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This One Time at Band Camp...

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The summer of 96, I was 15 and my parents were dropping me off at my first band camp. I was nervous, but that all eased when I saw Sarah from my school walking towards me. She played clarinet and I played flute. She greeted me and showed me to the dorms. She did not have a roommate yet and asked me to join her. I did, and it was the best decision I made all summer.
The first night we were there I awoke in the middle of the night and was about to get up to get some water when I heard noise coming Sarah's bed. I looked over and the moonlight coming in the covered window was enough to see Sarah squirming and I could hear her moaning. I asked her if everything was alright, she suddenly popped up and apologized. I asked why and then she realized I didn't know what she was doing. She said that she was fine. I got my water and got back in bed. I heard the same noises again. I was curious now. I squinted trying to make out what was going on. She had her legs bent and spread and under the blanket. It looked like she had an itch.
The next day I went on with the band camp activities. That night when Sarah and I got back to the room I sat down on my bed to put my flute away. I looked up and saw Sarah unzipping her jeans and she slowly slid them down to the floor. I couldn't help but stare. I had never seen anyone else undress, except for my mom. She had pink silk panties on. She then pulled her shirt up over her head and revealed a matching pink silk bra. Sarah was beautiful. She was about 5'8' and I would guess 125lbs with a perfect figure.
She sat on her bed and began to put her clarinet up. I still was staring at her. She noticed that I was but didn't let on. She took off her bra, laid down and pulled her panties down. She then began rubbing her thighs and stomach. She pinched one of her nipples and began to rub herself. I felt myself getting wet. I now realized what she had been doing the night before. I had only masturbated once before. I was told how to do it by my older sister, I was 13 and had done it all wrong and it just hurt. Because of this I never tried it again. I decided it was time to try it again. Watching Sarah I had become really excited and could feel my panties were beginning to get really wet. I stood up and undid my pants and push them to the floor. Sarah looked over and just watched as she continued to pleasure herself. I dropped my soaked panties to the floor. I unbuttoned the shirt I had been wearing and laid down. I began rubbing my thighs as she had done. I began to tingle. I ran my hands over my bra and watched as my nipples tried to poke through. I undid the front clasp and let them enjoy their freedom. I began to rub my lips and my clit. I was pulsating from the sensations. I struggled not to moan. As I approached my first orgasm, my hips buckled and I let it go. I let out a load moan and felt the juices running out my pussy down my crack and across my butt-hole.
I didn't notice that Sarah had gotten up and was now standing over me. She reached down and ran her finger through the juices and licked it. I laid there not sure how to react. I reached down and began rubbing my clit some more. She was holding her tit and watching me. She reached down and slid her finger in her very wet pussy and then in an instant she began to slide it down my crack and then slowly let her juices and mine combine and she slid it into my ass. She sat on the edge of the bed and slid a finger from her other had inside of her. I continued to rub my clit and struggled at first to enjoy her inside me. It hurt at first but the more she moved her finger around the better it began to feel. She rotated her hips and I could see her wet pussy and her fingers slowing going in and out. I took my free hand and timidly reached over and began rubbing it up and down her crack and then followed her lead and slowly slid it into her ass. Soon we were both shaking from the sensations as we fingered each other and ourselves at the same time. I reached orgasm and exploded. Juices were flowing and my bed was getting soaked. She shortly reached orgasm and showed me that she was a squirter as she sprayed my bed and my stomach.
I enjoyed the next few weeks at band camp. Sarah and I repeated this sequence almost every night. We even experimented going a little further. To this day I still sit and masturbate wondering where Sarah is and wishing I could enjoy her one more time.



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