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They Heard the Squirts

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THOSE SOUNDS THEY HEARD I began to realize i was a masturboy for the first time one day while standing in my dorm room ten years ago. As I watched a ropey blur of sperm spew from my shiny plum, the surge of jizz was so powerful that it actually made a loud wet crackling sound that cut the silence like air clearing a waterhose at full blast. Time stopped as I held my fist steady and motionless around my engorged penis while an uninterupted stream of sperm arced over the roomy bathroom counter and seemed to hang in the air level with my face about 3 feet away.
My cock head went into that full flare mode that punctuates the end of a powerful squirt. You know, that big drawn out throb that accelerates the tail end of the jizz rope out through the small slit of the penis, at frightening speeds, which causes the entire rope of sperm to spin and tumble into a fan of large gobbs that splatter everywhere.
But that time my penis head flared even further to an angry shiny mass, and trembled in preperation for the super speed surge.
My cock paused for an eternal second. My mind reeled, I couldn't inhale, my body started spasming and jerking. OH MY GOD. I may have blacked out for a minute. I remember hoping that my cockhead wasnt going to blow off the end of my penis.
Finally The Blast began, from the depths of my balls Pure white momentum started slowly, unstoppable, inevitable, and accelerated My nostrils flared as a strong bleach smell overwhelmed the bathroom and my senses.
That did it.
The surge buckled my knees. I heard the stream gurgling up my tube, I saw a thick solid surge of sperm leave my cock in a flash.
Everything seemed to happen at once. I'm not sure if I saw the reflection of my roommate's 21 year old sister Kara in the bathroom mirror before or after the sound of my sperm splattering loudly against the mirror in huge obscene gobs snapped me back to reality. She was standing there with her mother and father. All three were motionless staring. I know they heard the loud splatter because the mother involuntarily flinched at the loudest splatter and then inhaled in shock and amazement. I was horrified. I thought family day was next weekend. My muscles were locked, I was frozen with my penis raging in my hand. And I realized there was absolutely no way in hell that the next squirt of sperm could be stopped from splattering loudly against the mirror in another obscene spray. I looked Kara in the eyes just as a thick stream of sperm from the first round ran down the mirror and obscured her face. She cocked her head to the side to see around the sperm, looked in my eyes and then back down at my cock.
The sperm squirted so violently from my dick that i fell backwards and sent sperm shooting straight up above me wildly and spattering loudly on the tile floor. I tried to get to my feet as my cock let loose a steady spray in all directions. The mother gasped and stepped forward instinctively to help me up but then reconsidered as my stumbling spread sperm in circles on the tile. ...................
That embarassing moment led to my participation in a long term field study of male masturbation practices, chronic masturbation and sperm dynamics at Kara's college psycology dept., aimed at regulating the masturbation habits of fixed male populations, and performing research into the maximization of sperm production for use in health applications.



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