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Therapy Session

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This was the last session of my therapy. I had gone through a rough patch in my life, and needed some help sorting it out. After several months, I felt I was at a point where I was able to deal with situations on my own and be okay with the consquences. I was telling something like this to 'Lauren'.

Lauren was about my age at the time (42), a few inches shorter than my 6', blonde hair, blue eyes. I thought she was attractive, though not drop-dead gorgeous, and of course, I trusted her. However, I didn't trust myself. Lauren was married, with kids. Before one of our sessions, she told me that it couldn't run late that afternoon, as she was going to a school function. She was wearing a dark blue dress that fit her well. When she sat down, I noticed her dark pantyhose and her very nice calves. I immediately wondered what the rest of her legs looked like.

Later that evening, as I was lying in bed, I thought of Lauren, and began to fantasize about her. Thinking this was just transference, nonetheless I let my imagination run loose, with the result that I was aroused, and felt a need to masturbate. I did so, starting with thinking of what it would be like to kiss Lauren, then as I came, imagining fucking her on the floor in her office, in front of the fireplace, as we were both naked.

I never brought up my feelings for her during our sessions, feeling that would interfere with what was going on. I was there to learn something, not talk about fucking Lauren.

As I finished up what I was telling her, she agreed with me that I had made much progress, and that if I needed to, I could call for an occasional 'tune-up.' As I got up, Lauren said, since this was our last session, and that she felt that we had become friends of sorts, could she give me a hug?

Well, immediately, the little head woke up. Lauren had been wearing a green dress and green pantyhose. During the time we were talking, I had noticed that she crossed her legs, and the dress rode up a little, exposing the thighs I had wondered about. She did have nice legs, something I always enjoy seeing,

I approached her, her arms open. I felt her arms come around me, and I put mine around her the same way. She squeezed me, and I squeezed back. I didn't let go right away, and neither did she. I pulled her a little closer, and she made no attempt to pull away. When I moved back from the hug, my arms still around her, hers were still around me. We looked at each other for a minute, then I moved my head toward her face. She started moving her head, too, but then stopped. She pulled back, but didn't completely let me go.

'No, no. This is wrong. I shouldn't have hugged you. I was acting inappropriate for a therapist. X, do you know what 'transference' is?' I said I sure did.

'I'm attracted to you, have been for some time. I really should have referred you to someone else, but I enjoyed our sessions together, not only because your case is interesting, but that you are also a very attractive man. I know when you've looked at me, and I've enjoyed it. I'm glad that you are in a good place, and I don't want to ruin any potential therapist-patient relationship with...sex.' She still hadn't pulled back.

I felt bold. 'I'm not your patient anymore, remember, Lauren?'

'Yes, but...' I pulled her close, and kissed her. After a second, she started kissing me back. We stood there, our tongues moving in and out of each other's mouth. I moved a hand over one of her tits, hearing her make a small noise of pleasure as I continued kissing her.

We sat on the couch in her office, holding hands, still kissing. I pushed up her dress, exposing her legs. I ran my hand up a thigh, feeling her squirm, and hearing her say '...nice...'. She pushed my hand away.

'X, I'm going to have to leave in about 30 minutes to meet my husband,' leaning towards me as we kissed again. This time I ran my hand up her green pantyhosed leg towards her vagina, and pressed my hand against it. She pushed against my hand.

'Oh, that's nice!' I did it again, kissing Lauren.

'Take off your pantyhose, Lauren.'


'If I'm going to masturbate you, and you're supposed to meet your husband, if you have on pantyhose, he'll smell your juices, and wonder what you've been doing. Now, take them off, and lie back on my lap.'

She did as I told her, her head on my lap, moving it around, making my cock harder. She noticed what she was doing, and said 'I wonder if I could make you come while doing this.' I said we could try it sometime, but in the meantime, I needed to get her off.

I pushed up her dress, running my hand into her exposed pussy. She was very wet, and she moaned as I explored her. When I found her clit, I moved my fingers over it and into her cunt as quickly as I could, being aware of the short amount of time we had.

It wasn't long before she came, nice and long and loud. I'm glad there was no one in the offices nearby; she would have been heard for sure.

She lay recovering on my lap, reaching up to my head to pull it down so she could kiss me.

'Now, it's your turn, X.' We traded places quickly, her unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants and pushing down my shorts, exposing my cock to her. She wrapped her cool hand around me, putting her other hand under my t-shirt, and playing with my nipples (I love that. An older lover had first introduced that to me, and it never fails to speed up the arrival of my orgasm). Her stroke was smooth and sure. It wasn't long before I came.

As I cleaned myself up, Lauren went into the rest room that serviced the other offices, cleaned herself up, and put back on her pantyhose. She thanked me for thinking about what would have happened if her husband had noticed the odor of sex on her. We began kissing again, and she said that maybe we needed to get together again to work on other issues I had. I said that she was right, such as the issue of fucking her on the floor of her office and the issue of having her go down on me. She said those were important, and they should be addressed as soon as possible. I walked with her to her car, and we kissed passionately, as we were both out of sight from the street, her hand sliding over my cock. She got into her car, blew me a kiss, and drove off.



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