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Thought I Was Alone at Sis-in-Law's House

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Recently I was invited to my sister-in-law's new home for a visit and to provide a service. I am a finish carpenter, and they were building a beautiful home on the bay, and I had volunteered to do all of the heavy three piece crown and chair rails that they wanted in the new house.
After the third day I thought I had her morning routine down. She took the kids to school and went to her gym which kept her in terrific shape for a mother of three in her late thirties.
This morning it was beautiful and I decided to take a little break from the work, and get a little sun on their deck. This deck is on the third floor and has complete privacy. I enjoy being naked and love to sunbathe in the nude I took the opportunity. My wife had told me that Pam suntans nude up here all the time. The sun was feeling really nice on my skin and I started to fantasize about my sister-in-law. I could feel myself swelling and growing to and erection with Pam in mind. I got up and went into her room where in the bathroom I found her nightgown and a pair of her panties laying on top of the hamper. I was sure I had plenty of time before she returned from the gym so I raised the panties to my nose and smelled where they had been in her pussy. My erection instantly got rock hard and my heart was pounding like a jack hammer. I walked back out on the deck and sat down in the adirondack chair and held the panties to my nose again and started to slowly stroke my hard on. I could not believe how turned on I was. The more I inhaled her amazing scent the more aroused I became. The combination of being outside in the nude, and masturbating, and the forbidden scent of my sister-in-law's panties was so powerful it was like a powerful drug, and I was high as a kite from it all. As I was stroking and inhaling and licking the tangy and delicious flavor of Pam's pussy I thought I saw movement at the sliding door. My heart nearly stopped at the thought of being caught. I stopped for a few seconds and looked carefully and did not see anything so I went back to my pleasure. I was very close to what was going to be an intense and explosive orgasm when I saw movement at the patio door, and I was not seeing things. Pam was standing there smiling and red in the face. I was stammering and stuttering and spewing apologies, and trying not to die from embarrassment. She stepped out on to the deck and said not to be embarrassed that everyone did it, and her sister had told her that I masturbated often, and even did it for my wife's enjoyment.
She said she would love it if I would finish and please let her watch. She said watching a man masturbate was such a huge turn on for her. I had a hard time with it and just kept apologizing. She told me that she was not mad. She was not going to tell her sister, and she had really gotten hot watching me, and would I please finish for her. I had lost the erection I was trying to conceal with her tiny panties, and told her I was not sure I could right now, that I had lost my erection. She said put those panties you got out of my bathroom back up to your face and let's see what happens. Reluctantly I did as she asked and sure enough I felt my erection roaring back to life. She said that looks better, now touch it please.
I started to slowly stroke it while looking right into her eyes. I was still smelling and tasting her panties and was on fire inside. She said 'I am going to take off my clothes too' I need to touch my pussy. When she took off her shorts and panties, she tossed me the panties she had on and grinned at me. Then she pulled off her tee shirt, and bra. She sat down and repositioned her chair so we were sitting across from each other. She was wet, and that was made clearer when I took the fresh panties she had given me and the crotch was soaked. I put it right in my mouth and started to really stroke my dick. Her fingers were busy going up and down over her clit which was large and beautiful. I told her I was getting ready to explode. She said yes, come. I want to see you come. She said she was going to come too. And, as I let go my first squirt, it landed on my chin and neck. I heard her let out a muffled scream as she was tensed up with her back arched and her face in the most beautiful twisted intense look. Her juices had flowed out of her and dripped through the slats in her chair and on to the deck. I had come on my chin, chest and stomach. I was still so turned on. I love the taste of my own come and I raised my hand and licked the come off my hand and then proceeded to clean up the rest and eat it too. She followed my lead and licked her fingers, and kept making trips to her beautiful pussy with her fingers, and then licking them.
I said please let me taste that. She said only off her fingers, and only if she could taste me. I stood up and squeezed a good amount out of my semi hard dick and let her lick it off my finger. She said it was delicious and before I left in a few days she wanted to taste a whole load. Then she put two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and I licked this sweet nectar from her fingers. This caused an instant erection, and started a discussion about what we would or would not do. But that is another story. Hope you enjoyed the story. I sure enjoyed that visit, and look forward to tomorrow.



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