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The Young and the Religious

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When I was in my last couple of years at high school I guess I was looking for some direction in life, and when a girl I knew invited me along to her church I decided to go along. Mind you, an added inducement was that Julia was really cute, and kind of innocent.

Anyway, the church was one of those genuine, happy clappy pentecostal types and, on the surface of things, I was happy to be there; Julia and I became good friends and we spent hours together, innocently and platonically. After about a year things started getting screwy. For one thing the head honcho pastor Bruce was interfering, telling us that it didn't look good because it gave the impression that things between Julia and me were carnal and that Satan would just love to make it so! Then he started asking me about whether I masturbated (I did, but I didn't think he had a right to know what I did in private, especially because it was a way of letting off a little steam when I began to have 'ideas' about Julia) and lectured me on the evils of allowing the devil access to my private parts! All in all the impression I got was that there was something kinky going on and that the pastor was jealous of me spending so much time with Julia.

I knew Julia was getting tired of all this, and it was confirmed one evening when she paid me a visit. She was looking really attractive, dressed in a white blouse, through which could be seen her white bra, and a shorter than usual blue skirt. Heedless of pastor Bruce's wisdom I started having some slightly carnal twinges in my lower parts. This was further aided when after a half hour or so of innocent yakking Julia laid her head against my shoulder and, for the first time ever, let me work my arm around her waist. By now, the warning twinges combined with a distinct bulge forming in the front of my pants. Julia HAD to have noticed but gave no sign of alarm. In fact she WOULD gently rest her hand on my thigh and start patting for emphasis.

The fatal moment came when I noticed that her skirt had ridden up her smooth, slightly tanned thigh. My eyes were drawn to a small pinkish scar line running up under her skirt. Foolishly I asked Julia about it. 'Oh, you remember I fell off my bike a while ago?' I remembered. 'I caught my leg on the saddle or something.' Sympathetically, I said it must have hurt. Julia pouted mischievously and said. 'It would have been nice if you'd been there to kiss it better.' Then she lifted her skirt right up. The line ran up her thigh to stop near the (gulp!) rounded mound, which I could see through her lacy white, contour hugging panties. I could also see a small tangled bush of dark hair and, when Julia parted her legs further, a mouth watering, penis hardening groove appeared, running down between her legs. My heart started pounding when I realised that Julia was inviting me to defy all the bullshit being thrown at us. I was so willing to do just that.

Knees trembling just a little, I knelt between her legs and cautiously kissed that silvery pink line, beginning down near her knee. Julia lay back and giggled as I began to plant more small kisses on her thigh, slowly tracing my way up. Then Julia heaved a sigh. 'Did you know I got lectured about the evils of wanking today?'

'No kidding!' I barked 'As if it's anyone's business.' Julia smiled 'Especially coming from a married pastor who's fucking a certain 23 year old Young Women's Group leader!' Hmmmm.., I thought there was SOMETHING going on there. I was just about to comment when Julia eased the gusset of her panties aside and casually started running her finger up and down her wet, deep red inner labia. She stared down at me with her beautiful, large brown eyes(her 'puppy eyed' look, which always made me melt!)

'Take off my panties and help me out, then I'll take off your pants and help you out. I wanna break ALL the rules' She said, quietly. As I eased her panties down her legs, Julia lay back, lifted her hips and slid two of the fingers of her left hand deeper into her soaking love hole. She started teasing at her pubic hair, pulling it aside so I could see the love cream dribbling down past her puckered little arse. As she pumped her fingers in and out the trickle became a small stream. Underneath her blouse and bra her breasts started a rhythmic bouncing as they grew bigger her nipples pushing up into small peaks. Meantime I was 'helping out' by kissing and rubbing her thighs. Her warm, musky scent was driving me wild. I stood up and unzipped my jeans, pulling out my hard, throbbing member to show Julia what she was doing to me.

Julia gulped eagerly at the sight, her face and neck blushing. 'You've gotta wait your turn!' She laughed. Unbuttoning her blouse, she pulled up her bra. Her peach like tits and full nipples beckoned. I sucked and slobbered all over them as Julia lay back, laughing and sighing. After a couple of minutes she got back to wanking and I knelt between her legs, with my chin on her thigh, watching as she gently teased her tiny clitoris to stand erect. When she came it was magic! A series of nasal yelps, her hips bucked and undulated, and a spray of her warm honey, completely guilt free.

As Julia lay back panting, I went back to kissing her scar. Then we both stripped off, and I lay back on the couch and started jerking off, with Julia straddling my thighs. Soon her small hands were gently straying all over my cock and she was teasing my balls with her fingertips. It wasn't long before she started exploring lower down, around my arsehole. I stiffened and grunted in ecstasy as a fingertip eased its way into me and wiggled. Where did she learn that one? With her other hand she teased her cunt wide open and slid close to my erection. Then she got me to start wanking again, her finger still teasing my arse. Our combined efforts soon had me happily squirting globs of hot semen onto her stomach.

The rest of the evening was spent experimenting with other masturbation techniques, again, guilt free and absolutely enjoyable!



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