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Three Days Alone

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This happened about 15 years ago, but is still vivid... I hope you enjoy.


Around the age of 16 I began to notice my body. I had been having my periods for more than three years and had moved to using Tampons for safety and convenience. I lived then in a small town in the north side of DC, and to help me get through college I worked part time for a small store in the town where I lived happily with my mom and my brothers. In the store we sold all kinds of stuff, from coffee to condoms and sex gel for lubricant, and I found these items fascinating. I had taken home condoms and gel as I found it very exciting, and I planned on using them for play. I had also discovered my older brothers porn magazines and his new and vast porn video tape collection.

So I had a good understanding about sex and also more importantly masturbation. I didn't have a steady boyfriend at this stage in my life, as I spent a lot of time riding horses and this took up a lot of my spare time so my only release was through the gentle rubbing of my clit. I suppose thinking back to then I didn't really understand what it was, I just knew that it felt really good if I rubbed or humped it right. Sure I had managed to achieve orgasm without any problems, in fact it was becoming a bit of a habit, for me to come successfully I needed just two things, privacy and time, which in a busy home was all but nonexistent.

My safe place to play back then was the bathroom, I could lock the door and spend hours in there without anyone drawing conclusions as to what I was doing. Like I said I had been working in the local store for a year now and had managed to take home condoms and gel, while I had no idea what the gel was really for as I never needed any help getting wet, it pretty much was untouched for nearly a year. That was until I discovered from my eldest brothers video collection a scene where a girl was masturbating with a plastic vibrator... this scene was set in the bedroom but went on for pretty much 15 minutes where she rubbed the toy up and down her slit and on occasion pushed it inside, finally resulting in her having a huge orgasm. This particular video I had run so many times to watch and figure out if I could do the same. I was running out of new things to try, I had filled up condoms with warm water and humped them in the bath... I had tried water running on my clit from the bath, but this caused issues as my mother would run up to the bathroom shouting why the bath water was still running, which was a real dampner on my sexual play!!

I had also put together a great collection of small objects I could use while in the bath to push inside while I worked on my clit, my hairbrush, a large pen, beads, but I needed something new.

Around the summer of my 16th Birthday my uncle up and passed away, we were not that close to them but the family had to fly out to Boston to the funeral, and because we had so many pets at home, my mum decided that it would be best if I looked after the house for a few days while she supported my aunt. She told me this at the breakfast table that morning and it took all that I could do, not to show my desire and sheer excitement at the thought of being alone in the house. My mind ran wild, she added that Kate next door would be popping in from time to time to make sure I was ok and I had to get hold of Kate if there was a problem. I became instantly wet and I went off to work in a complete daze, my heart racing and my pussy dribbling with anticipation, I would have the whole house to myself. The day dragged on and on, and I really couldn't concentrate on anything, I kept serving people the wrong coffee... I was a mess. After what seemed like an eternity, my mom picked me up from the shop and took me home, she asked me if I was ok with having to look after the house on my own ... errr!! No I'm good mom I can go next door to Kate, I blurted out if I have a problem. When we got home everyone was packed and ready for the trip to the airport, even my eldest brother hugged me and said bye sis. Mum said they would call from the airport and call each day to make sure I was ok, of course I will be ok, I told her I'm not a baby... (if only she knew I'm a dirty, horny teenager)

I decided to go take a quick bath, freshen up as I had been wet for hours and needed to clean up the mess. I kicked off my clothes, stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom and I really felt so incredibly sexy. I was wet and I parted my lips and and gazed at my sex, taking my panties in my hand I gently tossed them in the laundry basket, got into the tub and relaxed. I was so itching to play and really get off as my clit was on fire, and I was so hot and wet inside, I had never felt like this before, I think I could have come in seconds truth be told.

About one hour later the phone rang, it was Mum... we are at the airport Jane, are you ok do you need me to call Kate to come look after you tonite. Mom I'm fine I have the dogs and I'm going to have an early night, she told me she loved me and the whole family came on and said good night... I hung up the phone and knew from then on I had three days of self lust, I was instantly wet again, I had to get off soon or I would die I was sure...

I closed all the blinds as it was now dark outside and took off everything, walking around completely naked, it felt so fantastic. I wanted to make this the best alone time I could, I had told my boss I was looking after the house for the next three days and wouldn't be able to come in, so I was so free it felt so great For some reason I had the urge to snoop, I walked into my elder brothers room and went through his underwear drawers, I even put on a pair of his boxers, and pranced around looking at them, pulling up the gusset and examining myself in the mirror, taking them off again and placing them back into his drawer carefully.

I decided to raid his Video stash, it was then that I discovered a new tape, no info on the outside of the tape, just a number printed onto the long white label. I slid it in the video and turned on his TV, after about five minutes I discovered it was a lesbian movie... I had never seen two girls pleasuring each other like this tape. At first I was going to turn it off but I was transfixed to one scene where one girl was fucking the other girl with a huge two sided flexible penis. I killed two hours just rewinding and checking each scene in detail, it was about 10 o'clock by now and the phone rang, it was my Mom, she asked if she had woke me up, err no I said I was watching a movie on tv, little did she know what type of movie.

I told her I loved her and she hung up, by this stage I knew 100% I was not going to be disturbed for the next three days, I was breathing so hard and heavy, I was shaking with the need to come.

I'm not sure why but I decided to go and snoop in Mom's room, Mom had been divorced from my dad for four years and I was certain she must have a vibrator, after watching the video with just girls I really wanted to feel what it was like to have something this big and vibrating inside of me. I had never done this before, here I was completely naked going through my Mom's personal stuff. Then I found the jackpot, right at the back of the bedside cabinet, a shoebox. Inside the shoebox was what I had been looking for, she had several, my heart almost burst with excitement. I took out the one which was penis shaped and all soft, it was firm but the skin on it was so soft to the touch. I smelt it and it smelt like hand soap, I kept looking at it thinking I'm never going to get something this big inside, it was huge it was eight to nine inches long and must have been the thickness of a large banana. I examined it with detail and have to say I was gasping with each touch and caress of the toy, I soon figured out that if I twisted the top of the toy it started to vibrate, the more I turned it the faster it went. I put it down to my clit and turned it up and held it on my clit, I lay back on Mom's bed and just let it happen. No more than 30 seconds later I was having the most intense orgasm of my life, I struggled to not pass out and lay with the toy in my hands away from my clit for a few moments only able to reach over with my other hand and turn it off.

OMG that was fantastic, I lay there for almost an hour unable to speak or move, I was soaking and I had soaked my mom's bed too. I got up and cleaned the covers with wipes, new rule, when playing put something under my bum to catch the wetness. I decided to take the toy in to Matt's room (my older brother) and sat on his bed, towel under me and I began again to play the Lesbian tape, stopping and rewinding on the part where the girl was fucking the other with the two sided penis. I was getting wet again and was inadvertently stroking my lips, I was insatiable that evening, I had three days to cram in everything I wanted to try...

I placed the toy on my clit, but this time I kept it turned off, I decided to copy the movie and rub the tip of the toy up and down my slit just as she was doing to the other girl, it felt different and good all at the same time, each few moments I would lower it down to my ever so wet hole and gently push the tip of the penis in. It hurt a little but I kept it up, rewinding the tape each time and carrying on with my experimentation. I discovered the best posture for this was right on the edge of Matt's bed, feet on the floor and legs open as wide as they would open.. just as I was about to give up and go back to rubbing my clit with the vibrator on buzz. I noticed looking down that I was getting the tip of the penis further and further inside of me, and this is when it began to feel really filled up, my visits to my hole got shorter and my pressure to push got harder. It was then that I remembered my lube that I had taken from work and wondered if this would help any getting it in, so I ran to my secret place and got the little bottle.

Still on the edge of the bed feet on the floor and legs wide I poured lube on to the toy and more importantly I put rather a lot around my hole, I was by now so slippery it was unreal. I also noticed that I had started talking to my pussy, telling her things like, you want this inside you don't you, you dirty bitch. I rewound the tape again, and began rubbing the toy up and down my slit and each few moments dropping it until it was right on my opening and pushing in. As time went on and I have no idea what the time was, I began to buck my hips uncontrollably, each time the penis went to my opening, I raised up off the bed and ground my hips against it. It felt amazing and I mean amazing and I was having what I can only describe as a little vagina orgasm each time my penis dug deeper and deeper, until without warning I just came uncontrollably. I think I passed out for a time. I woke up to the sound of the video tape and a sex scene, with the penis still inside, I had done it, I had managed to get this huge monster up inside of my little pussy, it felt great and I laid back on to the bed with my legs up in the air and began to gently pull and push the penis in and out of me, just a tiny amount at first and then more as my pussy began to enjoy it and let go of it. I could feel my muscles clenching the toy each time it went in or out, my pussy was on self control now and no matter what I did with the penis she liked it, it was then that I decided to turn on the vibrator part, and I turned it on full. I came again but this time it was softer and yet powerful. I did not pass out this time, but the toy actually plopped out on to the towel with a funny slopping sound.

I lay for what must have been an hour, feeling inside of me with my fingers, I could get three full fingers inside, I was exhausted by this stage and decided to go to bed and sleep. I glanced at my brothers bedside clock and it said 3am I can remember this like yesterday. I took my love towel, my new toy (Friend) and the lube back to my room. My bedside lamp was on and next to the clock was my vanity mirror, it was small and hand held and I decided to see what my pussy looked like after the fucking I had given to her with my new found friend. I pulled both lips apart with my right hand and held the mirror down to see my lips were crimson red and very swollen, my opening was still showing and still very open and wider than she had ever seen before. I was so satisfied with what I had done, I fell asleep on the bed.... I woke the next morning around 10am to the phone, it was mom checking in, how was the dogs had I fed them... Err yeah there good mom how is Aunt Mary I blurted out, it was hard to talk to mom when I had just been having sex with her rubber penis. I wanted to hang up as fast as possible as I think I was embarrassed. I also needed to walk the dogs and feed them, I decided to wear jog pants and top but with nothing on underneath, it felt good and the soft material made my nipples grow with the feel of the texture.

As I walked the dogs down the field that I walked each day I felt different, I felt more of a woman, and more sexual. By the time I had got back to the house fed the dogs and cleaned up, it was lunchtime so I made myself a small sandwich and sat on the sofa in the lounge drinking some coke and thinking about the prior evenings events, all the time being completely aware that my pussy was waking up, and for some reason wet, why should she be wet I wondered. I stuck my hand down my jogs and felt my lips, I was certainly very wet, I guess with having so much attention in one session, she was expecting more, strange how I thought of my pussy as a different independent part of my body, but back then I was experiencing feelings and emotions I had never felt before, and I was growing up.

I jumped in the shower and took some time to clean and do my hair, I sat on the bed in my room with the hairdryer running, completely naked, legs open and crossed and it felt so good.. I was looking at my new friend laying on the bed, I had the instant desire to see if I could come again in such a short time. I picked up the penis and rubbed some lube on to it, reached down to my opening to put some lube inside and she was already soaking the bed. I quickly got up and laid out the towel and again sat on my bed same as before, on the edge, feet on the floor, legs wide as they would go. I took the penis and gently rubbed it up and down my slit. I did this for about 10 minutes I guess and decided to carefully turn on the vibrator bit of the penis. It began to gently caress my clit and within moments on came the uncontrollable bucking from my hips, and pelvis, I wanted it inside of me so bad at that moment I lowered it again as I had done before and gently pushed firmly up and back. It slid in so smoothly this time and was almost coming just by having it inside me, maybe one minute later I was having another uncontrollable fuck session with my new found love. I didn't pass out nor did I lose focus this time and I managed to keep him inside of me while I came. I rolled on to my back and lay there again with my legs in the air and wide open just enjoying my orgasm. This time I kept the toy inside me with the vibrator on low and lay and just enjoyed the exquisite joy of being full and post orgasm, all of the time talking to my pussy, saying things like, you dirty bitch you really wanted that didn't you.

After what seemed maybe 10 minutes coming down from my orgasm, then all of a sudden I began to feel that unmistakable feeling building again, oh my god I was going to come again and I wasn't even fucking myself, it was just inside me buzzing. I lay and tried not to touch my new lover, but again the emotions and urge was just too much and I gave in to it and reached down and started to fuck myself again. Within moments I came, this time I think I let out a long loud moan as I rode over the top and into that ever so welcome after effects of an orgasm. I was so fucking horny by now that it was actually soaking through the towel, but I didn't care all I wanted was my lover inside of me.. Just as I came for the fifth time my lover began to slow down to almost a stop. I pulled him out of me with a plop and just fell asleep. I woke about 8pm to the phone, it was Mom again calling to check in, oh shit I thought I had been asleep for hours. I told mom I was fine and we chatted.

I hung up pulled on one of my long summer dresses, nothing on underneath and took out the dogs, poor things they must have felt so neglected, what with me and my new found lover I wasn't paying them any attention at all. I fed them, watered them, and went back to my room. I decided to check my lover and see if I had broken him, I twisted the top off to discover two batteries. I ran to the basement got two new ones of the right size and ran back. Just as I was putting them in the phone rang, it was my friend Helen asking if I was ok and that I hadn't called or been over in days. I sat on the edge of the bed and began to chat to Helen. She began telling me about her boy friend (Tom) who had been trying to get his fingers into her pussy, and she was telling me how much it hurt, all of the time I was chatting to Helen I was inadvertently drifting off in a day dream, to be honest I had never looked at another girl sexually before, but with watching the video over the last few evenings I was beginning to wonder what Helen would feel like to finger or kiss

All of the time I was diddling my clit, and gently squeezing my nipples through the soft material of my dress, I think it was something like 20 minutes in to the conversation with Helen that the most dirtiest thought came over me. I wanted to fuck myself while chatting to Helen, my heart was pounding again at the thought of something so private yet doing it while I was talking to her was just so wrong. I reached back with one hand my other holding the phone to my ear, reaching for my love toy. I slowly rubbed the tip as before up and down my slit, darting in and out of my ever so wet juicy hole. I managed to get Helen to tell me about how her boyfriend had tried to finger her in more detail, imagining in my mind a mental picture of Helen with her panties round her ankles playing with his penis, she called it his cock and went on to describe the texture and how it had big blood vessels, and how large it was. I pulled out my lover and closely looked him up and down and sure enough I could see the details she was describing. I put him down and back inside of me again and kept on asking Helen to tell me more, all the time getting closer to orgasm. I came without the vibrator part, and held on to my wits coming and not making a sound, it felt so wrong and yet so very good. I lay on the bed still talking to my best friend, my lover still sticking out of me, legs up and apart, the scene was explicit and depraved but it felt wonderful and wrong. I lay and talked for over an hour, and every few moments I would reach down and wiggle my lover from side to side, which brought on little aftershocks of pleasure waves... Suddenly Helen asked if I was ok and needed her to come over and spend the night, I blurted out that I was fine and she need not worry, to which she said I won't take no for an answer, and said she will see me in 10 minutes with my slumber bag.... Shit, shit , shit... Helen was one thing and she is sexy and hot, the thought now of having to share the same bed with her filled me with utter desire and lust, I wanted to see her naked, in my bed and I wanted to fuck her like the girl in the video...

I frantically cleaned, hid my lover in my bedside cabinet along with the gel and the video tape I had been watching, on my video. Helen arrived with a knock on the door about 10:45 her mom was with her and asked if we needed anything, I said my mom had filled the fridge before she left and we chatted for a while, all the time I became very aware I wasn't wearing underwear or a bra, and I stood and glanced at Helen as she stood in the kitchen I could see the outline of her nipples through her teeshirt.

OK her Mom said I'll pick you up around lunchtime tomorrow, call me if you need anything, sure we giggled, and her mom left... Walking into the lounge I noticed Helen in a different light, a sexual light and I looked her up and down as I would have a boy, my heart was racing and my pussy was wet. Helen turned to me and said... so are you in the habit of opening the door to strangers with no bra on and just a light summer dress. I took the plunge and blurted out that I had nothing on underneath at all. She gasped open mouthed and then giggled. Helen said, you have a funny look on your face Jane what have you been doing all alone in the house. I have always been close to Helen and we share just about everything, including boys, tampons, boys, all about sex, but I had never seen her naked or seen her in a sexual way before like I did at this moment, here I was just lusting to fuck her with my new lover.

I said carefully and softly, well Helen what would you do if you had the whole house to yourself and no boyfriend. She turned to me wide eyed and said, I would probably be masturbating. Well I said I haven't let you down then.. She turned, laughed and we sat down on the sofa together, all the time she kept looking into my eyes and telling me how Tom and she had been petting one evening when she was caught by her mom, and they had to quickly cover up and pretend they were watching some news program. Well I said you don't have to worry about being disturbed here, no one can walk in, the doors are all locked and its gone 11pm. She looked puzzled and went quiet. I reached over and held her hand and said Helen I want to show you something, but you must keep this a secret between me and you, no one must know about what I'm going to show you... What she said interested, I said you must promise, she promised and I led her by the hand to my bedroom, what is it she kept saying.. I said nothing and told her to sit on the bed and listen. I told her that I had found a sex video in Matt's room and had watched it, and I had come several times watching it, she said oh my god!! Jane you're a horny bitch, if your Mom found out she would ground you for a year, well I said only you know what I've been doing, anyway I said do you want to see a bit of the movie. I think so she replied, is it very graphic she asked, very I said informing her at first I wasn't too interested in it, but now it's my favorite, show me she said loudly... ok, if your sure. I'm sure she said making herself comfy on the bed and pumping up the pillow... opening the bed side cabinet I made sure she could not see inside, and I took out the video tape and pushed it into the player and rewound it to the beginning..

The video started and she was wide eyed watching it, oh god she said at the first scene its two girls in the shower, yes I said but keep watching it gets hotter than this further in. I told her there is a scene where one girls gets a fake penis and fucks her with it, show me she said sitting up with her back to the headboard. I wound it forward to the scene and she watched it, I watched her as she watched the movie, it was loud and I filled the room with sex sounds. I noticed Helen had moved to a crossed leg position with her hands down by her pussy, and at one stage I'm positive she was pushing against it with her hands. The movie ended the scene and I looked at her, I can't tell you how much I wanted to kiss her, full on the lips, I asked her what she thought and she said it was very graphic, and she felt hot..

I said why don't you put your night clothes on, I'm going to do that now so we changed into night clothes. Helen was wearing a cute top with pussy cats and loose fitting shorts, I wore a long tee shirt no panties.

I noticed her nipples were erect and made the material in her top stand out, what do you think I said, do you want to watch another scene, yes she said but I'm thirsty... sure lets go get a drink. I said come on and we marched down to the kitchen hand in hand giggling, in the fridge was an open bottle of white wine, oh!! Helen said wine can we have some, sure I said it will be our secret, and winked at her... We stood in the kitchen and chatted and we got back to talking about Tom again, god she said Tom is such a klutz, he can't take his time and wants to get his hands in my pants in five minutes, well I said I know how he feels, your very pretty, she turned and blushed and said Jane, you have never talked like that before, well I said maybe I should have, from that moment on she was more relaxed. She stood next to me hip to hip as we drank the wine and chatted, all the time I gazed at her nipples she had pushing out of the material in her night clothes. I decided to go for bust and asked if she was horny as her nipples looked hard, she turned around to face me and said I'm horny as a mare on heat right now, come on I said I have something else to show you as I took her by the hand back upstairs to my room, what is it she said, another video, no I said something better than a video, really she replied let me see. I opened my bedside cabinet and pulled out my love toy, oh shit she said its fucking huge, is it yours... yes I said I got it from someone at the store in town where I work, she said you're so brave buying that, I feared if I had said it was my moms that she would for sure put her off and I did not want to spoil the moment with details...

What's it feel like she said, have you tried it out, yes I said proudly, I have been fucking myself with this all day and while talking to you on the phone Helen, I had it up me when I was on the phone earlier this evening. She leant forward and touched it, muttering you are a dirty bitch Jane, you had that up inside you when you were talking to me, yes I said and it feels out of this world. I was literally dripping into my night clothes, Helen got hold of my love toy and held it in her left hand.. what does it feel like when it vibrates, twist the top I said... it buzzed up and Helen jerked and said oh god it vibrates harder than my toothbrush. I said you mean you have tried doing it with your tooth brush, well she said Tom can leave me high and I'm still hot and my electric toothbrush can get me off in seconds, well I said do you want me to show you how to use it.

Helen, looked at me and said how far can you get it inside, all of it I remarked back, she gulped and I noticed she was wriggling around, I leant out and kissed her on the lips, hmmm she said that felt nice, can I do it to you, sure I replied and she rolled on to me and gave me a long passionate kiss, there how does that feel. I'm in heaven I said to her, do it again and we began to make out on the bed, by 2am we were completely naked, I had fingered her and she had returned the favor, we were now full on with each other and I began to suck her nipple, Helen came again and I reached out grabbed the sex toy and instructed her to take it and fuck me with it, god Jane I don't want to hurt you, you won't I said reaching out for some gel and smearing it all over, then put a large dollop on her fingers I told her to spread it over my hole, oh god she said I'm so fucking horny right now. Taking the gel she rubbed it into my hole gently, and with her left hand she took my lover in her hand and gently eased it into my wet hole, god Jane she said this is so fucking dirty. I closed my eyes as Helen made my dream come true, within three minutes I was in orgasm heaven, I think I passed out writhing around on the bed and woke up to see Helen above me kissing me and telling me how she loved me.

I told her that I loved her too and that now it was her turn to take it, ok she said I want you now inside me. I took some gel and rubbed it around her lips, teasing her clit and massaging it into her little hole, easing in two tight fingers at first I brought her to a quick orgasm. I lollopped another lot of gel onto our love penis, I began by watching how Helen reacted to the tip of the toy, pushing only as far as she could take before pulling back. I turned it on half buzz and began again gently easing it up and down her slit and this time leaving each pass to her hole a little shorter each time, until I had it in about three inches. There I said how does that feel, I think I'm going to come said Helen uncontrollably bucking her hips against my efforts, she came again and then again in quick succession. I left the penis twitching inside her from her pussy muscles and laid down beside her and kissed her. I told her again I love you and she said that she had never felt this way before and never wanted it to end. For the next 24 hours we made love to each other in every way imaginable, in the bath in the shower, in the kitchen in the lounge, and in the last evening we had together we took each other into the outdoor Jacuzzi with the lights off just in case someone could see we put up sheets in the moonlight. Each time one came each would return the favor, I lost count how many times we actually fucked each other but it was the most memorable sexual experience in both of our lives, and today we still lead lives where she is married to a wonderful man, and I am married to someone whom I deeply love, but we still regularly take trips to spa's for the weekend, where we still make love to each other in a way that only a woman can.. We now have our own toys and my mom thankfully never found out what I got up to the time she went to my uncle's funeral...

Happy jillin




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