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Through the Keyhole

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Through the Keyhole
I really enjoyed the story entitled "Internet Afternoons" about the young man finding pics of his mom naked on the Internet. I know he must have jacked off many times while looking at his mom's pussy. I had a similar experience when I was young but instead of seeing pics on the Internet, I saw the real thing. I remember laying in bed at night and listening to my mom and dad fuck. I didn't know exactly what they were doing but I knew the sounds of her moaning and groaning always made my little dick get hard. Not only did it get hard but it felt good when I touched it.
Every night I would listen for their sounds and my dick would get hard. When it felt that way it was difficult not to touch it. So one night I took my fingers and started pulling the skin back and forth over the head. That made it feel even better so I started doing it faster. I was masturbating and didn't realize it. As soon as the moaning and groaning would stop my mom would always get up and go pee. I began to associate peeing with that wonderful feeling. (I think that's why I am so fascinated at watching a woman urinate today and enjoy golden showers, but that's another story)
Then one day a friend told me about how men stuck their dick in a woman's slit and moved it in and out. He called it fucking. Every night I would listen to my mom and dad fuck while I jacked off.
Then one day my whole world was turned upside down. My dad was killed in an accident. My mom was left a widow and she was only in her mid 30's and I was 11. Things were hectic for a few weeks but then life settled back down to being routine again. I resumed my nightly jack offs but her bedroom was always quiet. Then one day I heard those familiar sounds of her moaning and groaning coming from the bathroom. I immediately became upset because I thought someone was in the bathroom fucking my mom. We lived in an old house and the bathroom door had a keyhole in it so I decided to look through the keyhole. I fully expected to see my mom fucking someone because I could hear her moaning. When I peeked through the keyhole I found myself staring directly into my mom's hairy pussy. It was the most fascinating and beautiful sight I had ever seen. She had two fingers of one hand stick as far inside her pussy as she could get them and the fingers of her other hand were rubbing near the top of her slit. My dick got hard immediately. I continued watching her until she stopped. When she pulled her fingers out of her pussy I noticed they were soaking wet. Not knowing any difference I figured she had peed on her fingers.
I made a dash for my bedroom and jacked off like crazy. I watched her masturbate hundreds of times over the next year or two. During that time my body matured enough that I started shooting cum when I jacked off. I then begin to think maybe my mom was cumming and that was what was making her fingers wet instead of her pee. One day I was peeking at her and I watched as she sat down on the commode and began to rub her pussy. After playing with it for a few minutes she took her fingers and pulled her lips apart. The pick flesh was wet and shinny. She stuck two fingers inside her pussy and began working them in and out. Finally she shoved her fingers up inside her as far as they would go and then began rubbing the top of her pussy. I also noticed that day that she also stuck one of her fingers up inside her asshole. She eventually started moaning and groaning and I knew she was nearing the end. When she finished she inserted white thing about six inches long up inside her vagina. The white thing had a red tube attached to it which I recognized as the douche bag that always hung in the bathroom. She released the water and soon it began running back out of her pussy. I could see the lips of her pussy as they opened and the water poured out. I figured she was washing her cum out. I knew she was getting ready to go shopping so I went outside. As soon as she left I ran to the bathroom and inspected the white nozzle that I had seen inside her pussy. I could detect a faint odor on it. I even licked it to see if I could taste her pussy. It was on that day that I picked up the pair of panties that she had taken off. I noticed a stain on the crotch of her panties so I smelled them. The odor left behind by her pussy caused my dick to get hard again so I sat down on the commode and jacked off while I smelled her panties. I spent many hours smelling my mom's panties and jacking off while picturing her pussy in my mind. I always wanted to jack off while I watched her masturbate but I was afraid I would make too much noise and she would hear me. My mom would always pee when she finished masturbating, further instilling in my mind the relationship between peeing and sex.
I am now in my 50's and my dick still gets hard when I recall all the good times I had as a kid jacking off after watching my mom masturbate. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 30 years. Luckily she likes to masturbate and we have a jack off session about once each month. I am still fascinated with watching woman pee and thankfully my wife lets me watch her. She also knows how much I enjoy smelling her pussy. Sometimes when she is jacking me off she will take her dirty panties and hold them over my face. I am lucky that my wife likes giving me golden showers but as I said, that is another story.



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