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The Wood Nymph and the Tree

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Wood'nt it be nice to be a tree with a lovely little wood nymph to keep you company???


Not so very long ago I was a tree. When I was a tree I met a wood nymph who happily chose to live in my branches...

Well, this is how it happened. At the beginning of the year I applied for and got a job as sound technician/stage hand/occasional gopher with my University Dramatic Society. It's a cool job and I get to learn lots of new things, meet new people and earn some money while I complete my degree. One drama student I met really caught my attention.

Jane is one perky, pert, lovely bundle of fun! Barely 5 feet tall and about 90 pounds, a blonde with fairly short hair, blue eyes and an irresistible, dimpled smile. And such lovely, lovely pert tits and such a gorgeous wee bum! From the first time we met I was fated to become her tree.

One of the things the drama students do during school holidays is to write, produce and stage a production for the kids. This time around Jane persuaded me to become an extra as one of the trees ('cos I'm fairly tall and wooden, ha! ha!) One of the factors that persuaded me to go on stage is that Jane, as a 'wood nymph' would be sitting in my lap, an enjoyable prospect over the four evenings.

By the time dress rehearsals came around, when I discovered that I would be wearing 'bark covered' tights (!) I nearly piked out, but too late! Besides, Jane was fun to work with. We initially had some laughs trying to work out where my hands would be with her sitting on my lap. Then there was Jane's outfit...green tights ('leaves' sewn on) under leotard (also leafy) finished off with a dinky wee skirt (grass). She made up into an enticing little wood nymph.

On the first evening of the show I immediately realised that every time I caught a glimpse of Jane's peachy little bum in her tight costume my hormones stirred and my cock started getting hard in my tights. Fortunately I was near the back of the stage, where the lighting wasn't intense and partly hidden by some scenery. I was more worried about Jane's reaction when she sat down. Sure enough, when she slid onto my lap, she clearly felt my hard-on pressing against her left thigh. 'Sorry,' I whispered, 'These bloody tights.' Jane, who was watching for her next cue, glanced sideways with a cheeky little grin and gently wiggled her bum on my legs. I gulped when I felt her fingertips brush briefly against my cock. Otherwise she didn't say anything. A couple of minutes later she was back up front dancing with the other wood nymphs and elves.

After about five minutes of frantic activity she slid back onto my lap. Her face was flushed under her make-up. She was breathing hard and my erection, which had sagged a little, came back to life when I noticed her obviously braless breasts and erect nipples under the leaves of her leotard. Jane flashed another cheeky grin. 'You're enjoying yourself.' she whispered, pushing her thigh against my cock. 'Sorry.' I muttered back. 'Hmmm, I don't mind.' she breathed. Jane found my left hand with hers. Carefully, still watching the play, she pulled my hand under her skirt until I felt her hot little mound pressed against my palm! I took a deep shaky breath. Gently, I squeezed her cunt. Jane gave a small sigh and sat a little more upright as I started feeling around with my fingertips. It wasn't long before I felt her fingers brushing around my genitals. It was all I could do not to giggle out loud when she tickled my balls. With my right hand I patted her lovely backside, running a finger up and down her buttocks. She squirmed and sighed again when I touched her. Meantime my cock was sitting up throbbing under her explorations. I almost giggled again, wondering what the kids would think if they saw it!

After some more dancing and prancing the wicked witch captured and imprisoned the nymphs and elves. Exit the nymphs and their trees for about half an hour! I knew that one of the back stage equipment/props rooms was unused and I had access to the keys...Jane headed off to take off her make-up, with the promise to meet me there in five minutes.

Six minutes later we were locked safely in the room kissing hard and passionately. At the far end I had laid down some mats and a blanket. Jane lay down and laughed and squirmed as I peeled her leotard off her sweaty body (good thing the room was soundproofed...) then licked and kissed my way down to her tits. She purred happily, stroking my hair as I took my time sucking her sweet nipples. Slowly I worked down her flat little stomach and started peeling off her tights. I took a deep breath as her hot, sweaty little cunt slowly emerged. Apart from a little tangle of blonde hair her slit was fluff free. Jane sat up and handed me a bottle of scented oil she had brought. 'Here, rub this into my skin-all over everything' she said 'Stops me from chafing.' She leant forward and gave me some fond little kisses. Then she got me to peel off my tights so she could play with me while I played with her...

I poured some onto my hands and Jane lay back as I started working the stuff into her thighs, groin and genitals. I eased my oily fingertips between her labia, eliciting quiet little sighs and mutterings. Her hips jerked and she laughed when I teased her tiny clitoris. Then I eased back her labia and took a close look at her hot, wet vulva. Her open cunt was deep red and almost sizzling. She also smelt so clean and fresh, despite her vigorous exercise. Jane squirmed laughing and yelping as the tip of my finger found a sensitive sweet spot. Carefully I slid a couple of fingers into her tight little love tunnel and gently massaged her vaginal walls. Jane purred and her hips rose and fell rhythmically. Then she came, almost quietly. Her body trembled, her cunt squeezed my fingers and she groaned with her mouth against my thigh. 'Oh fuck yeah! That feels so good!'

Meantime her small, oily hands were busy exploring my privates. The cool oil felt so good on my penis that it wasn't too long before I succumbed and shot off gobs of hot semen. Jane took a wee taste, decided she liked it and started stroking my cock back to life.

All too soon our time was up. We spent a few minutes cleaning each other up, reapplied make-up and back on stage. The nymphs and elves were freed and lived happily back with their trees. Jane went home with me and, after sharing a long hot shower, climbed into bed and showed me what horny little wood nymphs got up to when the children weren't watching.



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