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This Morning

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But only from afar, as you will see


The sun glanced through my curtains this morning and caressed my nakedness, making stripes of warmth across my cool skin. Eventually, mother sun warmed me to wakefulness, and as my senses assembled themselves, I felt the first flush of fullness between my legs. It always takes me like that. A feeling that I am swollen a little. Of course, I am not in reality, this is only my body reaching out to greet my emerging consciousness.

I reach down to caress the centre of my femininity. Already, the soft musky scent of my sex permeates the air and I consider reaching for release. My mind, however, now alert, intervenes. It bids me wait, explore my world this day, and makes subtle promises of pleasures yet to come.

I rise, shower and slip into my favourite light summer cotton dress. It is purely white, and I wear nothing underneath. I am, then, robed as a bride for her bridegroom.

I walk into my garden, and from there, to the achingly beautiful fields beyond. I roam through a field of oilseed rape, and I smile at the word 'rape'. How violent, how ugly, how about control that word is, yet how often have I fantasized about it wrenching multiple, savage orgasms from deep inside me. But not today. No, not today. Today is about softness and warmth. I leave the oilseed and enter a meadow, already blushing with a light dusting of summer flowers and long grass. I breath in deeply inhaling the scent which seems to accentuate my own.

I stop in the meadow and look across the fence to the crudity of a children's playground seemingly dumped into the middle of this idylic natural paradise. There is a single young woman in it, but she does not hold my attention.

I squat in the grass and relieve another natural need my body has. How I enjoy urinating outdoors, how ireverent it seems, how tacky. Perhaps that is what I need this day.

I move away, and lie on my back. The grass is damp but then, so am I. It is not long here, and I can clearly see the playground. But again, my attention is directed to that soft moistness between my legs. Idly, I flick my dress up, and the sun kisses my sex. I spread my legs and hold my sweet petals open so the mother sun can kiss the intimacy of my centre. Then, I stroke my erect clitoris. My breath catches and I feel the little shocks of growing arousal. I glance at the playground. She is watching me, but I do not care. I have no interest in her, but if what I do gives her some pleasure then, so be it. I sink a finger deep inside myself and arch my back. Again I glance at her. I hadn't noticed, that she has one hand up her skirt. My body demands my attention and I arch my back as a second finger is admitted to the cathedral of my sex which, in turn, weeps her soft benedicition of love into my hand.

The orgasm feels like a summer breeze shaking me gently from head to foot and ending in soft contractions between my legs. I gasp, I arch my back, I time it perfectly and hold myself wide open as the vaginal wetness squirts from me and blesses the meadow in return for the pleasure it has given me.

I open my eyes, she is standing, masturbating furiously while staring between my legs. I hold myself open for her gaze until I see the shudders rock her as her own orgasm joins the ether with mine. I close my eyes, when I look again, she is gone.

I stop twice more on the walk home to love myself again. Today is to be a day of sensuousness and communion with the Goddess of nature. As She has blessed me, so I will bless her with my intimate benediction.



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