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Thirty Years Ago in College

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I was a junior in college when this happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My room mate and I were young, sexually frustrated and pretty much in love, although we had never acted out our attraction to each other. We went to a college in a big city and there was an adult theater just a few blocks from our dorm room. The girls in the dorm were always joking about it.

One quiet winter Sunday after breakfast, my roommate Jane asked me if I had ever seen a 'dirty' movie. I admittted that I had not. Then she made a shocking suggestion. She told me that on Sundays, women could go to the adult theater for free if they were accompanied. After pestering me for hours I finally agreed to go with her.

She dressed in an old coat with jeans, a ball hat and a sweat shirt so that it was impossible to tell if she was a girl or a boy, and we left, walking to the movie. Jane was almost five foot nine inches and big enough to pass for a guy.

After looking at us with some suspicion the man at the window let us in. We each bought a large soda and a huge bag of popcorn, then we entered the theater.

What we saw inside, or began to see after we got used to the dark was shocking. The place was absolutely filled with men. There were no couples, except for us. Worse yet, the men in the back of the theatre were sitting in twos and threes and very obviouisly either masturbating themselves or each other.

My friend grabbed my waist and guided me to the center of the theater where almost all of the seats were empty. Once we settled in we could see that several men were walkiug around and sometimes stopping in the front row where they were obviously engaging in oral sex with each other.

My friend pretended to be my male partner, pulling her hat down over her hair as we settled into our seats. Between the movie and the activities of the men around us the atmosphere was sexually charged and I began to get really horny even though I was feeling more frightened than sexy at least at first.

Within a few moments several of the men in the theater had moved to within a few seats of us to watch what we were doing. Apparently they were hoping that we would put on a show. This was the most scary thing for both of us, but Jane continued to keep her arm around mine and we tried to act like a couple.

FInally the men who had moved close to us must have decided that we were boring and one by one they moved away. Jane continued to keep her arm around my shoulder and to hold my hand. She said that as long as they thought we were a boring couple they would leave us alone.

I gulped down my drink and began to pay attention to the movie and to the sex acts that were happening all over the theater. The more I saw, the more horny I got, and then it hit me. I really had to pee.

When I told Jane that I needed to go to the rest room she told me that we had better not, since it might give us away. A few minutes later I was squirming in my seat, trying to ignore the waves of pressure from my bladder. Then Jane did somthing that was incredibly sexy. Moving her hand that had been holding my hand ever so slightly she whispered in my ear that I should press against myself to hold off my pee.

'Like this,' she whispered, pressing her hand with mine into my lap and against my private place. The touch of her hand was like an electric shock. It instantly relieved the pressure but it also made waves of sexual energy roll up and down my body. I shuddered and moaned. She kissed my ear and said, 'God, you are hot and wet down there,' as she pressed. In an instant I was grinding into her hand, in uncontrolled passion. I had never ever been so aroused in my life.

'Easy,' she whispered, 'we don't want to make a scene.' With that she moved our hands from my lap, and guided both of them into her lap. 'Me too,' she moaned in a whisper, 'but be gentle.' It was the first time that I had ever touched anyone sexually other than myself. Her vagina was so warm, even through her jeans, that I could barely believe it. The fabric of her pants was almost soaking wet.

As we sat next to each other we slowly figured out how to work our fingers into each others clothing. She unzipped her jeans and I pulled my skirt up. As we did, both of us spread our legs to allow each other better access. We were touching each other through the other person's panties, but the closer touches were exquisite. 'Go slow,' she pleaded, but just as she said it her body arched into contractions that were obviously signalling a climax. Her arousal put me over the edge, and her probing fingers sent me into my own orgasm which seemed to last for minutes.

By the time we came to our senses, several men were back watching us, apparently attracted by our breathing and our motions. We were terrified. So we sat as still as we could until they lost interest and wandered away again. That was when I lost control of my bladder and began to pee myself. As the first waves of urine leaked out I put pressure on myself again to try to relieve the urge. Seeing what I was doing, Jane placed her hand on top of mine and applied pressure to help. In that moment I had a second and even more powerful climax, peeing uncontrollably and cumming at the same time.

We quickly got out of our seats and left the theater. The hard part was walking home with my panties, and skirt soaked in urine.

We never went back to the adult theater, but we did spend the rest of that year enjoying each other in our dorm room. I still have the occasional climax when I pee.



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