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Things We Like to Do (Part 5)

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There are many fantastic stories describing women's orgasms which are a joy to read. Who said pictures speak louder than words! I hope my stories give pleasure in return.


With Christine lying on her left side I kneel over her thighs, one knee on either side. Her naked body glows in the subdued light. My right hand caresses her her breasts and my left hand squeezes and massages her bottom. Her right hand encircles my erect penis.

Still kneeling I bend forward until my head rests behind hers. In this position the middle finger of each hand moves effortlessly to give pleasure. The left one eases into her twitching anus and the right one rubs across her clitoris which soon becomes large and hard within its hood.

Each finger has its own rhythm; the left moving slowly in and out or round and round; the right speeding up or slowing down; pressing firmly or flicking lightly. She begins to gasp and her legs tense and straighten. She wants and needs to come soon and her hips push forward as my right finger rubs her clitoris faster and harder and the left responds to her tightening sphincter muscles. As her first orgasm explodes her body jerks, she grunts, her hand presses mine against her throbbing clit and her inner sphincter goes into spasm.

In this position Christine climaxes repeatedly with the pause between each getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes we delay a bit on purpose so that next time longer and faster rubbing is needed which gives a very powerful and deeply satisfying release pulsating through her whole body which shudders uncontrollably.

Eventually she may roll on to her tummy and put something between the top of her thighs and labia so that spontaneous movements continue to stimulate and satisfy her sexual needs. I watch her voluptuous bottom gyrate and quiver with hardly a pause. Sometimes it jerks and thrusts and her buttocks clench and relax. Using finger and thumb to make a ring round my aching penis I slowly masturbate as I tease her still twitching anus. In time I can't resist sliding the head of my penis into the slippery cleft between her awesome cheeks. This is more than enough to bring relief but with our movements something even more sensual can happen which I must leave to the reader's imagination! (I realise there has been some repetition here of a previous story but what the hell!)

Of course we try lots ways of masturbating each other at the same time. One way we like to do this is for us to lie one behind the other, half on our sides and half on our backs (hard to explain!). If I am uppermost I reach down between my legs to find Christine's pussy and she reaches over my hip to hold my cock. I am able to support most of my weight. If she is on top then she can easily find my erection between her legs and I can reach over to her vulva. We know what each other likes and needs - how fast to go - when to stop. We might be going the same speed and this can happen when one is nearly coming. If Christine is about to climax then her fingers round my penis move at the speed she wants her clit rubbing. We sometimes synchronise our orgasms and sometimes one will masturbate themselves and the other at the same time.

Two days ago I wanted to ejaculate before going to bed and it was late. Christine was more than happy to oblige. I sat on the edge of the sofa, stretched my legs out straight and leaned back. My pyjama trousers were off and already my clean-shaved hardon was pointing straight up - she remarked it looked larger than ever!. Christine, sitting beside me, rested her head on my chest and her right hand worked its way down until I felt it gently holding my penis although it was out of my sight. I was feeling her breasts. She began to work the skin up and down, first with her whole hand and then in turn with thumb and three, two or one finger circling. All the time my foreskin was sliding over my swollen corona and this felt wonderful even though it was beginning to ache as it got near. I stopped her in time to put a handkerchief over my now throbbing penis. She started again, speeded up and just before I ejaculated stopped jerking and held it still and quite tightly as my penis and groin pulsed rhythmically as spurt after spurt shot out and for some time after. She stroked up and down again a few times and it was finished. Thinking about it now makes me want to wank.

Something I like to do on my own is put an elastic band, not too tight, under the foreskin right behind the head of my penis. I'll pump the foreskin up and down over the ridge of corona and elastic band until I come. I'm going to do it tonight!



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