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Thirteen Year Old Orgasm

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This story happened only 2 or 3 months after I experienced my first ejaculation of semen as I was now a real horny thirteen year old kid.


Although I learned how to masturbate when I was still eight years old, but closer to my ninth birthday when my older cousin jacked me off for my first time and I really did enjoy the experience quite immensely thus starting me on a lifetime of self-pleasure. As I had experienced my first ejaculation of semen just two weeks prior to my Thirteenth Birthday, my urge to ejaculate had substantially increased over the next two or three months, although I do not remember the exact time frame, I would jack-off every chance that I got, and by this time, I was ejaculating several spurts of semen when I orgasmed. Anyway my Mother and I were the only two of our family that was at home this afternoon, when she announced that she was going to visit my aunt that lived in the house next to ours. Well this thrilled me to say the least as I realized that this would give me the opportunity to have the house all to myself and I could have myself a jacking-off-session without being disturbed or seen. As soon as my Mother walked out the back door and I heard it close, I sat down in one of our living room chairs (a smaller type with cushions and arms) and undone my pants and pushed them down to my knees and then I pushed my boxers down next to my pants. So especially after just recently reaching Puberty, I stayed in an almost perpetual horny condition with some degree of an erection most all of the time with my little penis begging for some relief. So this is the condition I am in as I sit in this chair with my pants and underwear down to my knees. However, I did not actually plan to ejaculate, but just thought that I would play with my hard penis and balls and just stroke it a few short strokes, at which time I would walk down to the outhouse (1954) and finish myself off and ejaculate down the hole in the outhouse. Well I had my hard little dick and it's companion set of balls fully exposed which always feels so good to a young boy, although complete nudity is much better, I couldn't chance it here. My goober was hard as a rock as I was already feeling like I was going to explode at any time although I hadn't even touched it yet. I caught my erection between my thumb and fingers as it was still not big enough to get my fist on it and I began to stroke it real lightly with my foreskin sliding up and down my short shaft and oh', it did feel so good as I was definitely needing some immediate relief. But by not having much experience yet concerning this mostly new thrill of being able to squirt my boy juice, I made a mis-judgement regarding my orgasm which I reached real quick when I did not plan to reach my orgasm here in the house, so I guess that I made one stroke too many which brought me past the point of no-return as I felt my ejaculatory muscle contractions beginning to pump my semen up through my penis which was a predicament that I was planning on, so I raised my body up to a more upright position as my cum started spurting as I tried to direct my shaft to miss my clothes while trying to catch my ejaculation in the other hand, but all my attempts to control this situation mostly failed as sperm landed on my underwear, on my balls, and on the living room floor, as well as all over my hands, oh, what a mess I was in, and then the thought hit me, What if Mother comes back to the house and catches me in this condition, so I tried to clean the semen off of the floor, and then I pulled my boxers and pants up just enough to walk down the path to the outhouse, hoping I would not be seen and as far as I know I was not as I entered the outhouse and began to clean myself up with tissue paper. Well since, by now, it had been 3-4 minutes since my orgasm and by the act of wiping my penis trying to clean it and my balls of cum, I was hard again. So now I am in the right place to do it this time (this being my usual jacking spot) as I began fantasizing about having sex with a neighborhood girl that was about a year younger than myself while bringing myself to my second climax in less than 10 minutes and shot my load down one of the holes in this outhouse, cleaned up again, pulled up my underwear and pants and went back to the house like nothing had happened and I never did try jacking-off in the living room again. Looking back in retrospect all these many years at this event, it would have been so simple to have pre- planned to ejaculate in a cup or other container to start with rather than doing what I did, however this taught me a lesson to never start masturbating in a place that I could not finish it in, and I maintained that requirement except for one other time when I was around 16 or 17 years old, and thats another story. I do know that it is very easy for boys to have 'accidents' during those horny teenage years when as I did, only planning to just touch their penis, or stroke it real easy or just rub it on the outside of their pants when they bring themselves over the edge or either they just can't stop and squirt their sperm inside their pants and underwear or began to play with it while in bed and wind up shooting their juice all over their stomachs or chest while some boys will squirt their cum the other direction or all over their pubic area, however I belive most boys learn to keep some tissues handy near their bed as I always did to catch my semen and to clean up with and then dispose of the tissues later when no one was watching. I would like to read of similar experiences by others in this regard of 'ejaculating' when you did not mean too.



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