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Things I Learned from Johnny

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Johnny set me up.


I was 15 or 16 and Johnny was either 16 or 17 at the time. He was the most handsome boy in school and I was a very pretty girl. I had a crush on him at the time and all knew it. Sure enough, it happened. Johnny asked me out for a date. I told my parents what a wonderful boy he was and that he was so kind to me. They had no problem with me going on a date with him.

Johnny picked me up, met my parents and all was fine. We went out and had a hamburger together and headed to a movie. Ended up a drive in as they were a lot cheaper than indoor movies. I was on cloud nine setting next to Johnny at the movie. He had his arm around me and soon turned to look at me and we kissed. Soon it became much more passionate and we got into French kissing. This was such a turn on! Next thing I felt was Johnny cupping my right tit in his hand and his playing with my nipple with his fingers. It was running me up the wall. The windows were now getting all steamed up. I was now feeling so hot. I had been playing with myself for at least two years and my pussy was feeling the same feelings only this time without my touching it. I was getting so wet there.

Johnny then took my hand and pulled it over to his crotch area and placed it on his erect penis thru his pants. I had never seen one but knew about boys getting hard when excited and some about intercourse, sperm, baby making and the like. My mom had even told me that with the right boy how pleasurable it was when a boy stuck his penis in you. I rubbed his penis a bit and he soon undid his pants and freed it. I looked at it and thought to myself there is no way that could ever go into my little pussy! He then wrapped my hand around it. Next he ran his right hand under my dress and started rubbing the inside of my left leg. It was obvious this excited him. He then reached under his seat and pulled out a small towel. Johnny then reached for the ashtray and picked up a little foil pack. I'd heard about condoms and I was saying to myself no way! Turned out a sample pack of some sort of lotion. He opened it with his teeth and squirted it on my hand. He then placed my hand back around his cock and had me do the stroking thing again. His right hand went back to rubbing on my inner thigh. His head went back on the back of the seat and he started making sounds and breathing very fast. Then he let out a loud grunt sount and all hell broke loose. What I now know as cum squirted all over him. I figured it was what I'd been told was sperm and sure enough it was. I never imagined it would be like this or look like this. It was quite a big surprise especially when you're not knowing exactly what to expect.

This night I learned a lot. I also knew I had been a bit set up and used a bit for Johnny pleasure. I never forgave him for this but thinking back now know there are a lots of boys and men out there who sure benefited from what I learned that night. This was the last time he ever received any sexual pleasure from me but there are lots of other boys and later men who have! My learned talants have been well used over the years and God only knows how many ejaculations I have caused and witnessed and yes: enjoyed watching!



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