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This Only Happened to Me Once

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I'm usually very shy about myself...


I few years ago I had gotten hurt in a serious accident. After about three months of healing, I was still not able to work, but my doctor encouraged me to go out and take walks around.
A short drive from my house is a park that is mostly lake with a mile-long, tree-lined path around it. I would drive there, and stroll around the lake, marveling at the serenity and seclusion I felt. I never saw anyone except on Saturdays. The first time I made it all the way around, I noticed you could only see the park from the road for about 100 yards in, the rest was hidden... I was instantly seized by a desire to be nude, and truly enjoy nature.
I once read a story about a guy who was dared to lock all of his clothes in his car, with the key a short distance away, so that he had to go, nude, to get the key and his clothes... It took me several visits, not ever seeing anyone, to work my way up to it. At first, I would just remove my clothes and walk a short way, then dress again when I got too nervous. My nude walks got longer and longer, and finally I decided to go for it.
First, I took my keys exactly halfway around and came back. Then, I slowly disrobed, storing each garment in my car. By the time I was naked, my skin was abuzz with excitement... When I shut the door, knowing it was locked made my heart start jumping! The area where you park is easily visible from the road, so I set off at a brisk walk. After I was out of sight, I slowed, feeling the air on my body, and feeling totally free...
The story actually gets kind of boring... I was just amazed at how it felt to be totally naked, with no way to dress, in public, in broad daylight. I went and got my keys, and slowly strolled back to my car, keeping a close eye out for any other people. When I returned to my car, I felt like I didn't want the day to end. Instead of getting dressed, I walked over to a picnic table (out of sight of the road) and sat, my back to the table, facing the lake, soaking up the sun.
I was jolted out of my reverie by the sound of tires on gravel. Startled, I looked around to see a lady, also in her early twenties, pulling her car into the park. My mind was racing... If I went back to my own car, she would see me. If I tried to go out of sight, she would see me too... My only hope was to stay put, and hope she didn't come that far down!
I can't explain the way I was feeling as I watched her turn her car toward me... She stopped by another picnic table, and got out of her car. She sat down at that table with fast-food lunch and started to eat. I saw her glancing at me curiously, but the way the tables were set out, I could see her better than she (I thought) could see me. She was attractive, slim but curvy with medium length light brown hair. She had on shorts and a tank top, and I could tell she had nice breasts and legs.
As I sat there admiring her form, I started to get excited... Here I was, totally nude, in the presence of a sexy lady... I was caught between dreading the shame if I was caught, and feeling the excitement of doing something so daring! My cock was growing, warming up, and I couldn't help but touch it gently. My fingertips caressed it gently, and as it grew to fullness, I kept glancing at her, just as she was curiously peering at me. It seemed she didn't suspect anything, but I didn't want to give anything away by fully masturbating... even though by now I wanted to cum so badly! I eased both hands to my hard cock, squeezing it, and very, very, (very) slowly stroking it along it's length.
She finished her lunch, and packed all the wrappings up. As she stood, I felt relief. Soon, I would be able to cum! Then, with no warning, she took her trash away from the barrel close to her, and to one further in, where she would have a full view of me. My cock was burning as I let it go, and dropped both hands to my sides. I was hoping against all odds that she would not look my way, and I gripped the bench tightly so no stroking movement would attract her attention. She threw her trash away, and turned, looking dead at me, taking in my nudity, and eyeing my throbbing manhood... and she smiled, just slightly!
She returned to her table, but sat on 'my' side, where she had a full view of me. She was still watching the lake, but more and more looking directly at me. I tried to be casual about the way I touched myself, but I could hardly stand it! My hand teased my cock, and I saw her watching me more intently. I gripped my cock and stroked once, twice, and she was staring openly, with a look of rapt fascination! I started stroking more openly, and I saw her nipples harden under her tank top.
My hand was moving on it's own, faster, and faster. My eyes were locked on her, as hers were locked on my cock. My hips began to tremble, and my muscles tightened up. My butt was raised off the bench, as I began to shoot cum out, all over myself! My hips were thrusting into mid-air, as jet after jet of hot cum landed on me, from my neck, down to my belly. I collapsed back down onto the bench, spent.
She watched me stroke my cock back down to softness, then a brilliant smile lit up her face. She stood, and stretched, thrusting her perky breasts tightly into the fabric of her shirt, went to her car, and left. Not a word was spoken between us, and I never saw her again, but I have thought of her many times, late at night, and wished she were there again!



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