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Third Wanker

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Every day after school I go home, get totally naked, walk nude around the house and wank. My parents come home late during the week and I have no sister or brother, so the whole place is mine. I can choose if I watch porn on video or on the PC, sometimes I go to the garden and swim or even cum in the pool. I have been practising this for a while.

Recently I have two classmates with whom we co-operate in the school research program and our research means two of us are meeting every day after the lessons and we go to my house to continue to work. I thought whether to stop my afternoon masturbation or just do it quickly, so for about three first days I left my guest and locked myself in the bathroom for some 15 minutes. I thought he would not be suspicious. But when I returned from my break the third day he asked what I was doing there so long and whether I was masturbating. I was thinking what to answer, because I could just pretend having a shower or so, but I was honest and told him that I wanked daily during this time and because of our activity I needed to change my habit. He told me he does it often too and that he tried it with his friend several times together and that he is ok with it if I am too. I was, but I didn´t want to do it right at the moment because I had finished minutes before. So he suggested next day to wank together as a kind of game, the exact way I do it when I am alone with him following me at whatever I would do.

So when we came home we just went to my room, I got fully naked and so did he. I found he had shaved pubes. I don´t shave at all down there because I have very few hairs yet, just a little above my penis. Then we went to the garden pool and were swimming, in the water I started to masturbate and so did he. I told him my favourite place to cum is onto a particular big leaf of unknown flower where I can see my semen getting dry after a while. So we went there, ejaculated on it and watched how all the load dried.

We were both feeling a little weird, but I told him it was more arousing for me than to do it alone, and we went to work then so we stopped to think about it at all. The next day I asked if he wished to repeat it and he told he was going to ask me the same, so since that day we masturbated together daily, always leaving clothes in my room, he taught me how to shave my pubic hair, we were cumming in different places in my house. Several times we were so horny we did it in the school restroom.

The funny problem became when the third member of our research group appeared on the scene and followed us home to finalize the project. The first day all of us just sat around the table and did not know what to do. But the next day two of us agreed we need to masturbate before work. When we got home we just left the newcomer in the living room and went up, took off our clothes, got semi-erect and went down the stairs as nothing was going on, jerking slowly off in front of him, asking if he would join us in the pool. He seemed a bit shocked, he came in about a minute after us to see if we were kidding or not, but as usual we just were talking about sex while stroking our dicks. Finally he got naked too and jumped in the water while being obviously erect. We all ejaculated in about a minute. Several more days were left, so we did it all three of us. We changed counting the days of the research to counting the ejaculations of the research, after two months it was more than a hundred.



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