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Three Friends Have Some Fun

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When I was 14, some friends and I decided to have a sleep over at someone's house. There were three of us all together. Kyle, Tim and I. Kyle said we could have it at his house. We had just finished taking our finals in school and were looking to have a good time that night. We all knew what was going to happen, the same thing that happens every time we get together.

Masturbation was the highlight of all our sleepovers. We always ended up on the floor sitting so our penises were almost touching jerking off. With this on our minds we all went home to get a shower and pack our stuff. Tim and I got back to Kyle's house at the same time. Kyle's mom met us at the door, she was probably 35 or 40 with curly blonde hair and a very skinny figure. I wouldn't say she was hot but a little attractive. She told us Kyle was in his room watching TV. We watched some movies and goofed around until his mom went to bed.

Then the fun began. We all went into Kyle's room and decided to strip naked. We all took off our shirts and pants and boxers, everyone had a boner at this point as Kyle pulled off the elastic his penis shot out making a slapping noise against his belly, it was maybe six inches long and very wide. He also had very large balls and blonde pubic hair. Tim took off his boxers and his penis sprung out and bobbed in the air. His shaft bent to the right a little, his penis was about six inches and he had brown pubic hair. As I did the same my penis flopped out, I have a six and a half inch with black pubes.

We got in our usual position, legs over legs, so our dicks were close together. We started to stroke our cocks, Kyles balls were swinging around and it got us all laughing. We went like this for a few minutes when I remembered something I read about. I told them to stop and let me show them something. I took the knuckle on my first finger of both hands and pushed hard between both of their balls and butt holes, they both thought that was a great feeling and told me to keep going. Soon both were leaking precum out of their peehole. The head of Kyle's penis was very deep purple and you could see the ridges in the skin.

I couldn't help but touch it, Tim's was the same. Again I had a good idea I said how about we go into the bathroom and we can watch each other come one at a time. We went to his bathroom that was just off the kitchen, we decided to cum into the toilet to allow for the easiest cleanup. Kyle said he wanted to go first. He kneeled down next to the toilet and started to stroke. I could see his ass clenching every once in a while and his balls were slapping against the porcelain making a funny sound. I stuck my hand between the bowl and his balls so he wouldn't hurt himself, the feeling of his testicles slapping against my hand gave my already stiff penis a huge boost.

Soon I could tell Kyle was on the edge, he slowed down on his stroking and avoided the very sensitive head of his cock. Streams of cum were erupting from his penis and plopping into the toilet. After his orgasm Kyle kept stroking his penis from the base to the tip telling us that it gets all of the remaining drops of sperm out. I was up next my hardon was bigger than it had ever been. I started by gently rubbing the head of my penis then I got to work on the shaft. I have a lot of extra skin on my penis even though I'm circumcised, allowing me to stroke in a very long pattern. In only a few seconds I could feel the cum rising into my shaft. I could feel the warm sensation in my groin and my balls sucking into my body. The orgasm came over me like a wave and my cum shot out hitting the water with a splash. I rubbed the very sensitive head of my penis for a while loving the way it made me squirm and cringe with pleasure.

Tim was up next, he stroked in the same fashion and also used my trick of touching on that area between the anus and the balls. Tim began to leak a lot of precum more than Kyle and I had ever seen, so we both took a little sample to play with while we were playing. Tim's cock exploded into the toilet and we all cleaned up and flushed the toilet. Kyle gave us each a cotton swab to clean the semen out of the tips of our dicks. As soon as we opened the door we knew something was wrong, all the lights were on and we had turned them off earlier. Kyle's mom was out in the kitchen getting some water and we were standing there naked with raging hardons. She turned round before we could cover up, we were terrified at what she would say. She just said 'sorry boys I didn't mean to scare you, I am just getting water' she then said 'I hope you know I'm fine with you boys masturbating here as long as you clean up all your stray drops of semen, I don't want to run into any tomorrow'

We were all stunned, before she left she grabbed a bottle of skin lotion off the counter and handed it to Tim she said, 'your looking a little red and raw Tim this will help.' He blushed and said thanks then she went to bed. We all went back to Kyle's room and sat on the bed talking and masturbating until around four in the morning when we all went to bed naked. We woke up at around eleven and went out to eat breakfast naked. Kyle's mom was sitting at the table. She said you boys look a little deflated, we all laughed and talked about what we did that night, she was very interested and gave us a few tips for the next night, we had a great time. I will write about the next experience some other time.



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