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The Woman in Apt. 3B

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The woman in apartment 3B
I lived in an apartment building in New Jersey when I was 12 years old. My bedroom window looked across an alley to the bedroom window of apartment 3B which was occupied by an older heavy set woman of about 58. She wasn't anything special but she was the first woman I saw naked, she was also the first woman I saw masturbate and the first woman who ever let me touch and lick her.
It all started one night when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the light on in 3B. I went to the window and saw Mrs. Kelley starting to get undressed. She took off all of her clothing and stood naked in front of the tall mirror on the back of the bedroom door. I got an instant hard on and started to stroke it. She was playing with her big tits and doing different poses. I was so horny that I came in my PJ's. I kept watching as she started to rub her cunt and suck one of her tits. I got hard again as I watched and started to jerk off again. Mrs. Kelley was going at it big time and she must have come because she shuddered and sat down on the bed.
From then on I would try to catch her again. One night as I came from the bathroom naked I saw Mrs. Kelley naked in her room. I grabbed my hard dick and went to the window. I shut my light off so she wouldn't see me but unknown to me she saw me and my hard on. For the next few nights Mrs. Kelley did an awful lot of pussy playing and I did a lot of jerking off.
One morning Mrs. Kelley came to visit my mom. I was in my room watching TV. Mrs. Kelley had to use the bathroom which was across from my bedroom. She went in but didn't close the door all the way. I couldn't resist, I snuck up to the door and peeked in. Mrs. Kelley pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet, she spread her legs far apart and started to piss. The sight turned me on like I was never turned on before. As she peed I started to jack off and came on the fourth stroke. It was the best orgasm I ever had. When she finished peeing she didn't get up but started to play with her pussy. She said in a soft voice "I see you watching, we'll talk later." That scared the shit out of me, I couldn't believe I was caught.
The next day when I was coming up the stairs Mrs. Kelley opened her door and said for me to come in because we needed to talk. She told me she had seen me watching her get undressed often and knew what I was doing while I watched. She said she gave me that special show yesterday because you were watching me pee.
I didn't know what to say, and I was scared. "Do you like watching this old fat lady get naked?" she asked. I didn't know how to answer so I just mumbled an answer. "Well, then did you like watching me pee?" "Oh yes!" I answered before I realized I did. She laughed and said "If I don't tell your mother what you have been doing will you do as I say?" I didn't know what she had in mind but the mention of telling my mother made me say yes. "Very well young man being as you like to watch me pee then come into the bathroom and watch close up." She took off her housecoat and she was naked underneath. I got an instant hard on and Mrs. Kelley noticed. "My, MY, did I do that to you?"
"Yes, I stammered." "Haven't you ever seen a woman's pussy up close before?" I told her no. She then sat on the toilet and told me to sit on the floor in front of her and watch. She spread the cunt lips apart and proceeded to piss.
I loved seeing it and reached for my dick. After she finished she said "Have you ever touched a pussy before and I said no. She said go ahead. I touched her cunt and couldn't get over how soft the lips were. Well, for the next 30 minutes she showed me all about her pussy, how to stroke it and showed me how she liked to finger herself. I was so hot that while I was playing I shot in my pants without ever touching myself. When she saw the wet spot on my shorts she said "You wasted that one, but don't worry, I'm going to show you how to do it right. She led me to her bedroom and made me take my clothes off. We laid on the bed and she explained all about sex and answered every question I had. I asked her if she would let me fuck her and she said no, bet we could have a good time without fucking. She gave me my first blow job and then asked if I wanted to eat her pussy. I told her I didn't know how but she said don't worry I'll show you. She explained and when I put my face between her fat thigh's I thought I was in heaven. I took to it in an instant. I loved the taste and the love juice that flowed while she bucked and moaned. We spent the whole day sucking and masturbating. When I was ready to leave she told me not to tell anyone what we did and we could do it again anytime I wanted. Needless to say I did a lot of pussy eating and masturbating that summer.



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