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Thinking of Girls

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I wanted to share you my story since so many of you have given me the pleasure of sharing yours.


I found this website about nine months ago and decided to finally post here in appreciation of all the nice times you've given me.

I am a 41 year old single mother of two typical teen-aged girls. They are good kids, going through typical times for teens, interested in all the things other girls and boys do at 16 and 14 years old. Krista and Bethany (not real names) are close and very helpful. They also are attractive girls who get their fair share of attention from the boys. Both are blonde-haired and out-going and both swim competitively. I, on the other hand, tend to be more introverted. I work out almost daily in the hope of meeting Mr. Right all over again. I date, but infrequently, mainly due to a job and being a mother. I love men. I love sex. I also masturbate a lot. I will usually masturbate right before bed. Something happened to me about eight months ago that has got me thinking differently about my sexuality.

My girls share a jill-n-jill bathroom with each other. One Friday evening while Bethany was staying at a friend's house, Krista and I were alone at the house. It was really late and I decided to go to bed. As is my normal routine, I wanted to gather all the clothes to be washed as Saturday is our normal wash day. I often will get them ready for the weekend by bringing them downstairs and near the washer in a large basket. Knowing Bethany, I knew many of her clothes would be on the floor by her bed so I walked into her bedroom to pick them up. The door to the bathroom was open, and I could see a light on in Krista's room on the opposite side of the bathroom. I thought she had gone to bed, so I gathered the clothes and intended to say good night.

I stopped as I opened my mouth because I could hear some heavy breathing. The door was ajar slightly and so I opened it very slowly. There before my eyes, my then 15-year old daughter was spread naked on her bed, masturbating to some magazine. I was shocked and intended fully to walk out so as to give her some privacy. Krista's did not see or hear me. For some reason, after barely closing the door, I remained and watched my daughter play with herself. She was pinching her beautiful nipples with one hand, changing the pages of the magazine with the other and then using that hand to then play with her clit. After a few minutes, she orgasmed. Although I felt very guilty, I was incredibly turned on as well. Watching her toes curl in the throes of her climax was an incredible sight. I was angry at myself and turned on all at the same time. Even when I indulge in porn, I love watching the man's cock switch and pump, never really watching any of the women and here I was getting very wet and very excited by watching Krista.

I slowly backed out of the bathroom and walked immediately to my room. Upon locking the door, I tore off my clothes and started rubbing my pussy raw. It wasn't long until I felt the excitement in my own pussy switch and I climaxed like I hadn't done in quite a while. I cleaned up and got ready for bed. The next morning, I hated myself for not allowing Krista her own privacy and then getting turned on by her masturbation. I went weeks feeling very guilty but couldn't shake the notion that I was also excited by my actions.

I wanted to be sure that what had happened was a one-time event, but a few months later Bethany again went away with friends on a Friday. Krista went out as well to a movie but returned around 11, and told me she was heading upstairs. I fought the urge to walk upstairs a few moments after Krista went to her room. You see, I had been fighting my urges to watch again and made sure the door wouldn't quite lock on the bathroom. I really didn't want to go upstairs but I found myself ascending the staircase. Once in Bethany's room, I stripped down to my panties and snuck to the door. I then peeked inside the room minutes later and again saw what I had been thinking of for almost two months. Krista was again completely naked and masturbating again. I trembled in excitement, still hating myself. This time however, I masturbated along with her. When she climaxed, I climaxed too. Seeing her hands on the beautiful blonde patch of hers did it again to me. I had to admit to myself that, perhaps, I was bisexual after all. In watching porn recently, I did begin to watch the females and had to admit that I loved looking at pussy.

Feeling ashamed once again, I then left and went to my room for a good cry. I also played with myself one more time and fell asleep.

Since then, I've been able to see Krista masturbate one other time, but almost got caught. I do have a small collection of DVDs in which women are masturbating. I find that watching another female playing with themselves is incredibly exciting to me. I wish to do it with another woman. The trouble is, I'd also like to talk to Krista and masturbate with her. I'm not sure if Bethany is doing it.

I'm also struggling with my feelings of wanting to watch teenaged girls masturbate. I have found two of Krista's swim team members attractive. I've gone through this past swim season ogling them. I think of them once in a while as a masturbatory fantasy. I know that sounds sick.

So that is my recent story. Sorry that this is long. If you would like to comment, please do. Please also be kind if you don't agree with my recent actions. If a follow up to this story comes, I'll write it for you.




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