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The Woods

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At a local wooded area known for MM activity


I don't know why, but my desire for MM contact comes and goes in waves. During particularly horny times, when I crave MM contact, I head over to a wooded park with trails near my work. Usually around lunch time. A few times I wandered around the trails trying to walk onto a scene and join, but it never panned out.

One time I went and walked around a bit. I usually take trips that bring me back out a trail into the small parking lot. This time around a guy got out of a BMW and started to follow me as I wandered back into another trail. There's a small shed not far in, I ducked behind it and stayed there to see what his intentions were. He stopped and we chatted a few minutes. He asked if I was interested in some fun. I said, 'sure'.

He said to follow him, and I did. We ducked down one of the more overgrown paths and headed down a little while until the path opened into a very small clearing. We stopped a chatted a few more minutes. He noticed my ring and asked if I was married, I said yes. He showed me his ring.

He asked if I still fucked my wife. I said I did and he said he did too, just enjoyed jerking a cock every now and then. I agreed. He said we were in a generally safe area and could play there. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and balls. His cock was about 7' and really thick. I pulled out my 6.5' and thick cock and we started stroking ourselves.

After a few minutes of stroking, he asked to stroke me. I took my hand off my cock and he grabbed it and I turned to face him. I grabbed his member and rubbed his head against my head. He liked that and moaned.

He said he was getting close to cumming. I stepped to the side (couldn't get his cum on my work clothes) but kept rubbing his cock against mine. He said he wanted to finish himself off. He grabbed his cock and stroked a few more times. I kept my cock head right at the tip of his and when he started cumming it spurted right out onto my cock head.

I rubbed his cum all around the top of my cock. When he was finished cumming he said he wanted to see me shoot. Still rubbing his cock on the bottom of my head and stroking with my other hand, I started to cum. I'm a shooter, so my first few shots sailed a few feet away. My subesquent shots spurted out, some running down onto his cock as our cum mixed.

I pulled out a few paper towels I bring with me and we cleaned up. He said it was nice meeting me and maybe we'd see each other there again.

We walked out of the woods separately, so as not to tip off what might have been going on. Got in our cars and headed out.

I'm getting into that craving mood again. Perhaps it's time to take a trip to the woods.



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