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Three Boys One Girl

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The sexiest thing ever to happen to me, occurred when I was 18. As a celebration of finishing high school, three friends and I rented a house by the beach for a week. Two of my friends were guys and the other one, obviously, was a girl. All four of us were good friends. We weren't jocks or anything like that; just good buddies. None of us, at that stage, had ever had girl friends. And the girl, Jane, was a pretty nice looking, friendly girl, who seemed to like hanging out with us, and generally fooling around. I don't think she'd ever had a boyfriend either, although for some reason she seemed a bit more experienced than we three guys.

On the first day there, we all piled down to the beach. I'd never seen Jane in a bikini before - she looked pretty hot to me. Naturally, we asked her to put sunscreen on all of us, which she did, doing our backs first, then our legs, our chests, and our faces. While she rubbed sunscreen onto our legs, I think all three of us boys were getting excited. And when she leaned over us to apply it to our faces, her breasts were so close, so touchable.

After a while, the other two guys, Steve and Andrew, walked into town to get some beers. That meant Jane and I had about a half hour alone with each other. As soon as the two guys had left, somehow everything seemed really intimate - just she and I - the sexual possibilities seemed overwhelming, yet there was no way I could initiate anything. Even so, I could feel my cock getting hard, forming a noticeable bulge.

I think Jane noticed this, and she said, 'Come on, let's go for a swim.' Reluctantly I stood up, thinking this will make my hard cock even more obvious. But she ran ahead of me and into the waves, and I happily ran after her.

Jane and I frolicked in the waves. She splashed me and I splashed her back. She splashed me more. I thought, what the hell, and jumped at her, pulling her underwater. She was laughing and trying to pull ME underwater. I dived down and grabbed her by the feet. But all the while I was hugely turned on. I had never been so close to a girl in my life.

When I came up for air, she jumped on top of me as I came up. But she mis-timed her attack, and slid helplessly down my body, until her hand grabbed hold of my hard cock through my bathers - accidentally, I think. Still, for the first time in my life, a girl had felt my cock in her hand.

I was thrilled, yet immensely embarrassed. When she came up for air, we stopped fighting. We were just floating next to each other, when Jane looked me straight in the eye and said, 'Well, at least I know there's something I can grab hold of if I start drowning.' We both started laughing and noticed the boys coming back with the beer.

We got out of the water and joined them.

We were all enjoying ourselves, drinking beer and joking around, so that we didn't notice at first that the weather had changed. By the time we did, it was already raining and we ended up running back to the house. We were all drenched, by this time cold as well and covered in sand. Our feet were muddy from walking on the dirt road to the house, and we were all desperate to get in the shower.

'I'm having the first shower,' Steve called out as we ran into the house.

'No way,' Andrew yelled back.

'Girls first,' said Jane, already throwing her things down.

'Why don't we all get in together,' I said. They looked at me. Then they looked at Jane. She shrugged her shoulders. 'Why not?' she said.

That was good enough for us. We all jumped in the shower, which thankfully was hot with nice pressure. But we were all still wearing our bathers. We tried to brush the sand off and get clean, but you know how it is - sand was caught everywhere, and we just couldn't get that clean feeling, especially all squashed together in that shower trying not to interfere with each other.

Finally Jane said, 'Fuck it, let's get naked.' Again, all the boys looked at each other. Steve shrugged his shoulders, and in a flash all four of us were naked together under the steaming water. Everybody was laughing, trying not to trip over each other, jostling for the soap, and pretending not to be nervous about being naked together.

All of a sudden, I glanced down and noticed that Andrew's cock was sticking up. He was hard! And in turn my own cock got hard. Now I was trying to get clean and trying to poke Jane with my cock, which, of course, proved impossible. She looked down, and suddenly everybody was quiet. This was either going to be very good or very bad.

Luckily for us, I think, Jane had a slight crush on Andrew, which probably helped her decide what to do next. She just looked at one of us, then the other, and simply said, 'No fucking.' With that, she grabbed hold of both our cocks, while Steve looked in amazement. We were all amazed, probably including Jane.

Suddenly, Andrew said, 'Not here.' We all got out of the shower and dried ourselves quicker than any time previously in our lives, and headed for the bedroom. Nobody was sure what to do. Jane had us lie next to each other on the bed. Andrew and I were still hard, but Steve was soft.

'We'd better do something about that,' Jane said, pointing at Steve's cock. She started pulling it, while Andrew and I watched, transfixed. Pretty soon, Jane was confronted by three raging cocks belonging to three guys who'd never had a girl touch their cocks before.

She made us stand up, and then she took her time, inspecting them, lifting them up to get a good look at our balls, giving them a squeeze. 'You guys would do just about anything I asked you to right now wouldn't you,' she said smiling.

'Uh huh,' we replied in unison, as she tugged at one cock, then another, then another.

'Well, you can make ME feel good,' Jane said, lying on the bed, and motioning us closer. 'Touch me.'

Suddenly, six hands were all over Jane's body. 'This is so cool,' she said at first, but soon the intensity of the feeling meant she stopped talking. The three of us rubbed her breasts, her thighs, her pussy. She spread her legs to give us better access. Soon we were rubbing our cocks on her breasts, me on one breast, Andrew on the other. Then Andrew put his cock up to her mouth. She gave it a kiss, but she didn't suck it. Then, surprisingly, Jane said to Andrew, 'Let me kiss your balls.'

Andrew grabbed his cock in his hand to hold it out of the way, and brought his balls up to her mouth. She started to lick them from underneath, while Steve played with her pussy and I rubbed my cock on her right breast. Andrew was pulling his cock while she licked his balls.

'You too,' Jane said, and I moved along up beside her head so she could lick my balls, too.

Jane grabbed hold of the cocks of Steve and me and started pulling them. Andrew began to finger her and after another few minutes, she shouted, 'I'm cumming!' Andrew began fingering her even more furiously, and suddenly my cock was being gripped even tighter.

She had cum, but nobody knew quite what was going to happen next. Again, Jane led the way. 'Thank you boys,' she said, 'Now it's your turn.' Our cocks got even harder, if that was possible.

She arranged us on the bed in a semi-circle around her. We were all on our knees, and all our cocks were pointed straight at her, which she clearly loved. She grabbed Steve and Andrew's cocks and started tugging away. Jane looked into Steve's eyes and said, 'Does that feel good?'

'Fantastic,' was Steve's reply.

Jane then said, 'Shoot it on me.'

That was enough for Steve, and he fired three strong streams on her body. Then she took the hand that was on Steve's cock and put it on Andrew's, and with her free hand grabbed hold of mine. She was pulling and pulling now. She whispered in my ear, 'I love the feel of your cock. Give me your cum.'

Suddenly, I was shooting cum all over her; on her breasts and stomach and thighs. She tugged harder. It was fantastic, and she leaned back so she could see it as it hit her body. Now, she had two free hands. With one hand, she rubbed Andrew's balls while she pulled his cock with the other.

'You like that?' Jane asked Andrew as she rubbed his balls and cock.

'God, yes,' Andrew replied.

'You like my body?' she asked.

'It's gorgeous!' he replied. Steve and I watched with our still pretty-hard cocks bobbing around, as we concentrated our attention on what her hands were doing.

'Doesn't it bother you that your cock has two guys' cum all over it?' she asked him.

Andrew looked her straight in the eye, and told her, 'I love it.'

'Then, let's make it three guys,' she said, stroking him harder now.

She indicated for him to stand up. He stood up on the bed, while she kept kneeling, stroking his cock and kneading his balls. 'Do it!' she exclaimed, and with that, cum shot out, stream after stream covering her face. She made sure every drop had been squeezed out.

All four of us collapsed on the bed, each of us wondering what was going to happen for the rest of the holiday. And I, for one, had fallen totally in love with Jane, covered from head to waist in my cum and the cum of my two best friends.



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