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The Wettest Mutual Jo Ever

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I'm a bi guy who has had a number of jackoff buds. While I'm in a relationship with a woman right now, I still have always loved jacking with other guys. There's something about connecting physically with another male that our girlfriends will never quite understand.


I'd always loved to jerk off with guys, in person and on cam, but could rarely get the privacy. When I masturbate I love to go for several hours at a time, during which I always leak so much precum that it soaks my underwear and usually my t-shirt, jeans or shorts as well. I love to watch or read about other guys getting off, especially when they are well-hung or leak a lot of pre and shoot big ropy loads. I wear clothes when I jack off because trust me, having precum all over your hand from pulling on your dick is not cool when you're trying to type or use the mouse, so I always try to leak into loose-fitting boxer-briefs rather than being completely naked.

I was going through a dry spell with girlfriends and horny as hell when I advertised for a jackoff buddy online. I never expected it would be this much fun. Although I'd had jackoff buds before, I'd never had quite so much in common with the other guy, in a liquid form.

I've only met two guys who leaked more precum than me, ever. And I've always loved playing with my own. It leaks whenever I'm the slightest bit aroused, and I love scooping it up and eating it. I've never needed lube, what with all that pre and the fact that I'm cut nice and loose with lots of skin still left on my shaft. And I've always been a big shooter. I love spraying my load into my face or aiming for a distance shot over the hardwood floor.

But I never thought precum like mine would be a turn-on to someone, or that I would be turned on by someone else's. Until I met Jim. He saw a picture of me online and told me he thought we might get along.

I dropped by his place a few weeks ago and he greeted me at the door with just cotton boxer-briefs on. He was a short guy, a good 15 years older than me, but he was showing a very nice bulge, and his chest was smooth. He invited me in and suggested we hang out in the little indoor stand-alone electric sauna he had in his basement. As he stripped off to get in I was amazed to see a long rope of precum dangling from the end of his dick, almost to the floor.

'Like what you see?' he asked.

'Hell yes' I replied. He had one of the prettiest dicks I've ever seen up close. It was cut, fat, and drooped a solid 6 and a half inches towards the floor, nicely curved over a set of hairless balls. That rope of pre was still there, dripping down from his beautiful cock.

I got hard almost immediately from looking at Jim's piece. He reached over and grabbed my dick, squeezing a bead of precum from my head. I didn't want to stay in that sauna too long. It was too hot and I was too hot. I needed to jack off with Jim!

We went upstairs to his bedroom where he had a DVD of some hot solo guys set up. Side by side we wanked watching the vid and the precum festival began.

His cock was even better hard. It was between me and the TV so I could always watch both at once. Jim's dick was a solid 8 inches cut, thick, with a head the same width as the shaft, and ramrod-straight. Most amazingly, there was constantly a bead of precum at the tip of it, or sliding down the head, or dripping onto his stomach or balls. And I was producing my own continous flow. Although not as big as Jim, I loved looking down at my rock-hard, upcurved 6.5-inch cut dick with the big flared head and tons of natural lube.

The weird thing about precum is, at least with me, the more I produce it the more turned on I get, and then the more precum I produce. It's a vicious circle, probably very narcissistic, but damn it's hot. So the more Jim and I leaked that afternoon, the hotter it got.

We jacked and dripped while watching the porn, but eventually wanted a little more. Jim leaned over and took my wet cockhead into his mouth for a few minutes, all the while watching the TV. I pumped my precum into his mouth and noticed that while he sucked, his big hard dick had a thick rope of juice connecting it to the bedspread the entire time. Then he leaned back, and I licked a huge bead of cock nectar right from the tip of his big head. But eventually, even a couple of leakers like us have to get off for real.

I decided to straddle him and take both our throbbing wet dicks in my hand, what a feeling. I'd never felt anything so hot. Our big ballsacks were touching, our hard cocks were side-by-side. His straight 8 inches reached the tip of my curved 6.5 inches perfectly. A layer of precum coated both of our cockheads and ran down the shafts, creating the perfect lube as I rubbed our pulsating wet dicks together. It was like electricity was passing between our penises. The cock to cock feeling was the best sex I'd ever had.

I didn't last long. I was barely touching myself or him, I couldn't, I was just edging and loving every second, leaking everywhere and scooping it up and rubbing it around, until I told him I had to blow.

'I'm gonna cum, oh my God I'm gonna cum so hard. And then that moment of ecstasy happened, I stopped jerking, focused all my energy on my cock and waited for Old Faithful.

I shot so hard it went up over Jim's head and onto the wall. Other shots covered his pillow, his face and his chest as he gasped with delight. I was so hot I blasted at least ten big streams of wet sticky cum all over him, then oozed out more onto his crotch for half a minute. As he watched me shoot he started moaning, pumped his big slick dick and fired a major load of his own onto his face and chest.

As we lay catching our breath, I admired his wet cock one more time. Even after cumming it was an impressive thickness and length, hanging heavy between his legs. There was a sticky layer of precum and cum over our entire bodies as we lay there, spent. But as good as the afterglow was, I realized that the buildup to that orgasm was the best I'd ever had. And I now I crave more of that long, slow, sensual, wet, electric, man to man, cock to cock jacking and edging, and soon.

Damn. I've soaked my shorts just writing about this. Anyone else love their precum? It's the best.



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