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The Wet O

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The Wet O
Hi. My name is not important but I really want to share with your readers some things that my husband and I enjoy. I am a 40 year old female, natural blond, five-four and one hundred-ten pounds. I don't have the greatest body in the world but everything is well proportioned. I am happy to say that my body is in as good a shape as it was when I was in my 20's. Don't ask me why but I have always had a thing about peeing. I love to pee. It feels good to pee. For some reason I have always associated peeing with sex.
I started masturbating when I was 12 years old and still do it on a regular basis. But instead of doing it alone as I did back then I now do it with my husband. My first sexual intercourse was at the tender age of 15. It really hurt but it was wonderful. One day when I was 16 I had to pee really but I was masturbating and wanted to finish and have my big O before getting up to pee. Well, when my orgasm hit me I guess I had to pee so bad that I began peeing as I was having my orgasm. I liked that so I started doing it that way a lot. I would pretend I was shooting my cum out but it was really pee. And did it ever feel good.
I would masturbate like that every chance I had but as you can imagine it was kind of messy. I started dating the man I would later marry when I was 20. I had never been able to share my love for peeing with anyone. In fact, it wasn't until after we married that he confided in me his love and fascination with women peeing. He told me he used to masturbate as he listened to his sisters pee. He shared a bathroom with his 3 sisters and he would listen at the door and could hear them peeing. He would jack off to the sound and the thought of their golden pee spurting out of their pussies.
I could not believe my ears as he told me. You can imagine how quickly it took me to share with him my love for peeing and for us to get naked and begin our games together. One of his favorite things to do goes like this: First we get prepared. We put something on the bed to protect the mattress and then we get totally naked. We spend a lot of time kissing, hugging, licking, biting, sucking, loving - I think you get the message. By the time we move on to more serious things I am soaking wet and he is so hard there is precum leaking from his throbbing cock. We get in position. I get on my back and he gets on his side. I hold my legs up and he slides under me so that he can get his cock inside my pussy as far as it will go. He likes to lay there as I play with myself. I will massage my tits with one hand and rub my clit with the other. I try to make it last as long as I possibly can but I finally reach the point that I have to cum. Remember his cock is inside my pussy all this time. He does not thrust back and forth in me but holds it still. But I can feel it throbbing the entire time. Finally my orgasm rips through me and I start bucking my hips and cumming. As my orgasm hits I start to pee. My hot pee gushes out all over my husband's crotch. By the time my orgasm has ended and I have emptied my body of my pee my husband has emptied his balls of his cum. We then get down to some serious fucking.
I also enjoy holding my lips apart and letting my husband pee on my pussy. It feels so good when his hot, hard stream of pee hits my clit. I also like it when he pees in the mouth of my vagina while I furiously rub my clit. In fact his pee feels good anywhere on my body.



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