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This Really Did Happen

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I'm a gynecologist, and I've always looked up things on masturbation because my patients ask me about it all the time (especially teenagers), which is how I found this site. I used to be a horny teenager myself, so I usually tell girls that jilling is okay, if you don't do it too often and get addicted.

About a week ago, I got another 'first-time teen', as we call them. I won't disclose her name or age for her protection. She's a fairly conservative girl, she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, not showing anything, so I figured this would be a very straight-forward exam. I introduced myself, told her to strip and put on the gown, while I left and got the papers.

When I got back, she was all changed. I started her breast exam. I could tell she was really nervous, so I made small talk with her. We're both band geeks, so we had a lot to talk about as I palpated her 32B's. So far totally normal. I started her actual gyno exam next. She wasn't shaved, and I could tell she didn't get much action. I inserted the speculum in, and as I was doing her pap smear, she asked a weird question, 'Is it normal to get horny while you're doing this?' I was surprised, were trained not to stimulate that part of the genatalia, and I know I didn't with this girl! Sure enough, she was wet and her junk was starting to swell! I was shocked! This never happened before! Some girls got a little stimulated, but this girl was ready. I never get any reaction from any of my exams, but now I was even a little turned on! I simply smiled at her and said 'Yep, perfectly normal for your first time.' We both started giggling, and I new she was embarrassed; I kept reassuring her as I finished the exam.

When I was finished, she was a little hornier still. But I tried to act like it was normal and told her to put her clothes back on as I finished with the paper work. She put on her bra and panties, and then trumped herself by asking, 'Is it alright if I rub this off?' I had no Idea! We were never taught how to deal with this!!!! I felt sympathy for her (That's what I'd want to do) and said 'Yeah, might as well.' with a happy tone. She sat back up on the table and shove a hand down the front of her panties, and groped her breasts with the other. I told her soon after that she could take her panties off and cum on the paper on the table, so they didn't get all soiled. So she did. I then gave my usual run of masturbation questions, and she only did it like once a month. By the time my fourth question came around, she looked at me and said 'I think I'm gonna cum.' I know it's wrong, but I could help watch this girl orgasm; plus she didn't seem to mind. She didn't squirt a lot, and she didn't moan, just let out a long exhale.

As she got dressed, I told her not to tell anybody I let her jill off, and she said she wasn't planning to in the first place. I went into the waiting room with her, and told her mom everything went normal, and after they left, I told one of my nurses about it. She was the one who said I should put it on Solo; it's just taken me this long to get the guts to put it up her. If any other gyno's come here, let me know if this has ever happened to you please!



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