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Three Days

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About three months ago I worked with a guy called Paul in a job I was doing. He was a really nice guy who turned out to be five years younger than me, nice looking, quite slight but fit, played football and liked night clubbing. I was instantly attracted to his personality.

We were working together for three days only and the nature of the job meant we had a lot of time alone and were able to chat. They gave us a dressing room to change in and hang out in each day. We had to go out and do something every hour and then go back to our room and wait around for the next hour. People came in occasionally but in the main we were alone.

The first day we spoke about girlfriends, sports, life in general, what kind of stuff we liked to do, general guy stuff. We just got on really well. He asked my advice on the problems he was having with his girlfriend and how he wanted to end the relationship and didn't know how to end it. He asked me about mine and I told him how it had ended early this year. The subject came round to sex and how she was good in bed and did stuff like blowing him but that it wasn't enough to make him want to stay with her. He wanted to know what I did for relaxation and I told him I was a nudist. He asked me all sorts of questions and seemed genuinely curious. By the end of the first day I felt we already knew each other well.

That night I lay in bed and realised my cock was hard and I was thinking of him. I wanked myself to orgasm fantasising about women as usual but the fantasy ended up with Paul, me and a girl I knew, in an orgy.

The next day as we were changing I told him about it saying it was a 'dream'. He found it funny and started to add little bits in himself. He said his fantasy was him in bed with two girls. We were both standing just in our boxers and realised I was getting hard and it was obvious. I tried to hide it a little but found I was enjoying it somehow and my eyes strayed down to Pauls underwear too. Was it my imagination or was that a bulge getting bigger there too? I didn't hurry getting dressed and decided to let the moment linger.

We chatted on and we were laughing and he wasn't hurrying to dress either.

My cock was so obviously hard now that I felt I had to say something. I was slighty embarrassed by it. So I just blurted out, 'Its got me all horny now!' and he laughed and said 'I can see that, me too!' and grabbed his crotch, and then he started to dress.

I didn't know what to do. The talk had turned me on more than I could ever have imagined. Apart from a guy at school I used to wank off with regularly I hadn't had any sexual experience with men at all. The best thing seemed to be to just get dressed and ignore it all. So that's what happened. We went off and did some work and an hour later went back to the room to hang on for a further hour. We got a coffee and sat down again chatting. He brought the subject of sex up again, and again I found I was getting a stiff cock.

That was the pattern for the next two days, we went on like that until the end. On day three, the job was over, we were getting changed and I made sure the sex talk carried on, I got hard in my boxers again. I made a reference to it and Paul laughed and said ' I hear ya' and lifted up his t shirt and there was his cock sticking right out and and making a tent in his pants. We laughed and putting my hand down in my underwear I said I needed to wank now or I wouldn't be able to get my trousers on. He found it really funny. I couldn't stop myself. All the sex talk had got me all fired up and I needed to jerk off.

I started to play with my cock inside my boxers and Paul just stood there looking. I said to him 'Watch the door for me', and he went and stood with his back against it, facing me. I was so horny. I took my cock out over the waistband of my boxers and started to work it. Paul just stood and watched, his cock visibly hard in his pants. After a short while I said 'You gonna?' and as if in a trance he just reached down and took his cock out and started to rub it. I was so turned on I couldn't believe it. The two of us stood there in the room wanking and just grinning at each other. I pulled my shorts right down and I was naked working my now dripping cock slowly, because any speed would have made me shoot my load straight away. Paul pulled his pants and boxers down to his thighs, pulled his t shirt up and hooked it behind his head. Neither of us said a word. He was wanking with his eyes closed, in short jerking movements, concentrating on the head of his cock, which looked bigger than mine. It was red and shiny. I was fascinated. My cock felt ready to burst but I was holding off cumming. Then he closed his eyes and started to breathe quickly.

God I wanted to touch his cock but just didn't dare. He opened his eyes, looked at me, grinned and looked down at his own wet cock. The air was electric, silent but for the faint sound of cocks been wanked and the noise of people passing by outside. In theory anyone could have come in at anytime. The precum was lubing my dick up and it felt so horny. Then I realised I couldn't hold off and started to moan slightly. I was staring at Paul's cock as I came and I shot the biggest load I had ever done for years. It just kept spurting out, shooting on to the carpeted floor and onto the wall. My legs nearly gave way from under me. Paul's eyes were fixed to the spurts of cum pumping out of my cock, and suddenly with a jerk of his body he sent a jet of spunk flying from his cock and let out a strangled cry followed by five or six smaller jerks of cum. I remembered how I loved to see that, a cock shooting cum. It was something from sports classes I had forgotten!

That was it. We both laughed, grinned and got dressed, treading the wet cum patches into the carpet so it didn't look too bad. We said our goodbyes, hugged each other and left the room. Outside I suddenly remembered something and I told him, 'I have a job booked in July, do you want to do it with me?' He said he would like to. 'It might mean an overnight stay' I said. 'No problem' he replied. 'Call me with the details', and with that he got in his car and drove off.

The July job was last week. That's another story.



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