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Those Skinny Jeans

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It took a while to build up the courage, but I finally got my fingers in my sisters pussy.


Ever since she turned 15, my little sister Lindsay had become interested in the 'Scene' kind of style. She cut her hair so her bangs would hang down and cover one eye. She started to wear tight shirts, and super tight black skinny jeans. Ever since she turned 15, I realized I had a hot sister.

I would find myself masturbating while thinking about her quite often. Her skinny little body in her tight clothes. Her small breasts, her small legs in those tight jeans. Sometimes it was so difficult to keep from staring at her body.

Pretty soon though, I realized I wasn't the only one who was curious. Me and Lindsay's rooms were connected, but the bathroom was in my room, so that Lindsay would have to walk into my room to get to the bathroom. She would come through my room right as I was changing, hoping to score a peek at her brother undressing. At least that's what I strongly assumed. I didn't mind it, it actually turned me on.

So one day as I was masturbating, I was fantasizing about Lindsay jacking me off, taking my cum all over her t-shirt. I had always wished this would come true. In my head I thought that it could be a possibility, but asking her to masturbate with me would be too dangerous. If she said yes, it would all be fine. But if she said no, I would risk ruining my relationship with her. I wouldn't want to make things awkward between us, because I still have to live with her. I resumed masturbating and fantasizing.

However, my fantasy was about to become reality. Lindsay came home one day from her friends house. Soon, she passed by my room to go to the bathroom. We said hi to each other, and she went into the bathroom. She was wearing a black and grey striped t-shirt and super tight black skinny jeans. My eyes captured the image of her in her jeans and wouldn't let go. Her skinny legs in those tight jeans made my penis swell. Lindsay had never looked hotter to me than than she did now. I knew what I had to do. She walked out of the bathroom and headed towards her room. I called her name, she turned around. Without thinking it just came out, 'Do you want to masturbate with me?' She looked completely dumbstruck and I felt so bad. My mind quickly started thinking of excuses to get me out of this situation. 'Yeah!' she said. Now I was the one who was completely dumbstruck.

We sat down together on my bed, and I confessed to her that I thought she was really attractive and I thought of her while I masturbated. She blushed and told me the same thing. A strange mix of happiness and anger filled me. Happy because I was finally going to get intimate with my sister, and anger because we could have done this sooner. It felt kind of awkward at first but together we stripped down and stared at each others naked bodies. For the next hour or so, we took turns playing with each other. She moved her hands over my penis, gently massaging it. I rubbed her clit, causing it to swell, sending chills through her body. Eventually we both came, cleaned our mess, and went on with our lives. Our relationship afterwards had not changed, we both had the brother/sister love we shared before, and things were not awkward between us.

I would like to do it again sometime, and I'm sure she would too. But for now, I'll just go on with staring at her in those tight skinny jeans.



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