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Through the Years

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Damn, I just love to masturbate. Don't matter how you do it, just that you do it!


I've been reading all of these stories of how people began masturbating that I'd thought I'd add my story too. I think I was about 11 at the time when I discovered, quite by accident, that it felt good to rub and grind my little circumcised dick into the pillow and bed. I'm not sure how long this went on (probably not very long) as I think it didn't feel that good doing it in that position facing towards the bed. Shortly thereafter, I started to use a different technique. I'd push my penis down in between my legs while closing my thighs. Then in another motion, I'd tug at the base of my penis slightly and make my dick pop out. Then I'd push my dick down again, closing my legs and have it pop out again. I had nice smooth, hairless thighs during that time, which meant I didn't need any type of lubrication for this technique. It was pretty enjoyable when you get the motion going and when I came, I squeezed my thighs together as I had a dry orgasm. During this time too, although I stopped sucking my thumb awhile back as a small child, I seemed to enjoy sucking my thumb while masturbating, don't ask me why.
My brother, who was 2 years older than me, used to buy Playboys, so I'd sneak one when he wasn't around and masturbated or I'd look at Sears catalogs of girls and women in bras and stuff. I must have started to shoot sperm around the time I made 13, so the technique of using my legs made it harder to do. When I came, I'd push my penis and close my thighs tight until the pleasure subsided and often it would keep my cum from shooting out. When I relaxed, it would leak out. But as I started to ejaculate even more cum, it got more messy. As I got near to orgasm, I would grab some kleenex with my right hand (the one that I was sucking my thumb with) and use my left still pushing and pulling my dick with my legs opening and closing, squeezing and rubbing until I felt the cum start shooting out and take the kleenex and put it over the head of my penis to catch it all.
My brother and his friend introduced me to nudist magazines (this was during the late 60's) and I'd get off looking at all of the naked people, but mostly I like to look at the girls about my age who had not even developed breasts as yet but had these types of 'puffy' nipples sticking out from their flat chests. Basically these were pubescent girls with just barely a few strands of public hair covering their slit, if at all. There were also some issues of naked guys too, but that didn't turn me on.
I know it was around this time that I had changed to the popular 'fist' method. I'd just make a little circle with my left thumb and forefinger and wrap it around the middle of my dick and move my hand up and down until I shot. As usual, I'd get the kleenex ready and put it over my dick head and shoot into there so as to not make a mess. I'd be experimenting with putting my finger and other things into my rectum, but never did like that.
As I got older, I'd visit the magazine store and would look through these small pocket picture magazines with naked women in them and once in awhile would put them in my pocket and steal them so I could jack off to them at home. As I grew older (in high school), I'd end up buying them at various magazine stores that the old couple running the place didn't care about your age. So I'd have a stack of them, masturbating when everyone went out.
Always looking for a new thing to do, I tried using soap to jack off to in the shower, but found that the soap used to go inside my peehole and sting me the next time I took a piss. So I settled on doing it dry most of the time. I used to fantasize about a few favorite female classmates in high school. Since this was the early 70's, very short micro mini dresses were in style and I used to come home horny as hell and masturbate thinking of putting my dick between these girls thighs. Since I've never had intercourse with a girl as yet being 15, it was great just seeing those nice legs with their bikini bottoms on and me plunging my dick between their legs until I came. I had a list of favorite girls that for a few months, I actually kept a record of which girl I orgasmed to and made a 'pie chart'. I still crack up thinking about it. Of course I had one or two favorites out of the bunch, so I'd cheat and get all worked up thinking about another girl that I happened to see that day and just before I came, I'd thinking of the other girl I had a crush on. When I looked at it after awhile, it amazed me at how much jacking off I did in a very short span of time.
Once, while taking a shower, I felt how the water would hit my penis, so I wrapped a hand towel around the shower head. Then I took the other end and pulled it up and wrapped it around the head again. This made all of the water come out in one area and increased the intensity of the stream. I'd place another towel on the tile floor (for comfort) and kneeled down and put my penis underneath the water current. While using my left hand with my palm up, I created a platform for my dick to lay on as the water pounded it. My right hand of course was still being used to suck my thumb. As I rocked back and forward so that the stream of water would hit my dick's head and shaft, it wouldn't be very long until I came. When I orgasmed, I tried my best to keep my penis under the pounding water as it was almost like having someone keep milking you as you came. I remember feeling absolutely frozen, unable to move as ropes of cum kept shooting out until I couldn't stand it any longer. The experience was fantastic because it was almost like it was slow motion as I could feel my orgasm coming on. I remember thinking, oh, here is comes...then the tingling in your dick spreads outwards throughout your body until its everywhere. What made it neat was I wasn't using my hand at all, except to steady it under the stream of water. So as the water kept milking and milking my dick and more and more ropes of cum shot out, it was like I had a masturbation machine set on automatic. Though I still do that once in a great while, now it takes me a little longer, so I use more water. If you have a small water heater, you might run out of hot/warm water before you cum and it's not easy to cum with cold water hitting your dick.
Now that I'm older, there are many things I don't do anymore, but I'm still enjoying myself a couple times of day (when I wake up and before I go to sleep). I like to look at pictures on the internet and watch some x-vids (mostly of girls giving guys handjobs), but the thumb sucking is long gone. Interestingly though, while I enjoy females a great deal, I've been with some absolutely stunning T-girls (transsexuals). After one introduced me to sucking her cock, I met another beautiful blond that we did 69. She got me off with her hairless dick in my mouth as I came, so now I enjoy finding a pretty t-girl and do it that way. I guess instead of my thumb, it's a shemale cock in my mouth.



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