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This Will Make You Cum for Sure!

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Guy's are guy's. Don't worry about it and just do it.


First off, this story took place a couple of days ago. My friend Cody and I had to drive out to a friend's wedding. We planned to drive five hours for the wedding and then stay in a hotel to drive back the next day. Cody's car was way too small for the two of us to travel so far, so we had to take my Jeep. (I have a huge, tricked out Jeep Wrangler.) It's a manual though, and being so much higher off the ground, drives like a truck. It was good for the two of us, but any others would be a problem.

We left at five in the morning. I was already dressed for the wedding but Cody just took a shower and threw on sweat pants and a fitted T-shirt. We goofed off the entire trip there, joking with other cars and doing some off-roading when nobody was around.

An hour later we got to town. When we reached the first light he pulled his suit from the back seat.

'Hold on! You're not changing in here are you?' I said.

'What am I supposed to do?'

'Change when you get there. Somewhere far away from me.'

'Relax. Just keep your eyes on the road.' He told me.

The light turned and I took off. By now he already had his shirt off and was sliding his pants down. I couldn't help but watch him from the corner of my eyes. He had on white boxer briefs and his cock was nicely outlined over his huge balls. I've seen him in the showers before and have always been jealous of his balls. Both of us are pretty well built all around. We work out together and share a lot about our personal lives but I have never been entirely open with him. It's been my fantasy to see him hard and to feel his huge, hairless balls. He has a great amount of hair. Whereas I have to shave around the edges to keep everything tame, he is lucky ass all hell.

I was so transfixed by his package that I almost missed the next light and in doing so sent him straight into the windshield.

'Shit, man. What the hell are you doing?'

'Sorry. Shit.'

'I said to keep your eyes on the road.'

'Funny. Just put your pants on already.'

'What? Am I too distracting?' he said, cupping his big balls in his hand and pushing them up toward his hot body. We both went tanning before coming down. (Yes, tanning. Get over it.) Personally I think it makes muscles look even larger than they are. We both have good bodies, but somehow he just seems hotter.

'You like that?' he said catching me watching him.

'You're so gay.'

'Go ahead; I'll give you the green light.' He told me teasingly.

'Oh, shit.' I said. It really was a green light. This was the second time I screwed from up watching him. I slipped on the clutch and stalled my truck on the line. (So embarrassing) He just laughed and released himself. I quickly started up again and took off down the road.

'Put your damn clothes on already.' I told him.

'Why? You getting hard?' as he pulled at the rim of his shorts; giving me a little flash of his dark hair.

'I'll pull over and you can walk the rest of the way if that's what you want?'

'You are getting hard aren't you?' he mocked.

He wasn't lying either. I tried not to give it away but was too frightened to shift myself with him watching. Just to make it worse he started to really play with himself. He turned his body toward me and slid his hand down his body and into his shorts.

'I know you like it. Come on.' He taunted.

'Fuck you.' I said, and then added 'You're not that hot.'

'How hot am I?'

'That's it.' I said and pulled into an empty parking lot. 'Get dressed already!'

'Fine.' He said to my slight disappointment and started getting dressed.

We stopped and made our nights reservations at the nicest hotel we could find. They only had two rooms open and we decided we could handle having the larger, one room suite to the small two bed room.

Before we even had time to take a piss, we had to take off again to make it on time. The ceremony was boring as all hell. The only fun in the night was the reception. Both of us found a few girls dance with but neither got anywhere else.

I drove him back at around midnight. The hotel was completely deserted except for the front desk. I needed a shower and so did Cody, but he refused to take one until morning. I really didn't mind but complained anyway to avoid any suspicions.

I was so horny but didn't want to jack off in the shower and risk him finding out. I figured I could last the night and just jack in the morning. When I got out, I was wondering how we would be sleeping. If he was going to sleep naked or what, so I just wrapped a towel around myself and headed out.

I was stunned by what I saw so much so, that I actually stopped in my tracks. There was Cody; completely naked on the bed with his arms over his head just watching television like nothing was out of the ordinary. His soft cock was resting on his left leg and looked even better than it had in the showers. (Oh, fuck, I could have blown my load right there.)

'Got a problem?' he said, noticing me staring at his beautiful body.

'What is with you and clothes today?'

'Come on bro? It's not like you haven't seen a real man before.'

'Funny. Now, how's this working?'


'Um, I'm not sleeping with someone else's dick on me.'

'Relax; I'll put some shorts on if it's that much of a problem.'

He got up and walked over to the window bench to get some shorts from his case. His ass was so sweet. I felt my cock start to twitch and still couldn't bring myself to budge. When he reached his bag he said,

'It's bad enough I'll have to shower standing in your jizz. That's worse than sleeping with you naked could ever be.'

'First off, I didn't jack-off at all today; and if it's going to be that big a problem than I don't care if your naked or not. Just keep that thing under control.'

He stopped opening his bag and turned back around. After three steps back to the bed he stopped dead just like I had when I saw him.

'Dude, are you hard right now?' he asked.

'Uhhh, like I said. I haven't jacked off all day. You know how it is.' And I quickly moved past him to my bag. I began ruffling through my stuff not really paying attention to what I was looking for. When I finally grabbed a pair of boxers and turned; Cody was standing right behind me and was ROCK hard.

'Shit! What the fuck are you doing?' I said through my obvious surprise.

'Well, um. I just thought that-uh? Were both guys right? So why be shy about it?' he stammered. Cody is not a shy guy so this was huge and it reflected in the little wet mark on my towel just above the tip of my outlined cock. (aka: pre-cum) He continued on after a brief pause. 'You were checking me out earlier too, so I know you want to.'

'Want to?'

'Oh, come on! You know?' he said and put his hand over his cock.

'Can we get porn on that thing?' I said motioning to the television.

'I think so? Let's find out.'

I gave up hiding my cock and through my towel to the side as Cody sat down and started playing with the remote. He glanced over and said,

'Shit man, you weren't that big in high school.' (By the way, we both have seven incher's. Mine is more trimmed around the edges than his and I have no hair on my balls like his hairy sac though.)

'You were watching me back then too?'

'Well nothing special. All guys check each other out, right?'

'Yea sure, whatever get's you to sleep at night.'

'Oh yea! Look at this.' He screamed.

I went over and sat down beside him. He had a huge porn menu up on the screen, with pictures of the covers as well as descriptions. The one he had highlighted was of a bunch of guys in a shower.

'Dude, what are you on?' I asked him half heartedly.

'You've never looked at gay porn before?'

'Did I say that? It's just weird to watch it with a guy.'

'Relax. Were just a couple of guy's enjoying each other's company.'

'Well if you say it like that?'

The video started with a couple of guys checking each other out in the shower room. Oddly enough we were doing the same thing. In between glances at the television we were drooling over each other's cocks. I became so jealous of his hand that I started searching my mind for a way to move this to the next level.

I leaned back with my legs still hanging off the side and closed my eyes. I could hear his hand slapping over his sac and the guys on the television moan. Cody didn't take the hint so I opened my eyes. Next I took my right hand off my cock and slid it down Cody's back. He turned his head to me as I did so and I asked,

'It's been a long day. My arms are too tired for this.'

'Do you need some help?'

'I could use an extra hand.'

He smiled and released his hard, red cock and took mine in his big hands. He stroked slowly and then began fooling around with my sac. Not wanting to let him go to waste, I pulled his cock down, level with my head and stroked it like he was stroking mine. I had never felt another man before this, so it was a bit odd but still incredible.

Cody stopped after a bit and joined me lying on the bed. We both scooted up to rest against the head board and started feeling each other's bodies. I worked up his abs and rubbed around his hard nipples while he felt up my sides into my armpits and then around...

'What time is it bro?' he asked.

'You too tired to finish off?'

'You wish little boy. Just checking how long you've lasted. We might break your record.' He teased.

Fast forwarding a bit, Cody ended up straddling me with his cock just below my chin. His nicely moist cock was slapping loudly in my face while he stroked mine behind him. By now it was pushing ridiculously late and we were both ready to end it. I could feel my climax coming up but Cody beat me to it.

'FFUCK!' he screamed and blew a huge load all over the place. His first few ropes hit the board to the right of my head. The next hit my chin, and the last ran down onto my chest. His hot sweet smelling cum set me over the top and before he even stopped stroking his own cock; mine blew up in his hand. (Not literally) I shot two huge, painful ropes into the air and the rest flowed out and down Cody's strong hands. He pumped the last of it out of me and then took his hand and rubbed my warm cum across my abs. I didn't mind. By now I felt drunk and my entire body was exhausted.

We sat up and surveyed the damage. Everything was covered in sweat and cum. The pillows, sheets, blanket, and headboard were dripping our juices and neither of us wanted to clean up at this time in the morning. So, we just left it there. We slept together in bed, soaked in our fluids and completely giving up our previous beliefs of what was wrong for two guys's to do. This was my ultimate fantasy come true and I was loving it.

When we woke up early the next morning, the room was disgusting. It reeked of BO and dick juice. We both stunk and our cum was glued to our skin. (It particularly hurt around my nipples) It was horrible but in a way, erotic. We didn't bother cleaning up. We took a shower together and quickly left before anyone noticed the state of the room. I wonder what they did exactly. It would be great to see the face of whoever they got to clean up in there.

He's supposed to come over tonight to 'watch a movie'; hopefully we'll have some new fun. In the mean time I need some good stories from you all, so start writing!



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