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Tickle Results

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We had just finished celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday that evening. As always she was dressed up nicely with her heels, hose, lipstick, and hair done to a tee. She was always quite proper the way she dressed. After the party all left including me but I remembered I forgot my jacket so I returned.

Upon arriving I looked through the kitchen door and there she was standing in front of the kitchen sink finishing up some dishes wearing her heels, hose, bra and a mint green see through robe.

I stood there admiring her figure and then entered which surprised her momentarily. She saw me and relaxed and I told her why I returned and she said good, you can help me finish here. I did and all of a sudden she gave me a snap of the towel laughing and saying she had always wanted to do that.

I said that was gonna cost her dearly and I started to chase her through the house into the livingroom and grabbed her and put her over my knee. I told her she had not had her birthday spanking yet and she started to squeal saying you wouldn't dare! I proceeded to pull up her robe and saw her lovely little ass and started the spanking with her squealing the entire time that I shouldn't be doing this.

I continued and she playfully acted like she resisited and then I stopped and started rubbing her smooth pantyhosed ass. It felt so good and she didn't say to stop so I continued. Then I decided to really have some fun and I got off of her and managed to sit on the back of her legs with her feet straddling the end of the couch. She asked what was I gonna do and I told her-tickle your feet till you beg. She screamed no, no, not my feet and I knew right away this was gonna be fun. I removed her shoes and started to gently tickle her feet. She went crazy squealing the whole time.

I kept this up for about 10 minutes and she begged me to stop. Finally I said I would if she removed her bra and robe and would stand in front of me so I could look at her. She at first refused until another 10 minutes of tickle torture persuaded her to do what I had asked!

She got up and stood in front of the couch and removed her robe and bra and stood there with a sheepish grin saying how much longer do I have to stand here? She really looked great in high heels and hose and I told her to come closer and turn around. When she did I told her not to move or the tickling would commence. I then slowly pulled down her panty hose. She squirmed because she knew what was next but stood there begging-not my panties, please not my panties. I then pulled them down very slowly and started nibbling her little ass. She giggled but enjoyed it till I was done. I had her turn around from all angles and had her also bend over grabbing her ankles so I could see her that way as well.

I had her stand up and told her she was to remove my pants and pull down my shorts which she did. She was to get down on her knees and give me a handjob. Her eyes got wide as saucers but she got down and I had a tube of vaseline she could use and she started rubbing. I made her talk dirty to me as she was doing it and she went faster and faster. She pursed her lips like she was really trying to please me and had this determined look she was going to make this a real pleasurable experience which it was.

I exploded all over her face and then told her she could clean up but must not wear anything but her heels upon her return. She obeyed because of the potential consequences! She came back and stood in front of me and said 'I hope it was a good hand job'. I said 'Evelyn, it was great'! She smiled and we both promised never to reveal our adventure to anyone.

I really enjoyed being in charge of my mother-in-law that evening. I really think she liked it, except for the tickling of her feet, which by the way, I continued to do whenever we were alone!



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