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Third Time, Mom

Posted by: Author: Age: 18 Posted on: 3 comments
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My first post about when I caught my Mom. I got to watch again.


First since someone asked, I've never known my Father. Mom got pregnant with me while still in high school. Apparently he took off for college and never returned. Mom has had plenty of boyfriends but has never been married. I'm pretty sure she hasn't been seeing anyone for a year or so now, says "Too busy!" Now for the other night, after the game which we lost and was played during a miserably cold evening, I went home. Mom got home just a little before me and had a pizza delivered. While eating she tells me she can't get warmed up from sitting in the stands on those cold bleachers, so as I'm finishing up, she says she's going to take a hot shower to take off the chill. I know she was cold because when she pulled off her jersey and then her sweatshirt leaving her in a long sleeve white t-shirt and sports bra I could see her nipples were hard and tight. I couldn't take my eyes off her chest. She knows it takes me a few hours after a game for the adrenalin rush to subside, so she says, "let's watch something after my shower" then she turns and heads to the bathroom. Well, with the adrenalin keying me up and with a good long look at her tits and those rock hard nipples I've gotta say that my Mom now had my full attention, pun intended. I hear the shower start, so I head to my room to change out of my slacks, shirt and tie (required game day attire). As I pass by the bathroom in the hall I notice the door is cracked open but from my vantage I can't see the shower because of the angle and it's kind of behind the door. In my room I change into my usual evening wear, my basketball shorts and a tee. Walking back down the hall when I get to the bathroom door I glance up and there in the mirror, I see my Mom in the shower with her back to the mirror, through the cracked open door. I can just make her out as the glass doors are kind of steamed up, but as water splashes on the door I get to see more through the streaks of clear glass. She's shampooing her hair, she then grabs the hand wand and starts rinsing the suds off. She sets the wand down on the side ledge and grabs the cream rinse, I think she rubbed more on her pussy than on her head. As she's rubbing in the cream rinse the water is spraying on the door and clearing all the steam. Now I see her whole beautiful body as she grabs the wand again and starts to rinse off. She takes the wand between her legs and starts rinsing her pussy, running her other hand down there as well. I start rubbing my dick through my shorts. Just as I figure my peep show is coming to an end she turns the wand setting to the one that pulses. As she brings it down to her pussy again she arches her back and gives me a gorgeous shot of her ass and pussy from behind. Now, dropping my shorts to the floor I have to giving my dick some serious stroking. I'm so hard and pre-cum dripping off the end of my dick. I can see her spreading her pussy lips with one hand and aiming the pulsing water jets. I can hear her moaning a little and it seems she's whispering something. This goes on for a few more minutes and I'm now to the point of no return, my knees feel weak. My long slow strokes have increased, I don't think I could stop if she turned and saw me. I knew I was going to cum at any second. She backs up to the seat at the other end of the shower, sits down and spreads her knees, putting her right foot up on the ledge. I can't see much of the action now but she's got the wand between her legs going to town and right then I blow my load, geez I think I could have filled a couple of glasses. A few ropes of my cum hit the door, my knees buckle, my heart is beating 1000 beats per minute and I think I'm just about to pass out. As I start to gather my wits and then my shorts I hear the water shut off, so I hustle down the hall to the living room, slip my shorts on, flop down on the couch and flip on the TV. Mom walks into the room in her little robe with a towel on her head and says, "Mmm, I feel so much better! What are we watching?" Aaaah! Oooh, nothing trying to find something. I guess not to many Mom's visit this site? I really doubt my Mom does. But, I'm still waiting for an answer on my 1st submission.



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