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Things We like To Do, Part 2

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There are some superb stories on this site by women expressing in great detail what they do to themselves, what women do to each other.


As with other sexual activity we like to be adventurous with our mutual masturbation. We use lots of different techniques and postures and even after many years practice we keep inventing new things to do.

I should mention there are a couple of things we don't do: We don't use vibes and we don't care for having to clean up furniture, carpets, bedding, clothes, etc!

I keep mentioning Christine's amazing gift for multiple orgasms-they just go on for ever. There is little to be gained in us trying make the build up last a long time. She can't wait for her first orgasm knowing there will be as many as she needs. They just keep coming. We move into different positions in one masturbation session with several orgasms for each position. If there's a problem it's knowing when to stop and how top stop! Sometimes if I wake later in the night I become aware of regular fast frigging and subdued gasping as she attends to renewed successive climaxes demanding relief. She moans, 'It won't go awaaaaaaaay!'

I'm quite satisfied with one orgasm so I tend to make it last. I like to rub the foreskin over the sensitive corona, one finger, or maybe two, and thumb gliding over the ridge with quite small jerks. I use the ends of my finger and thumb, the first joints, the place where finger and thumb meet and, perhaps best of all, finger and thumb in a ring. Another position is using the tips of one finger and thumb and the back of the next finger doubled back. I also like to change hands. Having another person doing it means they can put their thumb on the underside of the glans and finger on top which is something else.

Lying face down Christine sometimes comes lots of times with barely perceptible twitching movements of her buttocks as her pussy is pressed against either the mattress or one or both hands between her thighs. She did this a lot when she was younger and had to share a bed with her sister, whom she didn't want to disturb.

There's a reference above to one of the first stories I wrote, 'Wife's Awesome Bottom', which fits in here.

Another thing facing down is is when Christine's on her hands and knees. I usually rub and flick her clit from behind. In this position it seems to feel larger and her orgasm makes her lunge forward to press hard on something.

With hips and bottom raised up on pillows I can kneel astride facing her feet and, in the candle light, enjoy the sight and touch of her rounded, smooth buttocks and thighs. As I lubricate the full cleavage, sliding my fingers slowly and gently back and forth past anus and on to swelling clitoris, her buttocks start to twitch. With middle finger I glide over her clit from side to side slowly and lightly. I know when to rub harder and faster and, as she nears climax, her buttocks clench and quiver. She gasps and jerks her hips and as she comes I slide a finger deep into her anal passage driving the sensations of her tight pulsing sphincter muscles to greater ecstacy. Successive spasms continue rhythmically through her first orgasm and after a short pause the second is automatically triggered.

To be continued.



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