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Three Cousins

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During the summer, my family and the families of my mother's two sisters spent a week in the mountains. This tells the story of how I adjusted to the jacking problem.


Every summer my family and those of my mother's two sisters spent a week together. This was fine until I began jerking off; after that I had to find the privacy for the sport, I couldn't go a week without getting off. My cousin Pete was the same age as I, 12, and had the same problem. We had a conversation one day, and I complained to him that I couldn't figure out how to jerk off without risking being caught. He said that's no problem, just go out on the hiking trail, then go up in the rocks on its side, and choke your chicken. The next day both of us set out on the trail. After about half a mile Pete turned off, and began climbing up into the rocks with me following. We got up to a little point overlooking the trail which was hidden from those walking on it. Pete had brought a back pack which he opened; took out 2 towels to sit on and a plastic tub of vaseline. I looked at this open mouthed while Pete took off his shorts and briefs; looked at me saying, Are you just going to look. I was surprised at his forethought, but took a towel, stripped, sat down, and lubed up. Our first JO lasted less than 5 minutes. We rested for about 15 minutes during which Pete asked how long I had been at it, how did I learn, was this the first mutual, did I ever let another boy jerk me off, and other like questions. I gave him truthful answers' and got his statistics as well. Our second session began with each of us jerking the other's pecker, a new one for me but not for Pete. We were just on the edge of our second come when we heard movement on a little ridge below us. We stopped; looked over around a rock, and saw our 15 year old cousin Sam. He got behind a boulder, took off his pants and briefs, rolled his pants up, sat on them, and began stroking the biggest pecker I'd seen up to then. It must have been at least 7 inches because it dwarfed my 4 incher, and he was jerking with both hands. He'd keep going going a few minutes then stop and start again. He did this three times, then stroked rapid fire, and came with a huge three or four shots followed with dribbling. He rested for about a minute, wiped his dick off with a kleenex, put his clothes on, and left. We got back to our mutual JO, and after a good come, followed Sam back to the lodge.



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