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Three Experiences With Guys

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Love reading these stories. Here are the three male/male events of my life, all took place in college over a three year span.


John was a high school swimmer who loved to show off his muscular physique and body. He didn't even live on my floor, but was constantly parading around shirtless, and taking off his clothes. I was in my room one afternoon, and I heard him telling Bob next door that he bet he was bigger than Bob hard, and boasted that his dick grew huge. John's soft dick was fairly good sized, maybe three or four inches, but Bob was a freak of nature, and I knew there was no way he was going to be bigger than the snake that hung a good seven inches soft on Bob. I heard Bob close the door and lock it, and then it open again about 10 minutes later. Have no idea what they did, but my imagination ran wild.

A couple of months later, John came into my room one Saturday afternoon. As usual, shirtless, and wearing these tight very short white shorts that people wore in the 70s. He leaned back on my bed, and started telling me how horny he was. I joked that I could leave if he needed to take care of that, and he replied no need, and got up locked the door, pulled his shorts down and started playing with himself. I watched him get hard, and he casually asked if I had any lubrication, which I got from under my bed and gave him. He oiled up and slowly jerked off. He was surprisingly big, probably close to eight inches, and very thick. He told me to join him, and I was hard from watching him. I pulled my shorts down, and he drizzled the lube over me and I started jerking off too. Soon he reached over and started doing me, so I did the same to him. Didn't take long to orgasm, and we both cleaned up, zipped up, and he left. One and only time with John.

Sophomore year, I was on my bed studying when my roommate Chris, who was a freshman came back from the showers. He started talking to me, asking me how a blowjob felt. Chris was fairly small thin stature, looked like he was 15, and still a virgin. As I described a BJ as best I could, He was rubbing his dick with his towel. He walked over to my bed, pulled his towel away, and quietly mentioned he was very clean. I couldn't believe he was asking me to blow him, and I politely declined, suggesting he jerkoff with lube, as that was pretty close to a blowjob. He looked at me, said he would if I would. I reached under my bed, grabbed the bottle and tossed it to him. He poured it in his hand and started stroking himself to full erection, and I decided what the hell, and joined him. Chris was not really a grower, and his erection was probably five inches, only an inch or so bigger than soft. We did the deed, and unlike John, it became fairly common over the rest of year.

My Junior year was my last mutual with a guy. We went to Florida for spring break, four guys from the frat in a seedy hotel room with two double beds. The first night, I woke up early in the morning to the sensation of something pressed against my ass. I was on my side, facing the other bed. I slowly moved my hand between my legs, and up my buttcrack over my briefs. I felt the underside of Andy's bare hard dick pressed into me. I froze, not knowing if it was intentional, or that he was asleep, and happened because of the close confines of a double bed. I moved slightly closer to the edge of the bed, and seconds later he was back, pressed into my ass. Then he slowly started to hump into me. At one point, he tried to slide my briefs down, but I pulled them up. He slid his dick between my thighs, and started to slowly push in and out. I kept my eyes on the bed facing me, making sure no one woke up. I could feel Andy's warm breath on my neck, and his arm moved down onto my stomach, holding me still as he slid in and out of my thighs. He went incredibly slow, and it had been over 15 minutes since he started, and I was getting worried about being caught. I moved my hand down to where the head of his dick poked through the front of my thighs, and would rub it with my finger tips each time he slipped through. This seemed to do the trick, as his breathing became a little heavier, and his grip on my waist tighter, slightly pulling me into him with each thrust. He thrust one last time, and he sighed, my hand filled with his warm cum. He rolled over on his other side away from me, and went to sleep.

It was still early, and I had Andy's cum on my thighs, on my underwear, on the sheets in front of me and on my hand. I slipped out of bed, covering the wetspot on the sheets with the comforter, and went to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower, and jerked off reliving what had just happened. I got dressed, left the towel over the wet spot under the comforter, and went out and got a coffee and went to the beach. All day Andy acted as if nothing happened, but the next night, I felt him slip between my legs again. This time he had greased up his dick with something, and it felt wet on my thighs. This time he also moved his hand down to my crotch and into my briefs, freed my hardon and jerked me off slowly, at the same pace as his slow thrusts. The lube made him slide much easier, and when I started fingering his plum head, he came fairly fast, I wiped his cum on my dick, and finished myself off, then repeated my bathroom run.

Nothing happened the next two nights, but the last night, Andy got a surprise when he pressed his slick dick between me. I had taken off my underwear earlier, (partly because the lube the time before made a total mess on my underwear) so his dick slid with my skin completely around it. He tried to enter me, but I reached back and pushed his dick back down, so he got the message. We both came in less than 10 minutes. That was the last time I messed with a guy.



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