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This One's for You Si

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I am a married mother and grandmother. With age I have become more accepting of myself and my sexuality. I remember being around eleven or twelve years old when I began to masturbate. I learned early on that the quickest and best orgasm could be from the bathtub faucet simply by letting the water get a direct hit on my clit. I generally would have to do this two or three times each time I bathed before I felt satisfied enough until the next bath. So I suppose even then I had a high sex drive.

My sex drive has never really peaked. Now at the age of forty I find that I am just as much, if not more so insatiable than ever. I know that this is not the norm for most women I am acquainted with. They say that sex once or twice a month for them is more than fine and that they are just too involved otherwise than to care for it at all even! My husband also is satisfied with having sex just a few times each month too. If I didn't masturbate several times a week then I would go absolutely bats and be one hard woman to live with.

Masturbation is a good way to release a need to have more sex but at times it seems routine like anything else one gets into the habit of doing regularly. These times I have learned to spice up by acquiring some new sex toy. I also enjoy reading and writing erotic fiction and that always provides a good source for happy masturbating. My most recent masturbation activities have been by far the best ever. I would like to share what has got me so hot recently.

I am often involved on discussion boards talking openly about sex. I enjoy giving advice and sharing what I know about sex and human sexuality. I feel it's also a good way of helping others and it makes me feel good knowing I can help others.

I signed on to my favorite womens discussion web site a while back to find someone had left me a private message. This not being uncommon. I get them from time to time from people wishing to talk more in depth about something or the occasional unwanted sexually explicit type of message etc.

The message that day was from a man who told me from what he had read on the web site that I sounded hot and asked me if I would consider exchanging email with him. I normally would have deleted this type of message and forgotten it but something about it appealed to me to respond to him. I sent back a reply and thanked him. I told him it was the nicest thing anyone had said to me in quite a while. I also told him I would consider it too. He is 21 years old and I wasn't so sure that I would be comfortable with the age difference. I decided why not eventually. So after establishing that he was aware of my age and marital status was fine and no problem for him I agreed to contact him.

I am glad that I agreed. We soon began to have some very amazing cyber sex. He turns me on so completely and I cannot get enough it seems at times. He can say just a few words sometimes and I instantly find myself wet with the uncontrollable need to satisfy myself. The sexual tension I feel for him is mind blowing to say the least. I so want to fuck him with every fibre of my being but considering he lives in the UK and I in the US the chances are not very good that it will ever become reality. The desire to have him fuck my brains out just seems to keep me horny constantly.

He introduced me to the Solo Touch web site and I truly enjoy reading mostly about techniques that other women use in the hope of finding something fun to try. I have enjoyed some wonderful cyber-sex with this man and I may contribute more as each new adventure unfolds. But now for the reason I am contributing now.

You notice the story title? This is just that. For him. He requested that I contribute and tell all the other women how well I did on his suggestion that I should screw my cunt down on a wine bottle and see how much I could take of it. He got the idea from looking at a woman on a porn site impale herself on a huge dildo that was sitting flat on the floor and wondered if it could be done with a bottle of wine he had in his room. He wanted me to use butter to lube up to do this. He discussed the idea with me and asked that I attempt to do it and afterwards give him all the hot details of what it was like. I now am relating what happened as I did to him.

I began by making myself wet and horny as possible because I knew this would not be an easy feat to accomplish. In the end I did manage to get the largest portion of a bottle similar to but smaller than a wine bottle inside me. I substituted a bottle of well known sauce because of the similarity in shape.

I began to read some erotic stories as I began with light touching of my clit through my sheer panties. I then brought out a couple of my favorite toys to begin a slow heat of my pussy. I first used one that is intended to suck on your clit with the suction being controlled by a bulb I pump with my hand. I pump, it sucks, then releases with a valve. I pump and release my clit several times until it is like a tiny cock standing fully erect and ready for the next action. The next toy is designed to simulate a tongue. It has a tiny rubber piece that vibrates back and forth like someone flicking it with their tongue over and over. This has various speed settings. From slow and deliberate to a fast a furious flicking type speed. I slowly worked it up one speed at a time until I thought I could not take it another second. Just at the point of when orgasm was inevitable I shut it off and briefly allowed the throbbing to slow down. Then again went through each mode working myself up once again to a horny wet frenzy. Then once again I used the clit sucking hand pump making my clit harder than it has ever been. I alternated the two toys for about 30 or 45 minutes while reading erotic stories.

I then took a brief moment to email Si just to tell him I was getting myself prepared for my newest sex toy and that I had been very close to cumming many times but planned to wait for the grand finale using my newest glass sex toy cold from the fridge.

I warmed half a stick of butter in the microwave because I knew I was more than ready to take on the sauce bottle. First I lubed up my pussy good with the butter. The butter felt so wonderful giving me a warm sensation and causing my pussy to get that much wetter if possible! After applying a good amount of lube to the bottle I squatted over the top of it and slowly began to screw my cunt down to its ever widening bottom with each downward push. I had just began to take it in when I reached my g-spot and suddenly came without warning in one quick instant. After catching my breath I began to slide up and down taking in more each downward thrust toward the floor. I didn't take but a brief second longer until I began having continuous g-spot orgasms one after another. Just as one would subside I would get the unbelievable thrill of another. I was wearing out now and only managed a few more slides up and down the bottle. My brain kept screaming I must get a cock in me now this is just making me want to fuck Si right here and now. I then lay on my bed and after catching my breath gave myself one last mind blowing orgasm pretending that the large dildo that I was now using was actually Si fucking me silly.

After cleaning up and calming myself down enough to get some work done I couldn't wait to get on line to share my experience with him. He told me it sounded so damn hot and he wished he could have seen it. I again became super wet with just a few words from him....



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