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There's More Ways To Get Wet

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I love being home alone and it really just made me happy when my mother and two younger siblings left for a few hours, leaving me sitting at the kitchen table on a laptop. As soon as they were gone, I flipped my cell phone open, scrolling down to his number. After a few rings, I finally heard his voice and it brought a smile to my face and a slight tingling in my panties.

After searching the house for a few moments, phone still in hand, exchanging small sexual flirty comments, causing giggling and a little moaning. After a while, the dumb back massager wasn't able to be found and I was left frustrated with a soaking pair of panties and his voice still in my ear.

Then I remembered something I read in a story once, something that included the bathtub and the jets in it. After a few moments of begging, she found herself letting the water run, filling the white bathtub, teasing my breasts, pinching at the nipples with the phone still in my ear.

After a short while, I was sitting in the steaming tub, my fingers between my legs, letting the hot water caress my already soaked pussy. I bit my lip and listened to him starting to jerk off on the other end and I pressed the button, feeling the water start to liven up.

Within seconds, a pulsating feeling came between my legs and I let out a gasp, almost dropping my phone, but somehow, keeping a nice grip on it.

With moaning filling both my ears and his, I gasped as I started to move my hips against the hard moving jet water, humping it hard, my clit causing loud moaning from my lips.

I gasped as I moved my free hand to my pounding pussy, rubbing at my clit, letting my fingers twirl around the growing nub as the water pounded into my soaking pussy. I let out a gasp as I felt my release closer and closer, but I didn't let it come.

Until I heard his breathtaking moan on the phone, knowing he had cum, and it had been a strong one and it just sent me over the edge. I cried out loudly, my free hand gripping at the silver bar nearby, gasping out as I rode the orgasm, feeling my body relax and my head to become light as I slumped against the tub, his voice still in my ear.



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