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Thursdays in Berkeley

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I heard about a group of men who get together and give each other erotic massages in Berkeley on Thursdays. Since I lived only a short distance away, I went one evening.


These weekly massages were being held at Body Electric, a school of erotic massage on the second floor of an industrial building surrounded by other industrial buildings, meaning offices, small manufacturing companies, and warehouses. Being about ten minutes early, I was the first to arrive. That was a bit of a mistake. First, I had to wait by the front door until the manager showed up. Sometimes my imagination and self-consciousness gets to me and so it seemed to me that everyone in Berkeley saw me waiting and knew what I was there for. He arrived, unlocked, and led me upstairs. He sat behind a desk in a large, light, softly carpeted room. One side of the room was lined with mirrors. Against a side wall was a huge pile of folded massage tables. The side opposite the big mirrors had large windows. I thought it was weird that the windows had no curtains, and it was obvious that people in offices nearby could easily look in and see what goes on in here.

By the way, I would love that! To look across from my office, and see any type of massages going on all day long. This school specializes in erotic and tantric massages, both sexse, so they would be especially fun to watch. But as a participant, I was a bit concerned about being seen. Even though it was seven in the evening, there were people at work around the neighborhood, so be seen, we would!

So, the man behind the desk took my $12 participation fee and handed me a towel almost as large as a sheet. He was a man of few words, and I found it hard to start a conversation with him. At least I wanted to find out more about what was going to happen, but I couldn't quite figure out how to ask him. So, I just sort of idled around, trying to quell my mixed feelings of boredom and excitement about what was to come. I should have brought my smartphone, so I'd have something to read in the meantime.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, men started arriving. All were like me, casually dressed, milling around, obviously looking forward to the upcoming activities, but most also appeared a bit nervous. The ages ranged from around 18 to 70. The body styles varied, but no one was unhealthy. The colors varied also. One man was as black as I have ever seen. Another fellow, a white man who was to be in my group later, was white, but so very white. I don't think he has been in the sun for twenty years. All seemed rather friendly, and small conversations started here and there.

At 7:15pm, there were about 30 of us, and the front door was locked. We were not going to be disturbed by late comers.

We were instructed to stand in two circles. An inner circle of men, each facing one man in an outer circle. Some pleasant background music was started, and each pair of men, one in the inner circle, and the other in the outer circle undressed each other. We stored our clothes in heaps on the floor.

Only one man had an erection as soon as his underwear came off. And a huge erection it was. Not partial! The manager commented on how nice it was to see that erection, putting us all at ease about whether we 'should' be hard or not. Soon, a few more dicks started pointing up.

We were divided into groups of three. Then the formula was explained for those who had not attended before: Each group would unfold a table. One person would lay on the towel on the table, and be massaged by the other two for twenty-one minutes. Then another would get on the table and be massaged, and finally the third would get his massage. In general, but with variations allowed, the man on the table would get essentially a back rub for about seven minutes, then flip over for seven minutes of a frontal massage, and the last seven minutes would focus on the genitals. Furthermore, ejaculating, although completely allowed, was not the goal. It was better, according to the manager, to get close to ejaculation, but not let it happen. Evidently, you go home energized. (You can always jerk off to completion once you're back at home.)

Within my group of three was a skinny Asian fellow about 20 years old, and the very white fellow who wasn't quite heavyset, and about sixty years old, with wild white hair, somewhat like Albert Einstein. I was also white, although normally tanned, normal greying hair, almost but not quite heavyset, and just a bit less than sixty.

Knowing myself well, I asked to be the last one to get massaged, and they were just fine with that.

So, we started on the other white guy. The Asian fellow and I rubbed his back, his triceps, his lower and upper legs, and his butt. He positioned himself so we could see his anus, which I somehow found rather enjoyable to look at. It was especially pink, and hairless. In fact, he was hairless mostly all over. I really wanted to touch his butthole, maybe even put a finger in, but that wasn't allowed here. Hygiene was stressed at this school. The Asian guy was able to run his fingers over the back of the fellow's scrotum, which looked like it felt delicious.

Then it was time for him to turn over. He already had an erection. He was circumcised, and had a slightly smaller than average penis. We rubbed his shoulders, his forehead, the front of his arms and legs, and his feet. As the next seven minutes was drawing to a close, the other guy started gently massaging this guy's balls, while I ever so lightly tickled his frenulum - the bit of skin on the underside just below the head of the penis. I have to say, I really enjoyed touching him. I could have done it all evening, but the seven minutes, came to an end way too soon.

He thanked us profusely, then we switched. Now, it was the Asian guy's turn. He had been sporting a nice erection since about half way into the white guy's massage. He put his towel on the table and climbed on. This fellow had a beautiful ass. I love hairless asses, and his slightly darker skin really attracted me. He had a generally small and thin body, which I particularly enjoy. We rubbed his back, had him flip over, and started on his front. His uncircumcised penis stuck straight up in the air out of a thicket of jet-black hair. I mean at an actual 90 degree angle straight up - very nice! We ignored that penis of his for seven minutes, then started in on his very upper thighs, his balls, and his dick. I took on the task of slowly sliding his foreskin up and down as far as it would go while the other white guy gently rubbed his scrotum and the area between anus and bottom of scrotum. He also pushed in on the area a bit, which I assume felt nice in our man's prostate. It seemed to me he was awfully close to cumming when the seven minutes was up.

Finally, oh boy, it was my turn! I was ever so conscious of my hardon as I climbed onto the table. I love being hard in front of others. And here I was fully naked, sporting an erection, in front of 30 guys, and my two guys in particular. I got my seven minutes of heavenly backrub, flipped over and got seven minutes on the front. During this seven minutes, the two men totally disregarded my penis. No attention to that at all, which was exquisite. To be getting attention of a sexual nature, but not actually touching the testicles or penis is a wonderful experience. It seems like it was one of the hardest hardons of my life.

Now for the last seven minutes. They touched me first with a very light tickle of the scrotum, then the Asian guy ever so lightly touched the glans - the head of my dick, while the white guy focused on my ankles of all things. Soon he moved to my nipples, which while my penis was being lightly stroked by the other fellow almost sent me over the edge. Unlike the other two, who must have had a stronger constitution, I had to ask them to slow down a bit so I wouldn't ejaculate all over the place. Somehow, I managed to last the whole seven minutes with one of the strongest erections of my life, in absolute sexual bliss, without cumming. Oh, I was so disappointed when the time was up! But not really - I was sexually charged up like never before.

We put our clothes back on, had small conversations, some of us exchanged phone numbers, and we all went home.

On the way, for the first time in my life, I really understood what it was to be sexually charged up, and stay that way. If I had ejaculated there on the table, it would have been normal, so to speak. But I hadn't, and was so charged during my drive home. It wasn't like I just wanted to masturbate right away. No, it was something else. I could see more clearly than ever. I had more energy. I was more alive. And I stayed that way all evening while I ate dinner and watched a couple of documentaries. Then I went to bed, and oh yes, of course I jerked off. It was a particularly strong and nice ejaculation. At that time, the sexual charge left me, and I slept especially soundly that night.

So, the lesson learned, is to achieve that sexual charged up state. As I understand it, that is a major part of the tantric sexual experience. If you get a lot of genital attention but don't have an orgasm, the rest of your day is especially bright, for lack of a better word. I have done this to myself many times since. I'll read some Solo Touch stories, and masturbate, taking myself to the edge of ejaculating, but not over the edge. Then, I put my pants back on, and go to work or whatever, and enjoy the rest of the day in my 'charged' state. It is indeed a natural high.

I have done this so many times now that I can sometimes have orgasmic contractions without ejaculating. That is exciting! The result is I stay charged up. I can masturbate many times in one day, without losing the 'edge.'

I went back to the Body Electric Thursday Evening Men's Massages twice more. The second time was great. I was not nervous as it started this time. I also brought my smart phone so I could read a book during the first early minutes.

The third time, I was a bit rebellious or restless. I asked if I could essentially trade in my back rub, and frontal massages for all genital work, resulting in 21 minutes of sexual stimulation. Everyone was fine with that. I thought it was a great idea, but about 15 minutes in, I lost it, and ejaculated big-time. For the last five minutes, I wanted more stimulation, but it was not to be. My dick wilted, and I found it hard to take any touching at all. Remember, ejaculation was not the goal here, and I perceived at is a bit frowned upon by this crowd, so I was kind of embarrassed. Rebellion is not always a good thing. Sometimes there are reasons for traditions.

I never went back, not because of that session, but because the school was a somewhat long drive, and I had learned my lesson. I now absolutely enjoy charging myself up, and not cumming except when I want to.



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