues! She said that she could soon rectufy that and to get back into bed and she'd be right back. After a few minutes, I was back in bed and gemma came back through the door holding a big box of tissues, a roll of paper the hospital used to line medical beds with and a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine. She then proceeded to lock the door and move over to the bed. She put the magazine on the chair and then said that because she didnt want me to make a mess and that the pressure build up must be huge (it was!) she was going to take a few precautions. She took the roll of paper and tore of big strips and covered the bed. She then covered the floor around the bed in the same fashion. She then gave me the big box of tissues and told me to masturbate myself. She then sat on the chair, picked up cosmo and started to read. Well, i had never wanked with anyone else in the room and told her so. She just giggled and siad that we were both adults and that she couldnt leave me alone in case i needed medical help fast and went back to reading - adding that she promise she wouldnt watch. There was no doubt about it, i was horny as hell. So after a few minutes when i thought she was sufficiently engrossed in the magazine, i pulled my gown aside and started to rub my foreskin up and down. After a while the feelings got too much and started to stroke faster and faster. I quickly looked at gemma who was still reading, but i could see her bra through a gap in her uniform. She suddenly caught my eye and noticed what i was looking at. Going back to reading her magazine, one hand came up to her uniform and undid four or five buttons to reveal her tits within her bra. Another quick one handed flick and her bra fell away revealing the most perfect pair of tits I have ever seen! Still rubbing my cock I watched as still one handed and reading the magazine, she lifted up her skirt with one hand revealing a very nice pair of stocking clad legs and began to stroke her pussy thru her panties. This pushed me over the edge and i told her i was about to cum. In my excitement, i had knocked the tissues off the bed and i suddenly realised i had nothing to cum into. realising my problem, gemma jumped up, grabbed my cock in one hand and with the other opened the copy of cosmopolitan that she had been reading and placed it ontop of my cock. she told me to cum hard for her and i did! I dont remember much after that except i felt incredible. Sleep caught up with me soon after that and when I woke up again, my mum was there to greet me. I saw gemma loads after that night but we never mentioned it again. But, just before I left hospital for good, a package appeared on my bed. When I opened it, it was the cosmopolitan magazine that gemma had helped me with and a note saying ' You'll make some girl VERY happy one day!' It wasnt signed but hey, who do you think it was from???



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