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They Know Now

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After being voted 'Most Likely to Become a Nun' in high school, I had a very experimental summer and word spread as quickly as my legs did


I told my readers earlier this summer that I was voted by my senior class 'Most Likely to Become a Nun' and that frustrated me, though I was shy and skinny and didn't have much of a social life outside of school because we lived kinda far away and I am an only child.

Being an only child allowed me to be home alone a lot and I discovered masturbation early and then discovered my mom's vibrator, which I was careful about using.

This summer, I worked once again at a local roadside ice cream shop adjacent to a gas station and deli, all owned by the same family. This is my third summer working there and I became one of the shift managers. I also got to be with the owner's son, who was two years ahead of me. I always had sort of a crush on him and he had been one of my favorite masturbation topics.

We worked more closely this summer than we had in the past. It seems his father was getting older and wanted him to become more involved in their businesses. I ran the ice cream shop unless he or his mom was around.

The ice cream shop didn't open until four and we stayed open until it was dark. Most of our customers were kids who had convinced their parents to drive them there and we got a lot of baseball and soccer teams at night.

Working evenings meant I was home during the day and so I found myself masturbating at least three times each day: when I woke up, right before work, and when I got home from work. My parents both worked 30 minutes away and worked a regular workday, though my dad was on mandatory OT a lot this summer.

My first two sessions were conducted with my mom's vibe and I usually had to resort to fingers at night. Once I smuggled a banana home from work and used that, but I didn't like the fact that it didn't vibrate and was too concerned it would break.

I also began to talk more with the owner's son, Danny, and he asked me out on one rare night we both didn't have to work. It was a good date, but we realized with our work schedules, we'd have to date during the day. We did, and he began driving out to my house. Soon, he was my first handjob, my first blow job, and my first fuck. He also licked me out really well.

From reading Solo Touch, and from other adult websites I found plus my dad's porn collection, I began to get even more experimental. I began using cucumbers and carrots, using the water controls in our shower, and just about any other phallic object. Even a pencil pressed against my clit long enough did the trick. For actual sex, Danny was a great teacher. I knew he had a girlfriend back at his college and I knew she didn't want to return to our town. They didn't see each other all summer as she went to England for a semester. His worldly girlfriend must have taught him a lot, because he taught me a lot, but nothing about masturbation. He never brought the topic up.

We both lived far out of the town where we both went to high school but somehow word that he had fucked the future nun got around. It may have also been the change in my attitude as I began wearing shorter and shorter shorts and stopped wearing a bra unless I was at work. We went to a party and I wore a white tank top with no bra and a skirt that was short enough that no one would even wear it after school. That must have raised some eyebrows, too.

I had also discovered the joys of nude sunbathing. In fact, I was frequently naked from the time I woke up (still kept a shirt on in case the parents saw me) until it was time for work. I guess people could see a lack of tan lines when I wore a summer blouse and put two and two together. Danny also told me I had walked around with far more confidence. My parents even noticed this, though it was a good thing I did the laundry as my mom surely would have noticed the smaller and fewer undergarments I was putting in the washer.

Kim, who wasn't a terribly close friend of mine, but who saw me at the party, stopped in on a really slow afternoon. She said she was passing through but I doubt it as we live too far from town to stop by but too close to need to stop if you're heading to another city. Kim told me that she used to sleep with Danny when they were both in high school ('he was my first fuck, too' she said) and whispered that he loved to watch her masturbate.

So I set it up the next time Danny came out to see me. I had taken to even greeting him in the nude as he kept his clothes on for mere seconds anyway when he got to my house. This time I greeted him in a t-shirt my mom had saved from a trip we took when I was 11 and a pair of shorts that I cut down even further as if it was a denim bikini.

I also had my mom's vibe in my hands (with fresh batteries) and suggested in my best sex-kitten attempt that I was just finishing up something and asked if he wanted to watch.

Danny said he wanted to watch. We went out back where we had tons of privacy. I slipped off my shorts and my shirt (danny asked me to wear it the next time we went out as it showed my breasts perfectly) and turned on the vibe. I rubbed it against my clit and Danny just stared. I asked him not to wank it and slowly rubbed the vibe over my tits and pinched my nipples hard. He knows I like to have my nipples pinched and even fucked me once with clothespins on my nipples.

Next, I shoved the vibe in my pussy and left it there with my muscles holding it in place. I used my free hands to rub and pinch my nipples while Danny's boner stood out through his cotton gym shorts. A drop of precum appeared while he just stood there watching. Finally, I rubbed my clit with one hand while holding onto the side of the lawn chair with the other. Danny stared as I gave myself a massive orgasm.

What happened next didn't involve masturbation.

I closed the summer out by getting a nipple ring and shaving my pussy. I leave for college next week, but Kim called and said she has an even bigger surprise for me but I have to 'cum' to her house. Hmmmmm.......



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