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Therapeutic Massage - UnexpectedTwist

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Whether they admit it or not, most straight guys fantasize about what could happen at the end of a therapeutic massage regardless of the gender of the masseur. This is how that fantasy came true!


I've been a regular of this masseur I've known for a while. He has a serious girlfriend and has a private studio where I live. This was about two weeks ago.

I showed up like I always did and he asked me what he wanted me to focus on. I normally get a deep tissue and stretch massage from him, but this time I came in with a massive headache and told him I wanted to focus on relaxing. I get on the table face down and we make small talk before I fall asleep like I normally do.

He works on my back first and then goes to work on lower legs and buttocks. I'm draped, but as he is coming down my lower back to my thigh he "accidentally" grazed my anus. I was asleep, but when it happened again and grazed one of my balls I kind of twitched a little. He apologized and said his hand had slipped. I told him not to worry about it, and that it felt really good actually. I was just startled. I think inadvertently that gave him permission to play as when he went to my next leg he grazed my anus alright, except this time he stopped at the entry and softly inserted the tip of his massage cream lubed finger. I moaned softly but did not protest. He did that for a couple of more times grazing my balls and dick as he went down to massage my thighs. By now I was rock hard facing down.

He finished my back and asked me to turn over. I did protest then and told him that while I was draped, I was hard and it would create a tent (as if that mattered, right?) He told me not to worry as it happens from time to time and that he has seen erections before. We both laughed and I turned over, draped but with a nice visible tent. I felt uncomfortable, but wasn't too concerned.

He kept me draped waist down and wasted no time working on my arms and shoulders. I was relaxed again. My boner started to subside. His strokes would go from my neck all the way down to my pubic region. That was OK until he started massaging my chest. He rubbed my nipples with his finger tips as his hand moved around my pecs. The boner came back with a vengeance.

Believe it or not, I thought the stimulation and tease from before was it and did not expect more. We had never gone there and thought he was just going with the fact I told him it felt good at the moment. What came next was confirmation he had more in mind.

He decides to undrape me. I'm now completely naked with a boner on his table. He told me I would feel better and it would be an "easier" way to finish the massage. He goes about massaging my feet like he normally does. He massages my legs. By now I'm falling asleep again, boner and all. That, until i became startled by his big hand getting wrapped around my hard dick. He was gently massaging my boner with one hand, my balls with the other. I put my hands over my mouth as I wanted to scream. He told me it was OK to make noise as his studio was the only establishment open in the complex at that hour and no one would hear. I'm very expressive and so that was all the permission I needed. I started moaning and groaning like a little bitch.

It felt awesome. He was jerking my cock and fondling my balls so good. What came next was absolutely amazing. He told me to tell him when I was close to cumming. He kept working my cock when I tell him I'm going to cum. His response is he is going to touch me where no one else has. As he finished that phrase he inserted his lubed finger completely into my ass and started rubbing my prostate. I start screaming as ropes of cum started flying everywhere. My chest, my face. It was like a geyser. It was nothing short of 8 ropes as he kept pumping at my throbbing cock and fondling my insides and prostate. It was so intense I literally almost fell off the table. Felt really lightheaded as if I were going to faint.

After I stopped panting with the afterglow of pleasure he removed his finger and went to get a hot towel with which he cleaned me up. He then went to massage my scalp and neck. He told me to relax and left the room. I was speechless.

I got dressed and went to his lounge area where he was waiting for me with the usual bottle of cold water. He asked me how I felt and I could not speak. When I finally said something I said I felt great. He told me he was hesitant to do what he did because he didn't want to lose me as a client. However, I was so overly stressed out he thought I needed a little more than the massages we'd done before. He doesn't do that for most clients, but I was a regular. I must have looked like crap when he saw me!! He did fess up that while he's not gay, he does find guys bodies attractive at times and that mine was one of them (quite the compliment coming from someone who touches bodies for a living). As a dude who knows bodies in general and the male body he knows what will make a guy feel really good and relaxed. He told me not to get used to that sequence of massage though, to which we both laughed. I reassured him he would still have me as a client, but that I'd be tempted to tell him my life was coming to an end every time!! We had a good laugh. I tipped well, to say the least, and left.

I have to wonder what the next appointment will be like. Likely he will revert to our old routine, which is fine. He was fully clothed the whole time, by the way. He was sporting a boner tenting his sweat pants. Kind of inevitable if you have a pulse and are breathing. By far one of the hottest experiences ever, I have to admit. Maybe he is waiting for me to make the first move and return the favor next time. I think I can muster the courage to go for it. Will keep you posted...



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